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The Best Unfollow Tool for Instagram Marketing

Instagram has been around for years and day by day its significance as part of a successful marketing plan increases. For some demographics, like for the millennials, it has surpassed Facebook by a long shot. That’s why Instagram is an essential tool for pretty much every business out there. But yet again, navigating all social media is time-consuming. Luckily there is a bunch of solutions to help you save time and money. Automating your Instagram activity and deploying, for example, a great unfollow tool you can use your time much more efficiently on more important things.

Marketing on Instagram

As of June 2018, Instagram has already gathered 1 billion active monthly users. That means about a 200 million user increase in a year’s time. Any, especially visual, business would be a fool not to harness this social media platform to its use. Instagram is the medium of the millennials. In the US over half of Instagram’s users are aged 18 – 29. In March 2016 already 98% of fashion brands were using Instagram as a big part of their marketing plan. In here you can have a look at the monthly active user increase over the course of January 2013 to June 2018.

unfollow toolInstagram is highly visual so it suits perfectly for pretty much every business. Also, the high engagement rate makes it the perfect platform to reach your target audience and get them hooked. But without a little help from a social media manager or a simple and easy-to-work-with unfollow tool, it would be a hassle to navigate.

Instagram dos and don’ts

Successful marketing on Instagram isn’t rocket science. Simply put, all you need is good quality photos and videos and some engaging blurbs. But of course, there are some other, small nuances to be considered. 

Make sure your Instagram profile represents your business in the best possible way. Post only high quality. Write an engaging blurb for your post. What does this mean? Ask a question, arrange a small competition, etc. Something that makes your followers react on the specific post. Use proper hashtags to get your post to the right eyes, as in, to your target audience’s feeds. Easy enough, isn’t it. You don’t even always have to post a photo or a video by yourself, you can also re-post someone else’s content, but don’t forget to credit them. This works wonders especially if you’re holding a photo competition, to showcase the participants’ work.

The biggest DON’T in Instagram marketing is to leave it on its own. Social media needs activity. To stay on top of peoples’ feeds, you need to be active. Not just posting new content all the time, but interacting with others. Comment, like and follow. Utilize helpful software, like an unfollow tool to make your job a lot easier and faster.

And in no circumstance forget to create and use a hashtag you have created solely for your brand – usually a brand name. This is the way people will find specifically your content.

Unfollow tool to your aid

Gaining a loyal following on Instagram is probably the number one thing you need to achieve to actually succeed on Instagram marketing. But it can surely be difficult. There is a ton of things you need to do to round up all those people to follow your brand.

Make sure people know what you are doing. Use your hashtag and take it everywhere – put it on display to your profile, not just on Instagram, but all over the social media, take it outside of the internet, add it to your receipts, business cards, e-mails etc.

Use hashtags creatively, don’t just stick to those obvious one-word ones. However, remember to stick only to relevant hashtags that promote your business, like #pottery for a ceramics shop.

Follow other people, especially influencers, in your niche and interact with them. Eventually, an unfollow tool will come in handy, if you no longer wish to follow people who have unfollowed you despite your best efforts to connect with them.

Many businesses like a bunch of people in a manner of follow-for-follow and usually it works wonders. If you want to polish your account, the unfollow tool will show you who have not followed you back, so you can unfollow them if their content isn’t something you wish to see on your feed.

But the most important thing to do to succeed on Instagram is to interact. Engage yourself with your followers and gain new ones by engaging in their content. Organic followers are always more lucrative for any business.

Tool instead of an expensive social media manager

Especially new businesses rarely have the money to hire a full-time or even a part-time social media manager. Luckily we have options. Instead of you yourself using up all that precious time you could use to work on your business on social media, you can utilize a tool to do this for you. Sure you need to invest a few moments of your week to arrange your social media posts and check your followers and so on. Even social media managers use these tools to do their jobs.

An amazing helper in all this is the Socinator program. It has all the tools you need for social media. For only $9,95 a month you get the very best Instagram tools for automating your activity. With Socinator you get all the statistics you need to figure out what’s working and what’s not, you can auto-publish posts, find the perfect hashtags that’ll definitely work to promote your brand and with the unfollow tool you can check off the users that do not follow you back, plus a big bunch of other features. When you try out Socinator, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t thought

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