The Best Facebook Automation Software for Small And Medium Businesses

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The Best Facebook Automation Software for Small And Medium Businesses

Making social media part of your business’s marketing plan is a wise, wise move. Facebook being one of the strongest mediums for advertising and marketing your brand, it is smart to pick a Facebook automation software to help you out, without paying an arm and a leg for a social media manager.

Why is a Facebook Page so Essential

For any business, small, medium or large, a Facebook page is a must-have. Why? Because Facebook has almost 1.5 BILLION active users, daily. That amount is huge and should be utilized to your advantage. It means 1.5 billion possible sets of eyes seeing your brand’s content. Which means in the best case scenario, a 1.5 billion possible customers. That is not something a starting business owner should overlook, don’t you think.

A Facebook automation software is worth every moment you use learning how to best use it to fit your marketing plan. And a Facebook page should be included in that plan as a number one point.

On your page, you can showcase your business, what it is, why you do it, etc. On your page, you can keep people up to date on the new goings-on, campaigns and everything else about your business. The biggest pages and groups on Facebook have way over 100 million members. And again, that means as many possible customers as there are followers on your Facebook page. Convincing enough?

facebook automation softwareUsing the Page to Your Advantage

You’re not following any boring pages on Facebook, right. Neither is anyone else. Or if they are, they’ve probably just forgotten all about it and those posts never show up on their feeds. As a business owner, you don’t want that. You want people to see your posts and remember you, be interested in the services you provide.

This is achieved with great content. Creating it is not that hard. With a Facebook automation software, it’ll be a breeze. But before you can actually automate anything, you need to have the content.

  • Make sure your content is eye-catching. Use clear, good quality photos – they lure in more pairs of eyes than plain text.
  • Make your posts engaging. Ask a question your followers can answer. Arrange a competition, they always pull in new followers, people love free stuff and services.
  • Make sure the posts you’re about to publish are well thought-out. If you do not have the red thread, people get confused and leave. So, only content that resonates with your business and its niche.
  • Post regularly. Any page that goes silent will be dropped to the bottom of the list on Facebook’s algorithm. We all hate it, but hey, that’s social media – algorithms.

How Facebook Automation Software Can Help You

It is a lot of work to make a Facebook page look good and stay on top of the lists, beating the algorithms. Here comes in the Facebook Automation Software, your savior. With a tool like this, you can draft your posts a week (or more!) in advance and all at once and then schedule them to be posted at specific times over the wanted timeline.

With a Facebook automation software, you can do pretty much all your activity on Facebook. You can follow your statistics, see what time is the best to post, at what time your content gets the most exposure and engagement, you can schedule activity for the time you’re asleep yourself, you can publish content and promote your business on groups you belong to and so much more, with only one simple tool that has all the desired features. All you need to do is plan out your upcoming week’s content and dedicate an hour, maybe two, a week for setting them up.

To Pay or Not to Pay

But since the internet is full of different social media automation tools, how do you know which one is the best? Is it enough if you opt out for a free plan on such a tool? It could be, but usually, for a serious business, they don’t offer enough possible social media accounts to link, or they are missing in on the key features. Most of them have the bulk scheduling option, up to even 30 posts, but that’s over on all accounts, so if you have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and who knows where else, that limit of 30 posts comes up pretty quick.

Some Facebook automation software choices are way too expensive for a small business – not to drop names, but one of them costs $79 a month. Sure, it has a lot of good features, but almost $80 a month can be much too salty of a price for some. Usually, they are worth every penny, IF you know how to properly utilize them and use each and every possible feature they offer.

And then there are the options with the best possible price to quality ratio. Our absolute favorite is Socinator, it is not free, but at a $9.95 a month, you can link 10 social media accounts and have all their features at your disposal. They support all the major, and even smaller, social media channels, so rest assured, it will have you covered. And usually, a small and even a medium-sized business will deal just fine with 10 linked accounts. But if they are not enough, you can always opt out for a little bit pricier plans all the way to the most expensive plan of $69.95 a month, with UNLIMITED accounts. And that’s still cheaper than the most expensive Facebook automation software choice’s cheapest option.

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