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Social Media Automation Tools for Businesses

With the increase in the popularity of Social Media platforms, businesses have reaped tangible & intangible brand benefits. Businesses can reach millions of consumers across the globe within a click. Social media has been empowered by its users by granting it attention, importance and by making it a source of pleasure and recreation. Marketers are where their customers are. Therefore, it has become imperative for the marketers to be omnipresent across all the popular social media platforms. But do you think it is humanly possible?

Here comes Social Media Automation to the rescue!

Social Media Automation refers to the tools that are used to eliminate the manual effort of posting content social media activities. They help managers focus on analyzing data and drawing insights from the engagement data. The set of activities that are involved in social media automation include engagement tools such as follow/unfollow/follow-back, block, post content and delete content (posts, comments, media), like/unlike, scheduled profile pic changes, extracting targeted users and many more routine activities. These activities are repetitive in nature and marketers have to perform it hundreds of times during a day. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to schedule various activities and automate these action points to unload the managers of repetitive tasks. The resulting benefits are an increased focus of social media managers into business metrics and strategy.

There are various social media automation platforms and each of them has effective tools for activities mentioned above. Basically, they help you deep dive into your follower base and thereby generate focused social media strategies for them. Below are the most popular social media automation tools that provide comprehensive support to managers.



Socinator is the most dynamic and intelligent young tool that helps marketers to automate social media activities & analyse engagement at a fast pace. It has specific automation features for all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, gPlus and Youtube. There are two modes of automation:

  1. Normal Mode

In this mode, you can configure individual activities for each account separately. For example, different Instagram accounts can be added to the software and each account will have a separate setting.

  1. Campaign Mode

In the campaign mode, you can configure settings for a group of accounts.


I would recommend it for the most organized & dynamic experience.



Crowdfire is another tool in the market that allows you to manage all your social media profiles from a single dashboard.

It helps you identifies and unfollows the inactive users on Twitter and Instagram. It helps you categorize users based on their followership. You can curate your posts and schedule them by simply feeding the login and time details. Thus it promises an increased and focused social media engagement of your customers.

It has separate sections on Content, Publish, Manage, Analytics and Mentions. Now you know that the app has it all organized for you to focus on your social media efforts. The ‘Preview tailored posts’ and ‘Queue meter’ features help you to get an organized visual understanding of your posts in advance. Don’t miss out its ‘Image Curation’ feature which it boasts to be unique among competitors!


CoSchedule –

If it is tough for you to manage a consistent flow of content on all your social media accounts then this tool has many features that would help you. Reposting better performing content from previous post analysis is a useful feature that improves audience engagement. It is a useful tool for every business irrespective of the size.  If you are a single- user, solopreneur, agency, small business, agency, in-house marketer or higher education organization it caters to everyone’s need. With a project management approach, this tool has a powerful way of organizing your work and keeping an eye on the large amount of content that you’re posting.


Socialert is a hashtag monitoring service. You can track not just the hashtags but also the keywords that are popular in your industry/niche.

It is one of the coolest apps for analyzing historical data. Choose the hashtags that you’ll analyze and generate useful elaborate reports to measure performance. The use cases help you gain knowledge of the best use of social media hashtags and their performance.


Brand mentions and real-time reports help you improve your content performance and overall page status. It is considered to be the most comprehensive tool to manage your social media accounts. With Hootsuite, you can post updates, and connect with your clients.  Hootsuite allows you to review responses on more than thirty-five popular social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn (including Pages, Profiles, and Groups), Foursquare, Facebook (including Events, Groups, Profiles, and Fan Pages). Google+, and WordPress blogs.


Buffer –

Buffer allows you to queue your posts (content) for specialized posting and you can also post the same content several times in a day. There are many useful features in this tool. Buffer presents your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement into threaded conversations. All the social media activities are clearly organized in one inbox for your team to tackle, together. Dedicated campaign management is also a good feature that provides it with an edge over other tools.


Whether you are a solopreneur or a company you not just need to be present at all the social media platforms but also outperform your competitors.  Social media marketing is a cost-efficient method of deriving overall customer engagement. Your content needs to outshine them not just in quality but quantity also. Remember- Out of sight out of mind?

Therefore, it is imperative for you to implement automation tools for better and efficient social media management.

Do let me know what is your favourite social media automation tool in the comments below.


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