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How Twitter Handle Can Change The Way You Handle Twitter

A Twitter handle, which is usually known as a username, is the name you use to enroll on Twitter. Since it fills in as an account’s identifier, no two usernames on the social network are similar. That implies you can’t utilize a handle that is as of now been claimed by another user. It should be special to distinguish your account from the rest.

What Is a Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle can have uppercase and lowercase letters from A-Z. It can incorporate numbers from 0-9. Even though it can’t have spaces, periods, and runs, it can contain underscores.

Your username follows the “@” image in your profile. It additionally shows up at the end of your Twitter URL. On the off chance that, say, your username was @TwitterHandle, your Twitter URL would resemble this:

The Importance of a Twitter Handle

Whether for business or individual use, your username is important to your brand’s social media marketing strategy for different reasons.

The following are a couple of justifications for why you should place more ideas into your handle:

  • Makes your account more straightforward to find
  • Shows impressive skill
  • Simpler to recall

How to Choose an Effective Twitter Handle


However there’s no size-fits-all aide, for a definitive handle on Twitter, there are best practices to follow. For example:

  • Use your name: If you have a pre-laid business or personal brand, use it. Assuming users have as of now claimed your title, adding descriptors like “Inc,” or “HQ” may help.
  • Stay away from numbers and underscores: Twitter handles ought to be basically as basic and vital as could really be expected. Adding numbers and underscores make your username more intricate and harder for followers to find.
  • Be reliable: Use the titles you embrace on other social channels. This will assist with cross-promotion and make it more straightforward for followers to follow you.
  • Try not to stuff your handle with keywords: It’s not difficult to habitually put keywords all over. Unfortunately, keywords in your Twitter handle now and then look malicious.
  • Keep it straightforward: Twitter is about short, moment swaying content. Keep your name small to try not to take up a lot of character when individuals answer you or retweet your content.
  • Be cautious with “The Real”: Some celebrities and individual accounts use “The Real” as a feature of the handle. Nonetheless, the quantity of phony accounts using this prefix implies that it’s fundamental to check your account to stick out.

I hope you got the idea of creating a creative Twitter Handle.

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Socinator is the social media automation software and as the name suggests it grows your Twitter account in auto-pilot mode.

The best Twitter automation software will allow you to achieve all your Twitter marketing strategies in a single dashboard.


Here is how it does it:

  • Auto Follow-Once you activate auto-follow, it will pay special attention to the users connected to your niche and will just follow the best ones. You can set up the speed to slow, medium and fast. You can likewise put down a boundary of the number of users you wish to follow each day.
  • Auto Comment-As commenting is a significant part, Socinator ensures that every single comment is profoundly smart and not a sham. It gets the significance of your credibility before your audience.
  • Auto Unfollow-Plenty of individuals follows you to get followed back and regardless of whether you do, they unfollow you. Socinator will watch out for each such user and will naturally unfollow them once they unfollow you.
  • Auto dm-You really want to have the individual touch alive and auto dm will permit you to do as such. Make your followers feel their significance by sending them automated dm.
  • Schedule Tweets-You can simply create a lot of tweets and shoot them at the same time. You really want to tweet at the best timings and for that, you need to schedule them. Socinator will tweet them for your sake when you schedule them. Additionally, it will not annoy you and will run behind the scenes.

Can you change your Twitter handle?

Indeed, you can change your handle at any point you’d like. Not at all like Instagram, which restricts you to two changes like clockwork, Twitter draws no lines on how frequently you can update your handle.

Your new username should be between four to 15 characters in length and just incorporate numbers, underscores, and letters.

How to Change Twitter Handle

  • Go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ from your profile symbol drop-down menu.


  • Then, select ‘Account Information.


  • Select the ‘Username’ tab.
  • Type in your new username in the text box. If the username is taken, Twitter will provoke you to make another one and propose a few thoughts. When the username is accessible, you’ll see a green mark.


  • Click ‘Save’
Difference between Twitter Name and Twitter Handle


Individuals frequently use the terms Twitter handle and Twitter name conversely. Be that as it may, they have undeniably a larger number of contrasts than similitudes.

The two of them can’t contain the words Twitter and Admin, as these terms are saved distinctly for the social network’s official account. Your Twitter handles and name show up for your profile, as well as your private messages. Other than that, they have no more similarities.

Twitter handle:

  • Has no less than four characters
  • Has a limit of 15 characters
  • One of a kind

Twitter name:

  • Can have under four characters
  • Can have 15+ characters
  • Doesn’t need to be exceptional
  • Since tweets can contain 280 characters, Twitter limits usernames to 15 characters. Assuming you tag somebody in a tweet, their username won’t occupy a great deal of room. You’ll have an adequate number of characters left for your message.

Show names are personal identifiers, and that implies you can add your genuine name to make your account simpler to look at on the web. They make your profile explorable on the stage. If searchers don’t have a clue about your handle name, they can look into your display name to track down your account.

You can involve some different options from your genuine name for your display name. Not at all like your Twitter handle, it doesn’t need to be one of a kind. That implies even though there must be one @ForExample on Twitter, different individuals can list For Example as their showcase name.

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What If Your Handle Is Already Taken?


As reference, you can’t possess a username that has effectively been considered. So what occurs assuming your favored handle is now being utilized?

With a great many users on Twitter, it wouldn’t shock anyone your favored username is as of now not accessible. Assuming your enrolled brand name is being encroached upon by another user, you can send a report. Twitter could possibly let loose your favored name, particularly assuming its user has been latent for some time.

If you don’t have a brand name for the name, then, it can get somewhat precarious. All things being equal, you can endeavor to contact the account holder to inquire as to whether they’re willing to change their handle to an alternate one. You may likewise get innovative and explore different choices.

  • For organizations, you can add the expressions “HQ” and “INC” to your username to separate your account from other users. A few instances of brands utilizing this practice incorporate @SlackHQ and @Maserati_HQ.
  • Add a location: If your business has multiple locations, you can differentiate your Twitter accounts by adding the location in the username.
  • The: Adding “the” before your username is a straightforward yet powerful method for making it stick out. It can work for both business and individual accounts.
  • Request Help: You can tolerate outings from the rest by adding the terms “ask” or “help” to your username. This is exceptionally valuable for accounts that focus chiefly on customer care.
  • Domain name: Try utilizing your location name as your Twitter handle. It makes the brand more straightforward to recollect, and it could urge them to visit your site once more.
  • Buying or selling usernames violate Twitter rules. It can get your account suspended, so you’re in an ideal situation making another handle as opposed to purchasing a current one.


You can change your Twitter handle, by going into your account settings and finding the form field that contains your Twitter handle data. It isn’t prescribed to change Twitter handle too often because you can befuddle users and dismiss them since they will not have the option to perceive a predictable character on the stage. Pick something and stick with it, to some degree for some time to develop a fan base.

Also, recall, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

And using Socinator you can develop your Twitter account as a wholesome.

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