How to Post to Multiple Groups on Facebook

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How to Post to Multiple Groups on Facebook

Social media is not just for connecting people, but it is also for connecting businesses to their potential customers. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the most popular and the most powerful social media channel. Marketers keep on searching for methods that can help them grow their brand through social media. Facebook is supposed to have a considerable portion of their audience. Thus marketers don’t want to lose any opportunity. 

But not all marketers succeed to create and execute a winning strategy. Some fail because they don’t understand that there are no secret weapons for that. You have the basic features. You need to leverage all the essential elements in such ways that they help you to get the most out of Facebook. Features like commenting, liking, following, messaging, etc.

Want to know more about how to grow your brand through Facebook and build an audience? Here’s a little guide for that.

  1. Post- Your posts represent your brand, it’s mission, vision and uses. Add posts related to your brand. The best ones are the user-generated posts.
  2. Like- Show you care, like posts that are highly related to your niche. Don’t like random posts. Liking related posts can help you get new followers.
  3. Comment- Commenting is a very important part of any social media marketing strategy. Keep commenting on related posts.
  4. Send Messages- Messages are the best way to show the human side of your brand. Send direct welcome messages to your new followers and also keep them updated about any news through the messages.
  5. Share- Facebook also allows you to share posts of different users. In case you find something useful for your audience, never skip it but instead share it immediately.
  6. Follow- Whenever you find someone related to your business, follow them immediately. And if they see your profile interesting, then they may also follow you back.
  7. Post on Group- Groups are the exact place where you the can find the most targeted audience. Post on groups and let the interested people follow up.

Now that you’ve understood the basics of Facebook that can help you grow your brand, here is an in-depth article for why and how to post to multiple groups on Facebook.

Why do you need to post on Multiple Facebook Groups?

A Facebook group is a group of users who have the same fields of interest and use that page to share stuff related to their niche so that that can also benefit others. When you join or create a group, you let all the like-minded people collaborate at one digital space.

Posting on such groups can help you achieve your marketing goals like driving traffic to your landing page, converting your audience into customers or even creating brand awareness. The more you post on such groups, the more people know about your brand.

As of now, you must have understood how beneficial posting on multiple Facebook groups could be. This brings me to the next part that is how to post to multiple groups on Facebook. 

How to Post to Multiple Groups on Facebook?

First thing first, before you get started with how to post to multiple groups on Facebook, you need to know your niche and also find or create such groups according to it. Don’t just start sharing on every other group but rather just stick to the ones that are highly related or you will end up destroying your credibility.

To post on multiple Facebook groups, there are basically two ways.

Post Manually

Now that you’ve shortlisted the groups, you need to post your content over there, one by one manually. Just go to the targeted groups and then simply share your post. Quite easy, right? No, because it is going to waste a lot of time and efforts as well. So what should you do instead? Here comes the second part.

Use a Tool

You’re living in the 21st century, and we have a bunch of online tools that can serve our online automation needs. So the best way to fill the gap is by getting an automation tool that helps you post on multiple groups at once without even bothering you.

But not all the tools are reliable. Actually, most of them will eventually destroy your authenticity level. You need such a tool that takes care of the automation needs and also authenticity level. There are tools, like Socinator, that will provide you with both features. 

How to use Socinator for Posting on Multiple Facebook Groups?

instagram automation tool

Hopefully, till now, you’ve got your answer for how to posts to multiple groups on Facebook. Now it’s time to show you how to do so with Socinator.

1- After you download and crack Socinator, jump on your dashboard. From the panel, you need to connect your Facebook account with Socinator.

2- Let Socinator know about your industry and targeted audience with the help of hashtags, location or users and then search for the best-suited groups.

3- Select your desired groups and write the content.

4- You did a great job, and now it’s Socinator’s turn. Just enable posting and let Socinator handle the rest.

Congratulations, all the steps are covered, now just sit back and relax.


The most challenging part of any marketing strategy is to find your targeted audience. Knowing how powerful Facebook is today, posting on groups can help you find your exact targeted audience. Create a marketing strategy, get a tool like Socinator, enable automation and enjoy reaching your marketing goals without putting much effort.

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