Facebook Text Tool or How to Write Powerful Facebook Ads

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Facebook Text Tool or How to Write Powerful Facebook Ads

When someone talks about social media, the first name that strikes our minds is Facebook. This is the biggest social media platform with over 2 billion active monthly users that are far more than on any other social media channel. Most of the marketers believe that Facebook is the best social media platform when it comes to targeted marketing tactics. Moreover, because of the craze of Facebook advertisements among the marketers, plenty of tools like Facebook text tool and ad creation tools are available on the web. 

Advertising through Facebook is one of the most profitable marketing strategies as it lets you reach only those people who can be potential buyers. Targeting a vast variety of such people can level up your whole marketing scenario.

So, are you thinking about starting an advertising campaign? Still not convinced? Explore the benefits of advertising on Facebook below.

Better Targeting

Facebook allows a bunch of targeting and retargeting options that will enable you to show your ads only in front of those who can be potential customers by demographics like location, gender, age, and more.

Facebook’s ads manager is a very user-friendly platform that allows you to handle your social media marketing campaigns easily. Just a few clicks and you are ready to launch your ads.

Huge Mobile Audience

Today’s generation is addicted to mobile phones. Facebook messenger has more than a billion users worldwide, and the app has around 1.74 billion users. So, if you think that most of your targeted audience can be found among mobile addicts then using Facebook advertising is far better than any other platform.

Proper Analytics

Facebook doesn’t like to hide anything so it provides all the reports regarding your ads, their performance, conversion rates etc., directly through the “insights” tab. 

Analysing your reports allows you to understand the shortcomings of your advertising campaign and can help you make it better.

All-Time Increasing CTR

Facebook keeps tweaking with its algorithm to improve the advertising tool, and marketers leverage it for businesses. The average CTR on Facebook for any niche is 90%. 

Improve Brand Awareness

Facebook users are addicted to checking their feed from time to time allowing your brand to have better exposure. Even if people aren’t clicking on your ads they are learning about your brand.

How to Write Powerful Facebook Ads- 5 Tips to Try Right Now

Target the Right Audience using Facebook Targeting

When it comes to advertising through any social media platform, you need to woo your audience. But here you have a plus point; you can narrow down your audience to a considerable extent. Like when you have a product specially made for men from the US who are aged between 25-30. With Facebook, you can easily target your kind of audience and have a higher CTR.

Attach Only the Visuals that Relates to your Ad Copy

You must have noticed that all the Facebook ads have at least one image attached to them. Have you wondered why? – Because images attract more than simple text-based ad copies. But an image can also ruin your whole copy if it is not related to your ad content.

Whenever you create an ad, you need to make sure that all the images that is attached to it are highly relatable to either your content or your brand.

Short and Simple

As creating an ad costs you, you might try to get the most out of it by cramming stuff as much a possible. But that will result in a lower CTR. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, you need to make your ad copy short and straightforward.

Keep your ad copy so easy to understand that even a school kid would understand. In case you need some help, get a Facebook text tool.

Focus Just on Call-to-Action

To make the most out of your Facebook ad campaign, you need to have a defined goal first. Whatever your goal is, you need a Call to Action message that encourages your specific purpose.

This allows your ad to look specific and also doesn’t mess up your viewers’ minds and gets you the best results.

Use Different Ads for Different Audience Types

The best part of Facebook advertising is that it is not like the typical billboard ads, you can use different ad copies for different customers. For example, you sell stuff for both men and women and just using one ad copy will not help that much. You need to use at least two ad copies to lure them both.

Use multiple ad copies to attract different audience segments and make the most out of Facebook advertisements.


Advertising on Facebook can be really fun if you understand the dos and don’ts of the platform. You can get many Facebook text tools, tip and tricks on the web but the most important thing is to understand the working process first.

Once you understand how the platform works, you will also understand the basics of the platform. As Facebook keeps on tweaking with the algorithm, it’s not always possible to stay updated, but the best part is that the basics are going to be the same.

Have a clear goal, understand your audience, create ads that only target the people who can be your potential buyers and analyse the results. That’s pretty much about Facebook advertising.

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