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How to Mass DM on Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media channels today. Every day millions of people log in and share stuff over Instagram. Some people do it just as a part of their social life whereas some do it for the sake of their business. More than 25 million enterprises leverage Instagram for reaching out their targeted audience.

But what makes a business Instagram ready? And is there any step by step guide to success?

Well, the answer is no. There is no guide for a winning strategy, just a few ways that you need to master in order get the most out of Instagram.

This article is for those who wish to know:

  1. Why sending dm is essential?
  2. How to mass dm on Instagram?
  3. The best tool to do so.

The basic functionalities that Instagram provides

Post – Now that you’ve got a page on Instagram, you need to share something related to your niche. You can either add a photo, video, or a meme. The more your post to more you attract attention.

Like – For building an audience over Instagram, it’s important to show others that you exist and even care. Start liking posts that are related to your field of interest.

Comment – Commenting is another more powerful way of showing that you exist and care. Keep on making comments on posts related to your niche.

Direct Message – Your audience loves getting personal attention and direct messaging them is the best way to do so. Plus sending a direct message can be the best promotional strategy for your business over Instagram.

You can use direct messages for several purposes like sending a welcome message to your new follower to lay the foundation of a new relationship or send messages to all your followers for announcing a new feature release, etc.

But sending direct messages to all your followers one by one or even the new ones can be time-consuming. You need someone or something that can do the job on your behalf. Hiring someone can cost very much. So, how to mass dm on Instagram? The answer is to get a tool that is both useful and cost-effective.

Automating your messages will allow you to make an announcement to all of your followers at once and keep an eye on your new followers and send messages to them as well.

But are all these tools worth it?

No. Instagram is a very cautious platform when it comes to using a third party tool. If it comes to know that you’re using any automation bot, it will immediately block your account. Then how to mass dm on Instagram without interfering with the rules? To use such tools, you need to choose and get the tool that can manage it properly without making you look fake.

Socinator- The Best Instagram Automation Tool

Socinator is the best tool that can help you automate all your Instagram needs. Whether you want to automate likes or following or direct messaging, Socinator is ready to serve your needs. Moreover, it never plays with your authenticity, but rather it helps you to grow your audience in the most effective way.

Apart from Instagram, Socinator also deals with all the other top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So with Socinator, you don’t need any other automation tool for any of the social media automation needs.

How to Mass DM on Instagram?

Here is a step by step guide for how to mass DM on Instagram with Socinator.

Download Socinator

instagram automation toolSocinator is small software. Before getting started, you need to download it from the main website. Download it in a few seconds on your pc and crack it with the key.

Set up your Account

Now that you’ve downloaded and cracked the software, you need to set up your account

Simply choose your platform, enter the credentials and get started. Don’t worry your credentials are safe with us.

Add your Preferences

So before it can automate your activities, you need to tell Socinator about your targeted audience. You can say this with the help of demographics like hashtags, location, user, etc.

Enable Automation

Once you set your preferences the next step is to enable the direct-message automation. Just enable it along with all the other features that you wish to allow.

Compose your Message

This is the most important part because your message is the only link between you and your followers. Compose a message that targets to build a relationship first and then add the CTA. You need to tell your audience about what they need to do next after reading the message. This message alone can bring your hundreds of leads if composed in the right way.

Sit Back and Relax

So, you’ve played your part very well, and now it’s time for Socinator to do the rest of the job. Socinator will take care of all the rest like sending the message to all the followers, keeping Instagram happy and will also let you know the results in the form of an analysis report that will be sent directly to you on a weekly and monthly basis.

Wrapping it up

If used in the right way, Instagram can be the best marketing platform for your business especially if you’re dealing with industries like fashion or lifestyle. All you need to do is prioritise your relationship with your audience. Let your audience trust you by sending them a direct message and also letting them know how your business can help them.

As Socinator is a tool that is trusted by many experts because it is both cost-effective and trustworthy, it can add sparks to your Instagram marketing strategy. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and start sending direct messages to all your followers in just a few seconds. Your words can help you generate many potential customers, be smart and use the sharpest tool. Hope you have got the answer for how to mass dm on Instagram without looking fake. Now it’s your turn.

All the Best!

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