9 Reasons Why To Use Social Media Scheduling Tool To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

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9 Reasons Why To Use Social Media Scheduling Tool To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Do you want to grow your business with social media marketing?

You need to build an engaged relationship with your target audience. And to build that relationship, you need to consistently post high quality aesthetics on social media.

When you are posting stuff on social media, you need to make sure that your published content should be visible to your target audience.

There might be some chances that you have been posting on the time when your audience is offline.

Looking for an efficient way to publish your updates on social media?

In such a case, what you need is a social media scheduling tool.

A tool that can help you to auto-publish your creations on social media so that you can schedule your post ahead of time to ensure better audience engagement on your social media feed.

To be successful at social media marketing, you need to be consistent with your posts. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to relentlessly publish your stuff every day and everywhere on social media platforms.

Having a social media scheduler tool, you can manage multiple social media accounts and auto-publish your content to get better visibility and bring more audience engagement.

In this article, we are showing you the reasons why you need to use a social media scheduling tool to manage multiple social media accounts.

Efficient Management of Multiple Social Media Accounts:

You want to have a good social media presence for your brand and more to say you might want to manage multiple social media accounts. However, it won’t be easy for you to manage multiple social media accounts all by yourself.

For the efficient handling of multiple social media accounts, you should invest in the best social media scheduling tools like Socinator. It has various automation functionalities which let you schedule activities on various social media platforms side by side.


Save Your Time To Stay Focused:

You may think that switching between several social media accounts won’t take much time, but in reality, it takes most of your efforts just to publish your stuff on each social media platform. While you also need to give time to create high-quality content so that you would gain more engagement from the audience on your social media profile. Instead of wasting your precious hours performing mundane activities on various social media platforms, you can utilize the world-class social media automation tool like Socinator.

It can help you to automate your actions on social media platforms. That way, you don’t have to spend hours publishing your content on different social media platforms.

Socinator allows you to auto-schedule your posts to the preferable time of your audience when they are active on social media. While you can make better efforts and focus on creating content that could bring you better views, likes, comments, and followers on your social media accounts.

Reduce Your Labor Cost:

Today, being a marketer, you know that social media has become an essential part of your business. And for better results, most companies are hiring employees to manage and run social media campaigns for the further growth of their business.

In such a case, you can utilize the social media scheduler tool, which has the ability to automate the social media activities of users. It will help you to reduce the manual workload in your business while you can make better efforts to create engaging content to publish on your different social media accounts.

Analyze Performance To Improve Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Now you are ready to auto-schedule your posts on social media. However, don’t you want to know that your published content is doing well on social media or not? Without analyzing the past performance of your social media marketing strategies, you can’t be able to make further improvements.

Using the Socinator social media scheduler, you can track the growth performance of your activities on social media platforms. Accordingly, you can analyze the performance of your actions on social media while you can make some changes in your marketing tactics to obtain favorable results for your business.

Improve Consistency of Your Posts:

People usually like to check posts of brands that frequently publish high-quality stuff on social media. Therefore, to publish lucrative content, you need to make more efforts on the creative aspects. Instead of daily posting your content on social media channels, you can employ a social media automation tool to schedule your posts ahead of time.

This way you can run multiple campaigns on different social media channels while reducing the chances of human error, and you can make better efforts to deliver quality content on social media.

Build Audience In Different Time Zones

If you want to gain more views on your social media feed, then you should publish your work when most of your expected viewers are being active on social media. While you can also post your creations to target audiences in different time zones.


Let’s say that you have a business in the UK, but the majority of your customers are from the US. In such a case, you should make use of the best social media scheduling tool (Socinator), which lets you schedule your creations to target social media users of different countries in different time zones.

Helps You To Improve Engagement

As you know that automation helps you to save your time and effort spent on repetitive tasks. Rather you can put more effort into enhancing your quality side of your creations. So, it would help you to bring more engagement to your social media profile.

Using social media scheduling tools, you can auto-schedule to publish your content ahead of time. Therefore, it would help you to gain enough time so you can create high quality and engaging stuff for your social media posts.

Besides that, for better audience engagement, you need to be consistent with optimal posting frequency. Social media is a competitive stage. And if you want to be ahead of your competitors, then most often, you need to deliver winning photos and videos to the audience. Doing so, you could be able to increase your brand awareness and improve the visibility of your content on social media.

Can Create More Social Links:

Another advantage of the scheduler tool is that it can help you streamline the process so that you can engage with more people. Apart from that, you can set up the automation to follow back people who have already followed you on social media. The more people you engage with, the better will be the growth of your followers on social media. While you can create or join more groups and share your stuff with a wider audience to create more social links for your business.

Can Reuse Older Posts

In case you don’t have any creative ideas for your next content, you can use your older posts to republish on social media platforms. As you can utilize some of the evergreen creations which can bring you more views and likes. Instead of doing tedious work on producing fresh content, you can search for some of your older posts and use the scheduler to republish them on different social media platforms.

With so many amazing features of social media scheduler tools, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts to bring more traffic and engagement on your social media feeds.

Here I have shown you some of the best social media scheduling tools using which you can automate or schedule your posts to increase your reach with the audience on social media.


Socinator is one of the most powerful social media automation software using which you can auto-publish your creations on social media. It lets you automate every single action on social media, while you can implement your time and effort more conveniently to entail better results from social media marketing.  It has comprehensive features, which have the ability to schedule your regular social media activities without taking much time and effort from the user.

These are some of the best features of Socinator software:

  • Socinator software helps you keep the record of your marketing activities while analyzing and showing the overall performance in graphical representation.
  • With Socinator, you can automate the follow/unfollow process to seek for more audience on various social media platforms.
  • It can help you to automate your regular activities (Likes, Follow, Share) on social media so that you can keep that engagement of the audience on your feed.
  • Using Socinator, you can auto-publish your creations on the time when your followers are active on social media while you can get more views and likes on your published content.
  • It also lets you download your favorite photos from various social media platforms.
  • You can manage multiple social media accounts using Socinator software.
  • There you also have the option to live chat to connect and interact with your audience on different social media platforms.
  • For the privacy and security of your social media accounts, Socinator also provides you with proxy features, which lets you prefer distinct locations for different social media accounts.


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If you are looking to schedule your content only on Twitter, then Tweetdeck can be the ideal option for you. It allows you to automate your tweet and retweet actions on multiple Twitter accounts.

With a comprehensive dashboard, it lets you check the tweets in your account’s home feed. There you can also check notifications, likes, followers, scheduled posts, and other things. You can also edit your tweets before auto-publishing it on Twitter.

Sked Social

Sked Social was earlier called as Schedugram because of its Instagram scheduling features. But now they have rebranded with a new name and some extra new features. There you have the options to prep photos, caption, and hashtags for repetitive usage. With drag and drop options, it makes the process simpler for you to easily publish your aesthetics on Instagram.


Tailwind’s specialty is that it focuses on visual marketing. And if you want to have one for all solutions to win on Instagram and Pinterest marketing, then Tailwind can be the ideal option for you. It has multiple features that let you schedule posts, monitor engagement, analyze, and enhance the reach with the audience.


It is the first social media scheduling app that supports posting videos on the Tiktok platform. While you can also use this software to auto-publish or schedule on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Besides, it also gives you the option to share/publish your videos on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. There you can also curate content and also suggest you with a wide range of topics for your content (Images, Videos, Articles, etc.), which you can schedule according to the optimal timing of your audience being active on social media.

Social Sprout:

Social Sprout is one of the best social media marketing software implementing, using which you can feasibly automate all your social media activities. It has a feature that keeps a close eye on social media analytics and the performance of published content on social media. Due to its patented ViralPost technology, you can hone your posting times for your audience to ensure better engagement from the audience.

Using its interactive calendar, it becomes easier for the user to manage multiple social media activities and also measure the performance that you can refine to achieve success.

Wrapping Words:

Nowadays, many of the marketers are using automation tools to schedule their social media activities. And to compete with other marketers, you should employ the most suitable social media management tool that can fulfil your marketing objectives.

Having an appropriate tool by your side, you can reduce the workload off your shoulder and try to be more efficient to magnify the effect of your social media marketing efforts in your business.

So what are your thoughts about using a scheduler software for your social media marketing? Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comments section given below!