A Facebook Marketing Tool You’ve Always Wanted

Maximize your Facebook bandwidth with our cutting-edge automation tool. Now seamlessly schedule, manage, & evaluate your overall performance.

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A Facebook Marketing Tool You’ve Always Wanted

Maximize your Facebook bandwidth with our cutting-edge automation tool. Now seamlessly schedule, manage, & evaluate your overall performance.

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Maximize Your Impact with Automated Activities

Take full control of your Facebook presence with an array of advanced features and strategies

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Activity Statistics & Reports
Get all the performance reports of your profile activity and optimize your decision making for upcoming campaigns.
Auto Send/ Accept/ Cancel Friend Requests
Simplify your growth and reach by automating connection requests. You can send, accept or cancel them just with an effortless configuration that allows you to identify your target audience.
Auto Like & Comments
Induce organic reach with auto likes & auto comment on Facebook. Let other people know you value their support by engaging with them without investing hours of your time.
Auto Like Facebook Page
Schedule and automate ‘Liking’ other Facebook pages that are relevant to your business niche.
Schedule Posts & Automate Publishing from RSS
Automate Facebook posts ahead of time and schedule them & stay consistent always. Or, you can just publish from the RSS feed directly. Whatever you choose!
Auto Share Facebook Posts
Boost the traffic and visibility of Facebook posts using the Facebook auto share feature of & achieve better profile visibility.
Auto Wish On Life Events
Try Socinator Events Manager, and keep track of all your campaigns, product launches, workshops, or anything. We dont let you lose sight of what’s important.
Broadcast Messages
Schedule messages and broadcast announcements via DM without putting hours of effort. Get it done just with a couple of clicks.
Auto Reply To New Messages
Never miss an important message again with our powerful auto-reply feature that keeps you connected and responsive 24/7. Streamline your communication like never before!

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Configure Automation Speed

Manage multiple accounts efficiently with smart algorithms and get complete control over automation activities. Make your Facebook auto post activities seem natural.

Export Account Activities CSV Reports

Socinator allows you to quickly and easily export your transaction history, account balances, and other important data, so you can easily analyze and manage your finances with confidence.

Find Facebook Groups & Pages In Your Niche

Use our tool to easily find and join Facebook groups and pages relevant to your interests and goals, and start networking today!

Auto Join/ Leave Groups

Automatically join groups of your niche & tap into a bigger audience pool. Or, leave the group if it’s not servicing your goals.

Live Chat

Our live chat service connects you with a knowledgeable representative in real-time, so you can get answers to your questions and resolve issues with ease.

Bulk Image Download

Save time and streamline your image downloading process with our easy-to-use bulk image download. Quickly and effortlessly gather the images you need for your project or collection.

Monitor Your Folders

Stay organized and keep track of changes to your important files and folders. Ensure that you always have the latest version of your files at your fingertips.
Socinator - Proxy Support
Proxy Support

Protect your privacy and enhance your online security with our powerful proxy support. Browse the web anonymously, hide your IP address, & access restricted content from anywhere in the world.

Narrow Down Your Lead Funnel

Streamline your lead generation process and target your ideal prospects with advanced search filters! Socinator allows you to narrow down your lead funnel based on specific criteria.

Socinator - Narrow Down Your Lead Funnel
Socinator - Schedule Auto Invite in Groups
Schedule Auto Invite in Groups

Save time and grow your Facebook group membership effortlessly by scheduling invites to your group at designated intervals, so you can expand your reach and increase engagement.

Automate your social media tasks and save time with Socinator

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Skip Unwanted Groups
Avoid building a list of unwanted groups.With Socinator, skip groups that are not useful for your business. This saves you from building a list of unwanted groups with no benefits.
Spintax Support
Socinator supports spintax with almost all types of content you will be sharing and posting over Facebook, saving your time from writing unique content to avoid duplication.