Best Twitter Automation Software-Learn How to Use it

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Best Twitter Automation Software-Learn How to Use it

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is the sixth most powerful social media platform. Twitter is not just a mere social media platform. It is way more than that! You can’t even think of creating a social media marketing strategy that doesn’t include Twitter.

Till now 1.3 billion accounts have been created on Twitter. This is much more than many social media platforms. And all of them were created with a reason. The reason might be anything like developing a personal brand, promoting a business or just keeping up with the ongoing trends.

Whatever your industry is, Twitter has the capability to promote your brand and get you an audience of millions in just a few months. But if it’s like that, why don’t everyone succeed with Twitter and average is just of 707 followers? Because not everyone understands how to create the perfect Twitter marketing strategy.

With over 6000 tweets sent every second, winning over Twitter is not that easy. You need to be active enough and also build a relationship with your audience. There are basically six functionalities that you can use on Twitter: retweet, tweet, dm, follow, unfollow and comment. If you wish to succeed, you need to master all the functionalities.

But can you do it the right way? How will you manage the amounth of time?

Here comes an automation software into play.

What does a Twitter automation software do and why do you need one?

As the name suggests, an automation software is responsible to put all your Twitter functionalities on autopilot.

When you start with a social media marketing strategy, you don’t just need to follow users and chat. There are a lot of other things to do and everything is important.

You need to build a brand, make people trust in your brand and ultimately generate potential leads. You can manage a few things on your own but there are certain things that demand both time and skills.

The best Twitter automation software will allow you to win your Twitter marketing strategy in no time without any pro-level skills. Let me help you a bit. In this article, I will talk about the best Twitter automation software and how to use it.

Socinator- The Best Twitter Automation Software

An automation software doesn’t only need to be great at the automation stuff but should also know how to target a specific audience. When you choose Socinator, it allows you to take every step like a pro and then succeed with your strategy.

Here is how you can use Socinator.

Set it up

Before you get started, download the software from the parent website. Once you have downloaded it and installed it, it will ask the credentials. Don’t worry it’s all safe with us.

Optimize it

Now you need to optimize your setting and tell Socinator everything about your needs. Your details will help Socinator track and extract the most suited users according to your niche. You can use demographics like keywords, location, users, etc. Once you set it, it finds users and posts.

Command it

Here comes the best part. You can set up the jobs that you need to get done. It can be anything like auto-follow, unfollow, tweet, like or even make comments. And because Socinator knows about your industry, it will just look out for the suited users only.

Here is a sneak peek at how it does it:

  1. Auto Follow-Once you activate auto-follow, it will look out for the users related to your niche and will only follow the best ones. You can set up the speed to slow, medium and fast. You can also set a limit of how many users you wish to follow every day.
  2. Auto Comment-As commenting is an important part, Socinator makes sure that each and every comment is highly thoughtful and not bogus. It understands the importance of your authenticity in front of your audience.
  3. Auto Unfollow-Plenty of people follow you to get followed back and no matter whether you do or not, they unfollow you. Socinator will keep an eye on every such user and will automatically unfollow them once they unfollow you.
  4. Auto dm-You need to have the personal touch alive and auto dm will allow you to do so. Make your followers feel their importance by sending them automated dm.
  5. Schedule Tweets– You can just create a bunch of tweets and just shoot them all at once. You need to tweet at the best timings and for that, you need to schedule them. Socinator will tweet them on your behalf, once you schedule them. Moreover, it won’t even bother you and will run in the background.

As there are a bunch of other features that Socinator provides you, you can explore all of them here.

Sit Back and Relax

Now that you have played your part well, it’s now the responsibility of Socinator to manage it all. Just sit back and relax, Socinator is there for you.

Reports and Analysis

Socinator understands that you want to know what’s happening with your Twitter account. Thus it provides a weekly and monthly report regarding all the activities. Have a look at that and understand what should be continued and what not.


If you are in the search of best Twitter automation software then your search ends here. Socinator is the one stop for all your Twitter-related automation needs. Besides Twitter, Socinator is also capable of managing many other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Once you opt for Socinator, you will no longer need and professional’s help to create and run a winning Twitter marketing strategy. All you need is to command and sit back.


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