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Best Tool to Automate LinkedIn Marketing

When we talk about a social media platform that ranks in the first position when it comes to business and profession, the name that strikes in the head is LinkedIn. With over half a billion users and 9 million business profiles, LinkedIn is the hub for professionals. Initially launched as a digitized version of CV, LinkedIn has grown out to be a way more impactful than that.


Be it a freelancer or an entrepreneur, people leverage LinkedIn to build personal brands, grow their business or get clients for themselves. There is a pool of benefits of building a network over LinkedIn. To name a few-


  • It allows you to personally connect with the experts in your niche.
  • It helps you to develop a relationship with your clients.
  • Lets you target and acquire more clients.
  • Allows you to showcase your qualifications and experiences in a digitized manner.
  • Helps you spread the word within 1300 characters.


And so on.


No matter what kind of business you do or what field you are in, your business needs the touch of social media in order to grow. And LinkedIn is the exact social media platform that is meant to help. You need to build an audience over LinkedIn and put your brand in the front. To do so, you would need to do the marketing in the right way with the right strategy.


Building the right strategy is not as difficult as following it. A strategy that can be considered will consist of points like-


  • Connecting with the right people and creating a network.
  • Posting regular updates at the best-suited timing.
  • Building relationships by commenting, liking and following.
  • Endorsing the right ones.
  • Staying active in the groups.


Doing all the above-listed things alone without any third party help might not be possible and hiring someone for full time can be a little too costly. So what else you can do?


Why not try using any third party tool that can be both easy to use and an affordable at the same it?


Now before you start to Google about LinkedIn marketing tools, I need tell you something. Not all the tools can be relied upon. You need to be smart when it comes to choosing the right tool for your, after all, it will be responsible for your online image.


Want to Make Things Happen on LinkedIn? Get Socinator by your Side


When it comes to choosing the right tool for LinkedIn automation that will not let you down, the only name that comes into my mind is Socinator. Socinator is a powerful and sensible tool that is able to handle all your LinkedIn activities without making you lose your authenticity.


What makes Socinator the best ever LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool?


If you want to know why did I mention Socinator as the best tool, it is because it has the best LinkedIn Marketing Automation features. It has a bunch of features that any kind of business or individual would need in order to build and grow a network over LinkedIn even without bothering about staying active.


LinkedIn Marketing Automation Features-


  1. Build Your Network with Auto Connect Requests


First thing first, you need to build an audience. You need to connect with like-minded people and Socinator will help you with this. All you need to do is enable auto sending requests. Once you enable this, Socinator will start connecting to users based on your interest. As Socinator’s approach is highly targeted, you would never need to regret it.


  1. Engage with your LinkedIn Buddies


Now that you’re connected to a few people and you also need to grow your network, it’s time to post meaningful content and engage with others. Use Socinator to schedule your posts, post meaningful comments and like the posts from your community. As Socinator’s AI is highly dependable, you need not worry about the comments are being posted with your name.


  1. Custom Reply to Messages


None would ever like to wait for days to get your reply. Making people wait, even when you are busy with your business may end up with losing connections. With Socinator, you can easily auto-reply to people. Yes, not all the messages are same and you don’t wish to reply with meaningless words. With a custom reply, you can at least greet the user and let them know that you’ll get back asap. This will just not help you build a relationship but will also give a good impression.


  1. Auto Sharing in Groups


One of the best features of LinkedIn is the groups. Groups are meant to connect like-minded people. There can be several benefits of posting regularly on groups. Allow Socinator to do the job for you. All you need to do is schedule the posts, select the preferred groups and let Socinator post them on your behalf.


  1. Statistics and Reports

Any marketing strategy is of no use unless it gives positive results and to know whether it worked or not you need to analyze the reports. Once you let Socinator do the LinkedIn marketing, it provides you with a weekly/monthly report about all the activities that happened on your account. Measure the results and decide what worked and what not.


What else does it provide?


  • Auto Endorsements- Show some love and value your connections.
  • Auto Accept or Reject Connection Requests- The AI will help you in accepting the right ones and rejecting the wrong ones.
  • Proxy Support- Run LinkedIn account on its own HTTP proxy.
  • Auto Join Groups- Auto join groups based on your niche.
  • Multiple Accounts Support- No need to worry if you have multiple LinkedIn accounts, Socinator will manage all.




The key term to build and grow in any social media network is “stay active” and Socinator provides all the features that anyone would need to master LinkedIn and become an influencer over there in just a few days. Just be smart and let the smartest AI help you grow over there.


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