Post to multiple Facebook groups. Is it possible?

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Post to multiple Facebook groups. Is it possible?

More and more businesses have started to use Facebook as a marketing tool nowadays. But what should you know about Facebook groups? Moreover, why you should learn how to post to multiple Facebook groups? We will talk about these subjects in this article.

What is the role of Facebook groups and how can you use them to grow your business?

We can talk about the significant impact that Facebook groups can have when it comes to your business. Generally speaking, Facebook groups are well seen and they can really function as a marketing strategy. If you know how to centre a group on your brand you will have real chances of creating a community around it.

If you want people who love your products and services to be in one place than a Facebook group is the ideal solution.

Facebook groups will give you the opportunity to answer the customers’ questions and to use your expertise. Your answers will be visible for all the group members and people will feel valued. Providing your customers with the chance to know the persons behind the brand will be the main point for establishing a strong connection and for building trust. Requesting feedback from your customers and encouraging them will generate significant network opportunities. People will come back to you if you let them know they are important to you.

Facebook groups – impact on your business

In order to talk about this, let’s see the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group. We will also speak later on about how to post to multiple Facebook groups.

People are asking why do they need a brand group if they already have a Facebook page dedicated to it?

post to multiple facebook groupsSincerely speaking, you will need both of them if you want to promote your business. Even if you will have many benefits by having a Facebook group, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a Facebook page as well. You will find out why.

A page will is needed as the first point of contact for your customers. This is even more powerful when a sales channel is involved.

Your brand page will allow you to upload relevant information about your brand, to get reviews, to run ad campaigns for your business etc. Your page will appear in the peoples’ search engine. Thus, they will be able to find your location and also to message you directly.

A group will be more focused on a specific community

When users post on your Facebook page their content appears under the “Community” tab. When they use a group for their post, you can see them in the newsfeed, along with posts from other users. This offers the group the advantage of posts being visible and easy to engage with. Moreover, discussions inside groups tend to facilitate the communication between the group members and the interactions are closer. When people are posting on a group they might feel more comfortable.

Groups tend to offer more value, especially for subscription-style groups.  You can find other ways of using Facebook as a marketing tool by accessing the following link.

Why learning how to post to multiple Facebook groups and what content you should share?

Your posts on Facebook groups should be specifically related to your business. Before you start to post to multiple Facebook groups, you should think about a long-term strategy that defines your brand. You will also have to agree on the type of content that you would like to share. This can be entertaining, educational, inspirational, emotional etc. Most important, will your group members want to engage?

Finding the relevant content is the most important rule when speaking about what to post on Facebook groups. Content brings value to the group and engagement comes along with value.

There are some tools that will help you in finding the specific content for a Facebook group:

  1. com will show you the trending topics in the moment of speaking. You can also search to see where the most popular articles were posted.
  2. Google News-the easiest way to find specific content is to type what you are searching for into Google and select the “News” option which will bring you the most recent articles.
  3. Be aware of the industry-groups’ topics can be listened through podcast episodes. You need to stay updated with other content types your group members might be interested in.

The last but not the least topic we need to focus on is how to post to multiple Facebook groups and the tool you can use to perform this action.

As mentioned during this article, groups can bring a significant value to your brand. You need to focus on creating and maintaining your presence visible in the social media.

Being part of multiple Facebook groups can be a significant tool for growing your business. What if you want to be an active part of them and you don’t have enough time? This is when you should think about using a tool in order to post on multiple Facebook groups. This will not only allow you to build your online presence, but it will also save your time, effort and energy.

Socinator  – the all in one Facebook marketing tool

With a user-friendly interface and no additional application that needs to be installed, Socinator can be your perfect Facebook marketing tool.  You will be able to access an activity report that will help you in improving your marketing strategies.

Its auto post/share content feature will increase traffic and visibility by auto-sharing the posts with the specific audience in the groups where you are a member of.

Another group-related feature is the bump group posts. This will keep your posts up with no need of posting them over and over again.

You can have Socinator from $9.95/month.

Remember, even if you will use a tool in order to post to multiple Facebook groups, you need to remain genuine and to care about the people around you.

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