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Best Pinterest Follow Tool

Does your social media marketing strategy has it all or you are still missing something? When dealing with social media, you need to use most of the available channels. People often make the mistake of not leveraging all the social media channels and just use the top few. But other platforms like Pinterest also has millions of monthly active users and you can easily target them and convert them with a proper approach.

Pinterest has over 250 million monthly active users and can be considered the second most popular channel when it comes to pictures. As about 2 million users save shopping pins on boards daily,  marketers believe that Pinterest is much better than other platforms when it comes to converting people into potential customers.

But are you leveraging Pinterest and if yes then is that the right approach? Well, even the highly skilled professionals sometimes don’t manage to create and execute marketing strategies on Pinterest. Pinterest has some really different functionalities compared to other social media platforms.

So, if you want to get the most out of Pinterest without wasting your time and money, you need a tool that can serve all your Pinterest automation needs.

Here is what you need to do in order to stay active and build an audience on Pinterest

  1. Follow Users- Follow people who are related to your niche and start building your audience.
  2. Pin Images- Pin images that you like.
  3. Create a Board- Create a board to showcase all your stuff and pins.
  4. Like and Comment- Just like the other platforms, like and comment on other’s boards and pins as well.

Now that you know the basics of Pinterest, you also need to know that trying out Pinterest is a full-time job and you can’t do it all alone. That is why you need the right tool.

Socinator – The Best Pinterest Follow Tool

Socinator is an all in one tool for Pinterest Automation needs. With Socinator, you just need to command it and the tool will handle the rest. Here is how to get started with Socinator.

Get the Software

Download the software from the host website and get started.

Mention your Preferences

Once you have downloaded it, let Socinator understand your targeted segment of people.

Enable Automation

You can enable automation for any feature or even for all.

Monitor Results

Once you have done it all, wait for a bit and Socinator will provide you with the proper reports regarding all the activities performed by it. Monitor the results and understand your pluses and minuses.

Features of Socinator

Auto Follow Users

Following users based on your niche is one of the best ways to build an audience over Pinterest. The more you follow people from the targeted niche, the more you get follow back. But following users, one by one can be time-consuming. With Socinator you just need to mention your targeted audience and enable automation. Socinator will start following a certain number of users on a daily basis.

Auto Publish Posts

Posting a number of pins at once is not a good strategy. You need to publish them one by one at the right time. Just schedule your post with Socinator and it will publish it on your behalf at the set timings.

Auto Comment

Commenting is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. Once you enable Socinator it will post comments only on the pins from the targeted audience. Plus you don’t need to worry about the comment, it will be thoughtful enough.

Auto Follow Back

Following back your followers is important if you don’t want to lose them. Just enable follow back and Socinator will automatically follow back all the new followers.

Auto Unfollow

Many people follow users just for getting a follow back It is important to stay away from such users. Socinator keeps an eye on all such people and automatically unfollows them once they unfollow you.

Find and Extract Targeted Users

You can’t follow everyone if you wish to grow your brand. You only need to connect to a specific audience. To help you find and extract only targeted users, Socinator allows you to use various search methods.

Add Video Pins

Videos are ruling the industry and can help you a lot for building a brand reputation in front of your audience. With Socinator, you can add videos automatically from YouTube or Vimeo to your Pinterest boards.

Analytics and Reports

You have all the rights to check out the reports regarding the activities performed by the automation tool. Socinator provides you with timely reports that point out all the activities and their results. Monitor the reports and gain insight on all important aspects of your Pinterest account.

How to Automate Following Users


Now that you’ve explored all the features of Socinator, you need to know how to automate Following:

  1. Get on your dashboard- Once you’ve downloaded it and cracked it, access your dashboard.
  2. Mention your Targeted Audience- Before it starts, it needs to understand your targeted segment, so that it only follows those who are highly related to your business.
  3. Enable Auto-Follow- Last but not the least, enable auto-follow and it will start following users one by one based on your niche without bothering you.

Wrapping it up

Pinterest can be a little more tricky than other social media platforms. Its unusual features can often lead to confusions and wrong marketing technique but with the help of the right tools, it can do wonders.

All you need to do is understand the basics of Pinterest, create a marketing strategy accordingly and then set a tool for performing all the tasks on your behalf. Don’t choose any random tool because that can affect your authenticity and make you lose followers. Trust only the recommended ones like Socinator and implement a winning Pinterest marketing strategy.


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