Twitter Unfollow Tool- Which One Should One Use?

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Twitter Unfollow Tool- Which One Should One Use?

Social media marketing has become a must for any kind of business. If you wish to reach your targeted audience as much as possible, you need to add Twitter to your social media strategy.

Twitter has over 1.3 billion registered users and 330 million active users and so missing it can be your biggest drawback. But do you know it all about Twitter marketing? Every second Twitter witnesses around 6000 tweets, making Twitter one of the most active platforms.

But not everyone understands how to get the most out of a Twitter marketing strategy. More than 44% accounts have never shot even a single tweet, why? Because they have no idea what kind of tweet can help them reach their targeted audience. But Twitter is not just about Tweeting. Yes, tweets are important for conveying your brand’s message but there are still several ways to build an audience over Twitter.

Why do people Unfollow you?

Twitter provides several functionalities: tweet, like, comment, share, follow, dm and even unfollow. Marketers understand what activities can help them grow and how to use all the functionalities in the right way. The most interesting point is that unlike Instagram, Twitter doesn’t mind if you use a bot. Most of the big brands use bots to automate the feature.

Are you aware that most of the people who follow you, do it just to get followed back? Once you do or not, they unfollow you right away.

This is a very easy, yet effective way of building an audience over Twitter. But if you don’t take an action against it, your list of followers will continue to decrease and following will keep on increasing.

So, what’s the solution?

You need to know who unfollowed you and then unfollow them. You can either do it manually way or can let a tool do this for you.

In this article, I will talk about some best Twitter Unfollow Tools and which one should you use.

1.Socinator- The Social Dominator

Socinator is one of the best Twitter automation tools which can help you automate all your twitter functionalities. Besides Twitter, Socinator also allows you to automate other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Here is how Socinator works for the Unfollowing process:

  1. Add your Twitter Credentials- Don’t worry, your data is safe with us.
  2. Activate Unfollowing- Once you activate the unfollowing feature, Socinator will automatically detect if someone unfollowed you and will unfollow the user without bothering you. Moreover, you can also set up a whitelist to let Socinator know whom not to unfollow.
  3. Stats and Reports- You have all the rights to know what’s happening. Socinator provides you all the details regarding whom it unfollowed.

2. Manage Filter

Manage Filter is one of the most popular Twitter marketing tools. Though Manage Filter partially allows you to automate the unfollowing process.

Once you get started with Manage Filter, it will keep looking out for your most recent unfollowers, cutting off the toughest part. After that, you can easily unfollow the users.

Besides letting you know the names of your unfollowers, it also allows you to detect the Fake Twitter users and then unfollow them.


It is the most widely used Twitter automation tool. is the exact tool that anyone needs for automating the Twitter functionalities. With you can easily track all the users who recently unfollowed you and unfollow them directly through the platform. Apart from this feature, it also allows you to:

  • track your recent followers;
  • check out your posts’ reach;
  • explore the trending hashtags according to your industry; 
  • look out for the best users to follow related to your niche. 

4. CrowdFire

CrowdFire, also known as “Just Unfollow”, is a tool specially designed for unfollowing your unfollowers. With CrowdFire, you can easily unfollow users in a matter of seconds. You can also set the unfollowing process based on a variety of criteria, like date of unfollowing.

The best point of CrowdFire is that it allows you to unfollow 25 users daily without spending a penny. And if you want to unfollow more people on an everyday basis, you can upgrade to a premium plan. Moreover, it also supports multiple devices so you don’t need to worry about it and can access it anywhere from any device.

5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph, formerly known as the “Underdog of Twitter”, is another most popular Twitter automation tool. It is the simplest way of digging out the traitors and unfollowing them automatically. All you need to do is:

  1. Link your Twitter account with SocialOomph.
  2. Launch the unfollowing campaign.
  3. Sit back and relax.

SocialOomph provides you with both free and paid plan and you can easily check out the features and understand whether it would work or not through the free plan. Moreover, you can also manage multiple Twitter accounts through just one dashboard.


There are plenty of tools out there that can help you in automating all your Twitter functionalities. The only thing that is important here is to build a trust and for that, you need to make your audience believe that you are real.

From all the above-mentioned tools, I prefer Socinator because it is the best tool to automate your Twitter activities along with your personal touch. Moreover, unlike the most of the tools, it doesn’t bother you even a bit. Once you provide all the details and allow the tool to handle the specific task, it does it all on its own. Socinator’s AI knows the dos and don’ts of the industry and so it does it all without making you lose your authenticity.


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