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Learn How to Grow Your YouTube Account

While YouTube might be a bit lesser known for social media marketing than, let’s say Facebook, it is definitely a platform that should be utilized. Video marketing works wonders and YouTube has nearly 2 billion active monthly users and active daily users over 30 million. However, only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. Maybe because automated YouTube views are non-existent, being on YouTube requires a little bit more effort than most social media platforms. This is your chance to make your business pop since there’s less competition on YouTube.

What Type of Content Should You Upload

This is the major question in every business owner’s minds. YouTube is known for more entertainment than marketing. The most popular videos on the platform are basically music videos. If you’re a car wash, that’s probably not something you should be posting videos about.

Making videos requires skill, so you should probably hire a professional. Luckily posting every day on YouTube isn’t a must to keep up your game.

We recommend you create a few minute long videos about your business. Try to make them fun and not an obvious advertisement. Maybe publish your businesses backstory, how it came to be. Share testimonials about your products and services, etc. Make sure your video quality is top notch – these days Full HD is the norm, so opt for that or even 4K. Keep your account and videos clean and professional, invest in them.

You don’t need a big list of videos, just a few is enough if you interact enough with others in your niche.

YouTube, a Time Sink?

Yes, in a way, YouTube can be a time sink, since filming and editing videos aren’t as easy and quickly done than anyone would hope. For a business, it’s a good choice to hire a professional. Or, if your budget won’t allow that, opt for an intern or someone who could agree on making your video for free, if they can use it for example in school.

Aside from the actual video creating, YouTube is just another social media site, even though it may differ from the others. Luckily, we have social media tools to help us navigate these waters. Today’s best tool for ALL social media platforms is Socinator – the Social Media Dominator. For 10 different social media accounts, including YouTube, it costs only$9.95 a month and includes all their features. Their YouTube tools are the perfect solution, even though they do not offer automated YouTube likes since there is no such thing, Socinator has you covered in all other ways. With this app, that works also on desktop, you can reduce the time you spend on YouTube marketing, by over a half from what you’d end up using without it.

Socinator for YouTube

Let’s take a peek at what the Socinator app can do for you.


As in all of Socinator’s social media services, you get a top of the line statistics tool. With it, you can track down what kind of videos have been performing well, and the others that might not., whether you’re sharing your videos at the right time and how are people reacting to them. With such a statistics tool, you won’t even need any automated YouTube views.


With Socinator, you can find like-minded people fast and follow them to gain their attention. They check that the people you would be auto-following are actually interested in your content, which guarantees a high follow-back ratio.

Filter Support

This feature makes sure you are using the right filters to attract the attention of your target audience, getting you more possible customers.


No, it’s not what you think. It would be like automated YouTube views that don’t exist. But with the auto-subscribe option, you can create an automatic subscription link for your YouTube channel, which will easily grow your subscriber numbers.


You’ve followed a bunch of channels in your business’s niche, but some of them haven’t followed you back, and you’re not too keen on seeing their content? Socinator offers a time-saving solution, by automatically unfollowing those that are not following you back.


With Socinator you can also create a bunch of comments to be sent out, without you actually having to spend time on each commenting field. Saves a lot of time and gets your channel in front of multiple sets of eyes.

And many more features you can check out on Socinator website.

Automated YouTube Views Is a Dream

As already mentioned earlier in this article, those automated views are a daydream. However, Socinator actually offers a feature that’s close to it. It increases the number of views, using different IP addresses and proxies. This might work for the algorithm YouTube runs, and maybe get your content to show on suggestions to some more people. While this is a good thing, you need to keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee you any more possible followers or clients. It makes your view numbers better, but they’re still from bots and you need to have content that actually appeals to the people behind those screens.

In addition to the automated views, you can set the Socinator to give your content a mass of automated likes, using different, bot accounts. Yet again, this can make your numbers look better and in that way, lure in more real, organic viewers. But still, keep in mind that they are only fake likes and will not guarantee more potential customers for your business.

To be honest, even though Socinator is the best there is, we do not recommend using too much of those automated YouTube views and likes, to boost your numbers. Organic engagement is always the thing you’re looking for when concentrating on social media marketing and YouTube Is no exception.


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