24 Ways Socinator can Help you Grow Your Instagram Account

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24 Ways Socinator can Help you Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram became an essential part of marketers’ lives. The social media tool is used especially for growing businesses with a minimum effort and with maximum results.

It is also known that there are many Instagram features that can be automated using a specific tool. In this article, you will find everything about Socinator, the best Instagram automation tool.  We will focus on Socinator especially as an Instagram mass unfollow tool. 

Socinator has a user-friendly interface and you don’t require technical knowledge to use it. You can purchase Socinator starting from $9.95 per month. You can try it for 5 days with only $1.

#1. Activity Statistics and Reports

Socinator will provide you from the beginning details statistics and reports. They will help you in monitoring what’s happening on your Instagram account. You will be able to see in real time if improvement is needed. This improvement will help you in growing your business.

#2. Auto Publish Posts

You can schedule when to publish your posts on Instagram. There will be no need for push notifications. Even if it is also an Instagram mass unfollow tool, Socinator will also perform this action on your behalf. You just need to choose when you would like your content to be shared on the social media platform.

#3. Auto Comment

The 3rd of its 24ths features is auto comment. If you find specific content for your niche, you can use this tool to provide comments which will grow your account.

#4. Auto Follow

The opposite feature of this Instagram mass unfollow tool; you need to always be focused on your targeted audience and to automatically follow it. You can also find new and interesting people by using this option. Everything is so easy with Socinator!

instagram mass unfollow tool#5. Auto Follow Back

This option allows you to follow back the people who have followed you. It’s a good start for making connections and keeping in touch with your targeted audience.

#6. Auto Like

Grow your Instagram account by automatically liking pictures of people making part of your targeted audience.

#7. Auto Phone Verify Accounts

You don’t have to go through the phone verification of your accounts again. Socinator will automatically perform this task for you whenever will be needed.

#8. Auto Unfollow-or why to use Socinator as an Instagram mass unfollow tool

As we said in the introduction, Socinator is an Instagram mass unfollow tool. Sometimes is necessary for the health and safety reasons of your business. This means that there are situations when you need to start fresh and make room for other new people. Unfollowing can be the best option. You don’t need to feel embarrassed if you use it. There are already many businesses doing this.

instagram mass unfollow tool#9. Auto Repost

You always need to share high-quality content. When reposting, you need to choose the best content from people in your niche and share them on your account. As a result, your circle of influence will significantly grow.

#10. Block Followers

If you chose some custom filters and there will be persons who will not pass them, reaching out your account will not be available for them anymore.

#11. Broadcast Messages

Don’t waste time anymore when you have something really important to share with all your followers. You can now share the news with all of them using the broadcast function.

#12. Delete Comments

If people provide random comments on your content or they simply don’t fit your profile, you have the option of deleting all the unwanted comments. It’s a simple operation. You only have to provide the usernames or some keywords. Socinator’s features are not only resuming to being an Instagram mass unfollow tool.

instagram mass unfollow tool#13. Delete Posts

Make sure that you only have relevant and high-quality posts. They are the key to success. You can delete old or irrelevant content.

#14. Download Photos

Do you have favorite Instagram photos? You can now download them with zero efforts.

#15. Efficient Account Management

If you have multiple Instagram account it might be difficult to manage all of them at the same time. Socinator will do this for you. You will have your personal online team in charge of managing your accounts efficiently.

#16. Find And Extract Engaged Users

Searching and finding your targeted audience has never been so easy. You only have to use some characteristics like hashtags, location, age, gender etc. in order to find it.

#17. Find And Extract Hashtags

Find and use the most liked hashtags for your niche. You can use them when sharing content for increasing the number of reaches for your posts.

#18. Find And Extract Targeted Users

This option is the same as the finding and extracting engaged users’ one.

#19. Full Account And Report Export

This option will give you the opportunity to see the most liked posts and their audience engagement level.

#20. Like Comments

Sometimes you won’t have time to provide a detailed comment to a comment you received. In this case, you will have the option of liking that comment. People will know that you care about their opinion.

#21. Live Chat

People also need to meet the person behind the brand. Live Chat is your chance to make this happen.

#22. Monitor Folder Feature

You can use this feature to share photos from your folders.

#23. Proxy Support

If you want increased privacy and security, you can use this option in order for your Instagram accounts to have their own HTTP proxy.

#24. Schedule Profile Pic Change

This option will allow you to choose when you want your profile picture to be changed.

Now that you know that Socinator is not only an Instagram mass unfollow tool, you can find also find 3 expert tips for marketing your business on this social media platform here.

Socinator can be a real help for your business, but you also need to take into account some things in order to have maximum results for your business. Make sure you only share high-quality content and you always provide positive customer experience. Also, follow Instagram’s guidelines and don’t share content that might not be in accordance with the law. Together with the automation process, these are the golden rules for success.

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