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Temporarily Blocked on Instagram? Check out the Solution

When it comes to social media, Instagram is hard to ignore. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the web. Every day around 95 million posts are shared on Instagram. Quite high, right?


But not all the people you see or follow on Instagram are supposed to be real. One study shows that 8% accounts on Instagram are fake. And Instagram being very cautious about its users, hate the fake accounts.


Blocked? Reasons and the Consequences


You’re doing it all good on Instagram, from posting to liking and following. But suddenly it all stopped. What went wrong? It’s not an Instagram glitch but you’ve been locked in the Instajail on the charges of suspicious automatic activities.


But why did it block you? Here are a few reasons why Instagram temporarily blocks a user-


You wanted a massive list of followers and so you exceeded the limit of activities allowed per user in a certain amount of time.


This might be because of over liking or over commenting on pictures or over-following people.


You are using a bot to automate your activities and Instagram has detected it.

More than required people have reported your account for posting inappropriate images or spam.


You’re are posting copyright images.


Now that you are temporarily blocked on Instagram, here are the consequences-


Limiting your activities-


You may get banned to either like, comment, follow or send a direct message or all the activities (for 2 hours to 2 weeks).


Drop in followers-


As the more active you stay the more people follow you and getting banned will restrict your functionalities. This will result in a decreasing number of followers. Sad but true.


Permanently banned-


Now this the worst part. Instagram doesn’t warn you before disabling your account. Once it temporarily blocked you then there are chances that it might even delete your account permanently if you don’t stop doing suspicious activities.


And here comes the solution


The moment when you find that your account has been temporarily blocked on Instagram may get you a panic attack. Especially when you’re new and you know nothing about why did it happen.


I understand that people wish to get a large social media following and in the quest for that, they often make some mistakes.


That is fine and even Instagram understands it. Not all the accounts that get temporarily banned are because they are fake but also because they need to control their activities.


And so there is no need to panic because you still can retrieve all your functionalities. All you need to do is-


Let it happen-


You’re banned and you can’t do anything much about it so let your account take some rest and in the meanwhile try to understand what went wrong.

I know you like to like and comment rapidly but this may seem suspicious to Instagram and so try to have a little break between all the activities you make.

Stop all the activities for a few days even if you just got one activity banned.


Appeal the decision-


If you think that you didn’t make any mistake and it’s a false claim, let Instagram know about it by appealing the decision. It’s not important everytime Instagram block an account is due to the mistake of the user, it might also be a bug.


It might be a bug-


There are chances that there might be a bug in the application. So try uninstalling and then reinstall the application on your phone.


It might be because of the third party application that you use-


Instagram doesn’t like it when the users use any third party tools like an automation tool. There are many tools out there that guarantee the growth in the number of followers and even does that for a while. But the methods will make you appear inauthentic. The methods can be like liking pictures, posting irrelevant comments and following people, you don’t even know about. Such activities will not take you anywhere but will just get you blocked.


A tool that won’t let you get blocked- Socinator

As mentioned, there are numerous automation tools out there that will give you instant results but can also get you banned.


When you are using any social media platform, authenticity is the key to build your audience. The rule of any platform goes like- Attract, Engage and then Convert.


But for that, you need a plenty of time and so you need a helping hand that won’t let you get banned.


Socinator is a social media automation tool that can help you with your Instagram marketing strategy that too without getting you temporarily blocked.


Here are the perks of using Socinator for your Instagram marketing strategy-


Automate your posts-


One of the most known facts is that social media never sleeps and in order to grow your social media presence, you need to know the best timings to post. With Socinator, you don’t need to worry about posting. Just automate your post and sit back.


Automate Activities like liking and commenting-


Automation tools may help in saving time and money but that can make your account look fake by liking, following or commenting like a bot. Socinator does with it all with the right strategy without compromising your authenticity.


Activity Stats-


So you’ve done it all and now it’s time to know whether it worked or not. Socinator will give the full active stats and report regarding your Instagram account.


Wrapping up-


Social media has the ability to get you and your brand in front of the right audience but that needs a proper strategy. May may find on the internet information about Instagram like block explanations and solutions and also other stuff regarding getting temporarily blocked. But, no one tells you how to restore your functionalities and still do the marketing right. Remember it is your responsibility to do your marketing right in order to become Insta-famous. Don’t worry about getting back but rather understand what you need to do right the next time you implement your strategies.


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