Top 5 Tools to a Perfect Pinterest Automation Strategy

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Top 5 Tools to a Perfect Pinterest Automation Strategy

Have you ever considered Pinterest for your marketing strategy? If not then this is the right time. With more than 150 million active users, Pinterest has become the hub for people who love to share and explore informational photos.


The number of active users on Pinterest might not be as overwhelming as Instagram, but the users are more likely to engage than any other network. Thus, marketers invest heavily on Pinterest to reach their targeted audience.


But growing a fanbase on Pinterest can be a little difficult as compared to the other social channels. You need to get enough active on Pinterest by following other users, sharing high-quality pins and liking other pins as well in order stay at the top in your industry. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to do so.


Luckily we have a few tools that can help in automating our Pinterest activities. In this article, I will share about

5 Best Pinterest Automation Tools available in the market-


  1. Socinator

Socinator is the best solution to all your Pinterest marketing problems. It has a bunch of functionalities that can help you to automate all the activities on Pinterest. While it saves your time it also helps you to maximize your reach. Besides Pinterest, it can also be used for automating many other social media platforms.


Here’s what you get with Socinator-


  1. Auto Publish Pins- Posting hundreds of pins at once will take you nowhere and posting them from time to time is not possible. Allow Socinator to do the needful. Just schedule it and the rest will be done.
  2. Auto Comment- Commenting is a necessary part of any marketing strategy and with Socinator you are able to auto comment on the pins related to your niche.
  3. Auto creates boards- With Socinator’s Pindominator, auto creates boards for all your Pinterest accounts in one place.
  4. Auto Follow- Auto follow users who are related to your niche and also those who followed you.
  5. Auto Unfollow- Keep you following list only for those who are interested and unfollow those who don’t follow you.
  6. Reports and Statistics- Get a full report of all the activities and understand what worked and what not.


  1. Tailwind


Tailwind is one of the most popular Pinterest automation tools. With Tailwind you also get all your Pinterest activities on autopilot by leveraging various tools provided by Tailwind itself. Besides Pinterest automation, it also supports Instagram. Here is a short list of features that you get with Tailwind-


  1. Auto post- Schedule your posts according to the best timings.
  2. Trending Hashtags- Explore trending hashtags and pinning trends according to your industry.
  3. Analyze- Analyze how your pins are performing and measure traffic.
  4. Reach new audience- With Tailwind tribe you get to collaborate, network and share content with those who are interested in your niche.


  1. Buffer

When we talk about automation, it’s hard to leave Buffer in the list. Buffer is the all in one solution for you all kinds of social media automation. Buffer allows you to schedule, post and analyzes to almost all the social media platforms out there. The only automation related issue with Buffer is that it only allows you to auto-post and not auto comment or like. Here’s a sneak peek of what you get with Buffer-


  1. Automation- Schedule and auto post to your social channels. For Pinterest, you can schedule up to 100 pins.
  2. Recycle- Buffer allows you to use your previous posts and share them again.
  3. Analyze- Analyze how your posts performed, you also get to know how many people did your post reach.
  4. Multi-channel support- You can use one single dashboard to maintain all your social channels.
  5. Editing- With Buffer, you also get an access to their private editing tool Pablo.
  6. Multiple Platform Support- Buffer can run on both mobile or computer.


  1. Viraltag


Viraltag is highly used by the bloggers and marketers because of multiple pricing plans to serve your exact needs. It also allows you to have a two weeks trial, so that you can decide whether it works or not. Have a look on the features of Viraltag-


  1. Scheduling- Schedule your pins for one or more boards.
  2. Select timings- It allows you to explore the best timings to posts according to your industry.
  3. Editing- You can easily edit your pictures over there with the help of Canva integration.
  4. Analytics- It also provides you with reports for your pins.
  5. Recycling and link shortening- Shorten your links and also reuse your old pins.


  1. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is another renowned name when it comes to Pinterest automation tools. SocialPilot lite let schedule up to 30 pins and post 10 times a day. Further, the lite version also allows you to connect up to 3 social media profiles. Apart from the lite version, it also has different plans. Check out what else can you do with SocialPilot-


  1. Auto Posting- Schedule your pins and let SocialPilot post then on the preferred timings. The paid version allows you to post up to 1000 pins and 50 times a day
  2. Multi-Channel Support- Besides Pinterest, it also supports most of the social media platforms.
  3. Click tracking- It allows you to track your click details through
  4. Support- If you get stuck somewhere, SocialPilot’s team is ready to help you out with chat and email.
  5. Reports- Though the performance reports provided by SocialPilot are not as good as that of other mentioned tools but it can give you a basic layout of how your pins performed.




Be it Instagram or Pinterest, your marketing strategy has to be enough worthy in order to get you on the top. And if you get the right tools by your side, no marketing goals will seem impossible to achieve.


The list has the best Pinterest automation tools available in the market. If your marketing strategy is largely dependent on your Pinterest audience then you should first go for the trials and then decide which tool is the exactly tailored as per your needs.


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