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Boost your LinkedIn presence with precise analytics that speaks volume to your growth. Now go ahead and effortlessly automate activities, schedule posts, and never run out of ideas to post on your wall.

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Activity Statistics And Report Export
View all the reports and statistics from time to time for the activities performed with your accounts. Gain insights on all the important aspects of your LinkedIn profile & export the report to keepsafe for future purposes.
Auto Accept/ Send Connection Requests
Get started with our Linkedin automation software & accept all the relevant connection requests you have received, or you can also send them. It’s so simple & risk free that it seems natural.
Automatically Remove Connections
Accepting random connection requests on LinkedIn can be a bad idea, but thankfully it’s simple to break bad connections. This feature will let you automatically remove connections that are useless.
Auto Post Content In Your Groups
Groups are a main source of lead targeting. So start automating your posts & share your content via Linkedin auto post feature. Create a bigger impact by scheduling your content in new & relevant groups that Socinator researches for you. You can automatically join or leave those groups.

Unlock Some Really Good Linkedin Management Stuffs

Auto Engage with Likes & Comments
Automate your way into gaining more engagement in your Linkedin profile. Interact with your audience via frequent liking and commenting to show appreciation & acknowledgement.
Auto Wish On Life Events
We make sure that you never miss any opportunity to connect. Automate Auto wish feature & build your LinkedIn presence by acknowledging your audiences crucial life events on Linkedin.
Auto Endorse Connections & Visit Profiles
Show some love and get visible. This Linkedin marketing automation will let you automatically endorse all your connection’s skills. Also, we intend to promote your profile organically by automatically visiting other Linkedin profiles, so that other users check you out and you get organic engagement.
Broadcast & Automate Linkedin Messages
Set up pre-written messages & automatically send them to your audience’s DMs when you wish to engage with them in a personal manner. Also, you can schedule replies to your community’s personal message without any hassle.
Find Groups & Pages to Boost Visibility
Enter targeted keywords and automatically find groups and pages in your niche. Set up effortless interactions with users that are relevant to your brand & let us take over from there.
Monitor Folder Feature
Save time by mapping a folder containing your selected images that have to be posted. This Linkedin marketing software will automatically post on your selected destination, with your pre-configured spintax-supported content.
Proxy Support
Run each LinkedIn account on its own HTTP proxy to avoid leaving a footprint.
Spintax Support
Customize all your messages and posts with Spintax & save your time without risking authenticity in Linkedin.
Filter Support
Never miss a lead with Socinator! We come with powerful filters to help you grow your connections, and groups with the targeted audience, increasing your chance to get higher conversions and leads.
Efficient Account Management
Manage multiple accounts with a comprehensive Linkedin automation tool facilitating chunks of your posting and automation work that you have to do as an agency.
Auto Scheduling
Socinator’s Linkedin auto post feature allows you to schedule your posts automatically and share them according to your schedule.
Auto Publish Content from RSS Feeds
Transform your website into a content powerhouse with our RSS feed automation tool. Publish new articles, blogs, and updates on autopilot and keep your audience engaged with fresh, relevant content.