How to Post on Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

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How to Post on Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

What if I say that Facebook isn’t just about connecting to different people? Will you agree? Of course, you will. If you are anyhow related to social media marketing then you understand the power of Facebook. Facebook is the most powerful and popular social media platform of all time. It owns over 2 billion monthly active users that is a way more than any of the other platforms.

Marketers leverage Facebook to reach different marketing goals. The best part of Facebook is that it allows you to promote your content to a highly targeted audience without putting much effort. Some of the benefits of marketing on Facebook are-


  • Helps in generating traffic to your website.
  • Allows you to reach your targeted audience.
  • Helps in brand promotion and personal branding.
  • Keeps you connected with your clients.
  • Helps in reaching new clients.


One of the best ways of promoting your brand and connecting with new people is to leverage Facebook groups. A Facebook group is a page that is created by an individual or a company for promoting certain activities.


Why do you need to post on groups?

As mentioned, groups are a bunch of like-minded or connected people at the same place. No matter what your niche is, you will definitely find certain groups over the same or you can even create one. Here are the benefits of posting over groups-


  • You get to post in front of a highly targeted audience.
  • As they are related to your niche, they are more likely to buy from you.
  • It helps you build a new audience.
  • It promotes personal engagement with your current and future clients.
  • Helps you in making announcements and getting feedbacks.


Having several groups and posting regularly over there can help you a lot in your business development. But there is one little problem. Posting regularly on different groups requires a lot of time and efforts. Managing your social media marketing strategies alone can affect your business negatively and so, you need something that could help you out. Hiring people for such job can cost too much. The only way that is both effective and budget-friendly is to let the Artificial Intelligence (AI) do all these stuff.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about hiring a personal bot but what I am saying is get a smart tool.


Socinator: Your Personal Smart Social Media Management Tool


If posting on different groups on a regular basis seems difficult to you, try Socinator. Socinator is an all in one social media management tool that can help you with various social media activities including posting on Facebook Groups-


Some of the best features of Socinator for Facebook marketing are


  • Socinator put all your Facebook activities like posting, accepting the request, sending requests, liking, sharing, etc on autopilot.
  • Multiple Account Management- Why just managing one account when you can manage multiple.
  • Find the best groups and pages according to your niche.
  • Search users with keywords, targeted groups, etc and build a strong network.
  • Analyze your progress with proper monthly/weekly reports.


To check the whole list of features, click here.


How to use Socinator to Post on Multiple Facebook Groups-


Here is what you need to do-


  1. Find Groups and Pages based on your Interest


Before you deep dive into sharing posts in different groups, you have to find the best groups.

Searching for groups that are dealing in your niche manually can easily lead to time wastage.

With Socinator, just add the keywords of your interest and it will auto-search all the groups functioning under your niche. These groups are highly targeted and help in creating your audience on staying active over there.


  1. Join or Skip


Once you have found all the groups according to your niche, now you need to check which groups are worthy of your presence. You can either do it in a manual way or can simple let Socinator handle it. Socinator’s smart algorithm and filters will help you join the best groups and skip the ones which aren’t useful for your business. Joining every group can lead to backfire. Just join the groups that are active and have people who are related to your core niche.


  1. Create and Schedule


This is the most important step, create and schedule your posts. Your posts are your brand’s representatives and have to be perfect. Try to come up with an engaging story and add it to Socinator. And then add the groups where you wish to share the posts. Be specific while selecting the groups because not all the groups are the same.


Now it’s time to schedule. Most of the people make the mistake of scheduling the post at random timings, don’t ever do that. Dig a little and find the best timings to post based on your industry or location and then schedule it with Socinator.


  1. See the Results


Once all the above steps are done, it’s time to watch your posts getting live on various Facebook groups. Don’t forget to stay active by engaging to your audience. Engaging includes liking comments, replying to queries, etc. You can either do it yourself manually or command Socinator. As simple as that!


Moreover, as Socinator provides a week/monthly report for the all the activities, you can easily check what worked and what not. And later you can exclude the unnecessary groups and just post on the worthy ones in a more targeted manner.


With Socinator, grow every day.




Social media marketing has become an important part of any marketing strategy. If you want to give your business an online boost, you need to take care of your online presence and Facebook being the most powerful social media platform needs a proper strategy. The strategy is not just the set of steps but it is the combination of both important steps and necessary tools.


If you are looking out for the best tools for your Facebook marketing strategy then I believe that Socinator is the exact fit for your purposes.

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