How to manage Instagram direct messages from your desktop

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How to manage Instagram direct messages from your desktop

Importance of Instagram Marketing.

A study by Simplymeasured revealed that 86% of the top brands in the world are using Instagram for marketing. But it isn’t surprising, because we all know the power of visuals. According to Businness2community, visual data is processed 60K times faster than text. All these reasons have made Instagram a robust platform for marketing. Posts shared on the Instagram drive 15 times more engagement than Facebook and a whopping 20 times more than Twitter, showed the same study conducted by Simplymeasured. Sounds like Instagram is something marketers shouldn’t ignore, right? And the good news is that It’s not difficult to shine on Instagram if you have the right set of tools and are using them for building relationships with your customers.

Direct Messaging and building a relationship with your customers.


Do you know what the best action that can prompt customers to buy is? It is communicating and being responsive to them. Yes, it outranks, sharing compelling content, being funny, posting regularly, and even offering promotions. This result was found by research conducted by Smartinsights. By being responsive, you can prompt customers to buy from you. Customers feel a connection with the brands which they can easily reach out to and get a reply. And  Instagram is the most effective platform to be responsive via direct messaging because Brandwatch found that 60% of its users log in to their account daily.

Using Socinator for direct messaging.  

Socinator is a powerful social media management tool to handle social media marketing through auto-posting, auto commenting and auto liking.  But that’s not the only thing that Socinator can do. It is also an Instagram DM tool by which you can manage the direct messages on Instagram with any number of people. Socinator will allow you to be responsive and build better relationships with your customers by automating replies for them.

How can you manage Instagram dm with the Socinator tool?

Automate Broadcast message.

By using the auto broadcast message feature, you can search Instagram users by different query type.  For example, you can search for people who’ve used #BLOGGING in their post. Similarly, you can search find a user by keywords, find users in someone’s follow list, find users in a specified location, find users who liked a particular post or commented on it, find users by minimum or maximum posts on their account and connect with them easily.

After finding these users, you can set up a list of messages to send them. Before sending these messages, you can also configure them according to your needs by using Socinator’s Instagram dm tool.

Configuration and Features.

1)Job Configuration: Choose at which speed the messaging activities are to be carried out.

2)Additional filters: You can add more filters while looking for users. Filter them by profile pictures, minimum or maximum posts on their account, private or public account, etc.

3)Check for messages at any frequency you want. You can check them every minute, every hour or every day. The power lies in your hand.

4)Blacklist users.

5)Send a secondary message if the user has replied, or if the user hasn’t replied. To prompt them to reply. These broadcast messaging features allow you to find the right audience you can interact with and promote your business.

Auto Reply To New Messages.

Auto reply, as the name suggests is a feature of Socinator’s Instagram dm tool by which you can set up auto-replies for users. But that’s not the only catch. The Auto Reply feature comes with a lot of other features to make Instagram marketing more effective and build a relationship with the customers.

These features are:

1)Filtering Messages: You can choose which messages do you want to reply to. Choose to respond to pending messages, or all messages, or messages containing specific words. It’s your choice.

2)Job Configuration: This feature allows you to choose how often do you want to reply to the messages. Set different speeds for auto-replies using this feature.

3)User filters: Filter users by profile pictures, minimum or maximum posts on their account, private or public accounts, minimum or maximum followers, follow ratio gear, etc.

4)Blacklist users: Disallow Socinator’s Instagram dm tool to send messages to individual users of your choice.

Important reasons for using Instagram DM tools.  

By now you’ll have realized what all an Instagram dm tool can do. All the features that Socinator offers can be highly useful for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Marketing on social media has become the prime focus of brands in 2018, and it will remain the focus in the years to come.

The importance of responsiveness cannot be undermined. And on social media, which is growing to become a customer service portal for businesses, it is even essential.

Responsive businesses generate more sales online. That’s a fact proven by Smartinsights. But why is that so? It’s because customers love personal attention. They like to be heard and given importance to.

Let’s admit, it pays for brands to be responsive on social media. Why? Because it increases brand loyalty, product sentiment, and purchase intent of the customers.

Instagram dm tools allow you to do just that. Be responsive. Be available, and increase purchase intent of the customers.

Users will drive their friends and colleagues to your business page because, hey why not? Your business cares to reply to its customers. It bothers to keep them informed.

Additionally, using an Instagram dm tool can help you achieve a twofold objective. First, you will be generating more sales by being responsive, and second, you will be saving a lot of time on social media management.

If you think about it, there’s no higher value you can create other than being available and responsive to your customers.

They will love the special treatment you give them by prioritizing a reply.

So take the next step and introduce Socinator dm tool to your marketing strategy and take your business to an awesome height through social media.

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