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Introduction To Franchise Marketing | 2022 Update

Franchise marketing is one of the most complicated marketing models that you need to pay attention to!

Marketing is a crucial aspect of running a business. But, it is quite hard to generate leads and provide customer service when it is in various locations. Keeping the brand image alive with respect to the locality is quite tricky.

Well! The good news is you can achieve your marketing goals with some hard work and market knowledge. Franchising is nothing new. On one hand, your franchising needs your firm to remain a profitable brand. While, on the other hand, you need to get blended with the location where your franchise has been.

Franchise marketing is tricky because they require profound strategies along with future insights to be successful. 

Last year due to the pandemic, a lot of franchisers faced a lot of losses. However, many were so profitable that they ended up establishing new franchises in different locations.

For example, when everything was closed due to lockdown and people sitting at home waiting for the harsh period to end. There was no other escape than to make delicious dishes. In turn, led the FMCG industry to make huge profits. Consequently, many retailers and food processing units have opened various branches. 

Now, let us dive into the concept of franchise marketing and understand what it means.

 What Is Franchise Marketing?


Franchise marketing is basically having marketing strategies for the brand at more than one site. The most interesting fact about it is – each branch has a separate autonomous entity to handle daily chores in that place. It makes it so unique for the location yet blended with the tastes and colors of that area.

Successful marketing franchise considers the likes and dislikes of the local people. Having a franchise of a popular brand seems like an outlandish thing for the locality. Such a marketing type is all about aligning your corporate strategies with local marketing.  

In this sort of marketing, you leverage the brand prestige to connect with the local people.There are many uncertainties even though the brand’s trademark has already built trust in the people.

However, you have to remodel your marketing strategies according to the area of your franchise. 

Tough process, right!

Because of many variations in the marketing strategies, franchising appears to be a complex practice. That is why people hire professionals to conduct them overall.

Challenges Of Franchise Marketing Systems

Challenges-Of-Franchise-Marketing Systems

Franchise marketing is affected by several things. Consumer patterns, uniqueness of locality, overall marketing dominance, and so on!

The main challenge of such marketing is to establish a balance between the marketing strategies of the brand and the franchisees. Sometimes, shared marketing practices often spark disagreements within the team altogether. 

Having to glide through many ideas and implementing them is not an easy task. Sometimes, brand strategies do not seem to work for some franchisees. Which consecutively is a call for improvisation. 

Taking the right decisions at the right moment is what ensures marketing franchise stability. Are you thinking of opening a franchise? Then there are many things you need to consider. Despite being the most profitable brand, you can fail at being the most favorite franchisee at that place.

Recently the same thing has happened to Ford India. They have to shut down their franchise in India because they could not derive significant sales in the last two years. It is a decorated brand with huge popularity. Even then, it failed to remain a profitable brand in India.

On the other hand, FMCG retailers and stores have made massive profits in these two years! And they established new franchises. 

What do you think? How do you estimate that one popular brand will fail and another will not?

If you look deep enough into the market, you will understand what influences franchise marketing at the site in some particular period. Let us find those factors.

  • Overall market breakdown and upthrusts.
  • Inflation value.
  • Geo-political scenarios.
  • Government Policies.
  • Marketing trend.
  • Consumer patterns.
  • Development prospects of the country.
  • Cultural practices.
  • Consumer’s adaptability to new things.
  • The dominance of some promotional methods.

These are as many factors as that I can think of!

Let us talk about some real life examples.

You can observe many brand franchises that follow these details. For example, Mcdonald’s has to stop making edibles from beef in India because Indian culture will not allow this. 

One more example is China! Many brands pulled their contracts from China because of the covid-19 outbreak allegations. And established franchisees in developing countries like India and Canada. Despite providing the most favorable business environment, China got ruled out in the pandemic due to geo-political situations. 

But in India, even though government and legal policies are the biggest barriers for franchise investments. It emerged as one of the most favorable marketing platforms. This happened because of the growth potential of India and the development rate. These factors can benefit these franchisees in the long run. 

Well, if you can add more points to the above-stated marketing factors, then do comment!  

Getting ahead, let us understand some general aspects of franchise marketing in the upcoming section.

Marketing Franchise Essentials


To establish a franchisee, one must understand a few concepts of marketing that work behind the scenes. Every sector has to have an appropriate infrastructure to run its ventures. Franchises also requires a footing to build their superstructure of profit and recognition. 

Brand franchises that operate on multiple locations (like thousands) have already made it this far. Now, they only have to worry about consistency and advertisements. However, those who have just started marketing franchise need to equip themselves with many technical things.

Nowadays, consumers are intelligent enough to categorize things with what they want and are tempted to want. When dominoes and pizza hut were first in India, many critics thought that franchisees might fail. As pizza and burgers do not align with Indian food practices. But, now everyone knows how successful they are today.

What is their secret?

They made eating pizzas and burgers a status symbol and fun element. They swoop into the veins of the Indian mindset. Now, whenever anyone wants to have a fun outing, they need to have pizza! Or, if you wish to lighten your mood, you need to have pizza! 

But things are beginning to change!

People are now getting the difference between; What they really want to have and what they are tempted to have. So, you have to keep amending your marketing strategies if you desire to thrive like them. 

First of all, if you are about to begin franchise marketing, then you should arm yourself with these facilities.

  • Appropriate landing pages for your consumers to connect to you.
  • Site applications so that your customers can stay connected to you.
  • Brand marketing campaigns.
  • SEO content marketing.
  • Complete digital marketing on all the social media platforms.
  • Email and blog marketing campaigns.
  • Customer relationship management bots and tools.
  • Offline marketing strategies.
  • Customized strategies and defined processes to execute everything smoothly.
  • Thorough market research.

These are the framework for your franchise marketing strategies. Well! Are you are wondering about customer relationship management tools?

We have something for you!

Socinator is one such customer relationship management tool that provides you the convenience of complete social media marketing automation and marketing solutions. 

This tool has integrations with almost all popular social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumbler, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google plus. With this tool, you get to automate almost every single activity! What do you wish to perform on your social media pages? Choose anything!

Socinator means no hassles for logging in to the particular social media site. You do not have to stress only to make one silly action. Socinatior has got you covered!

From social media post scheduler to automate likes, comments, shares, and blacklisting/ whitelisting profiles to much more! You also get to set the speed of automated activity to fool respective platforms from banning you. in the name of unusual or unnatural activities.

I cannot even begin to explain how many things you can do with this one single tool. You have to see it for yourself!

Hop into the world of automation with Socinator!

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