How to grow your Pinterest following

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How to grow your Pinterest following

Pinterest is a social media platform. You can call it a bookmarking tool, a bulletin board or a web-based pinboard. Pinterest has a very good organizational functionality. In this article, we will talk about the application’s main features and how to grow your Pinterest following.

What is Pinterest and how can you use the application?

Pinterest is a social media application usually used by people who are pinning or saving web-based content to various boards. Users can classify their image collections. They can click on almost all the images posted on Pinterest. This will open a new tab with the original location of the picture.

If you like to cook, Pinterest may be the perfect place to share and find new recipes. If you think that food looks delicious in pictures, with a simple click you will be able to find the recipe and try it yourself.

We will talk next about installing Pinterest and learning how to use it. Later on, you will learn how to grow your Pinterest following.

how to grow your pinterest followingSing up for Pinterest, it’s free!

You can start using Pinterest for free. The only necessity will be to create an account. You can create it from any web browser or simply use your Facebook or Google account.

The application will request you to fill in some essential details such as name, age, language, gender and country before you will be ready to use it. You will be also asked to choose at least five categories you want to follow. By doing this, Pinterest will be able to provide you personalized pins according to your interests.

Get familiar with your profile

If you want to grow your Pinterest following, you first need to know how to use Pinterest properly. You will have to get familiar with features such as home, explore, following, name and profile picture, notifications, messages, pins, boards, topics, tries etc.

Save your pins and create your boards

Congrats! Now that you are familiar with Pinterest, time to save the pins to your boards has come. You have three ways of doing this:

  • Save pins found on Pinterest.
  • Save the pins you have on your computer or save the pins you find on the web.
  • Save pins directly from the internet. For this option, you will have to install Pinterest’s browser button.

Using the following option for people or their own boards

If you like other users’ pins or boards, you have the option of following them in order to receive their most recent uploads in your news feed.  You can only do this if you have a Pinterest account.

You will be able to follow specific people or specific boards. This can be your chance in learning how to grow your Pinterest following.

Connect with other users

Pinterest has made interactions among users very simple.  The application will give you the following options:

  • Save the pin to one of your personal boards.
  • Send a pin to other people using Pinterest or post it on social media.
  • If you want to share your opinion about a pin, simply do this by adding a comment.
  • Post your personal photo or note. You can use this option even more if you have tried one of the recipes from Pinterest.

Install Pinterest on your mobile device

If you want to see Pinterest’s latest features, you can download the mobile application on your iOS and Android devices.

How to grow your Pinterest following

We have previously talked about the main steps in using Pinterest. We will talk next about Pinterest following and how to grow it.

Pinterest can help you build authority and credibility in your domain of activity. It can rapidly grow your web traffic and the number of email subscribers. Furthermore, it provides non-costs marketing for your niche.

These are only some of the reasons why you would want to grow your Pinterest following. We will discuss five ways of doing this:

Engage and be present

In order to do this, you need to manually pin on a regular basis, follow a relevant board for you whenever you see the “board to follow” option in your feed, re-pin and also pin other individuals’ manually.

Pinterest will show you more and more pins if they will notice that you are active on their platform.

Do you know who your competitors are? Then follow their followers

Your competitors and you have the same targeted audience. How to grow your Pinterest following can also be learnt by following your competitor’s followers. You have the chance of them returning your follow, even more, if they are already following your competitor.

how to grow your pinterest followingUse the search bar

Keywords can do the magic on Pinterest. There is no secret that Pinterest hosts more than two billion searches every month. If you want to find something specific, you only need to type some keywords in the search bar. Pinterest will give you a significant number of suggestions. You are looking for something delicious to cook or to eat? Satisfying your need is only one or two keywords away.

Use the “sections” feature

One of Pinterest’s newest features is called “sections.” You can use it to sort the boards within a board.

This feature allows you to attract your targeted audience by organizing your pins. This will help your targeted audience to find exactly what they are searching for.

Create your personal group board

Groups can be the most powerful marketing tools if you will use them adequately. They can rapidly grow your web traffic and make your business successful.  In order to start a group board, you can either start a new one or make use of a board you already have.

This article pointed out some of the ways on how to grow your Pinterest following. You can use all of them or use the relevant ones for your niche. Regardless of these ways, remember to stay authentic and to upload only high-content quality.


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