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Earn From Video Ads In 2022 |  Video Marketing Strategy 

There is no doubt that video ads are a powerful marketing strategy. In fact, it is projected that by 2019, 82% of the world’s population will be watching ads online. 

With this kind of viewership, it is easy to see so many brands turning for video as a way to grow their reach and revenue. Whether you are a small startup or a massive conglomerate, it is time to hop on the video marketing bandwagon.

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What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video content marketing to promote your business online. With more than 80% of internet users watching online videos, online video marketing is an incredibly effective way to build a personal connection with potential customers.

In fact, 49% of consumers have watched a video about a product or service they were interested in learning more about, and 34% have watched a video to learn more about a service they wanted to purchase. 

Video advertising and marketing is a great way for small businesses to get their name out there and drive sales.

Is It Possible To Earn Money By Watching Video Ads?

`We all know how videos are ruling the marketing industry. But how? Can we agree that people love watching ads? Absolutely not! People despise these ads. They are too long, irrelevant, and a big disturbance in a good piece of entertainment!

Then what makes it so favorable that every market is heading in a direction to create video ads? Well, the answer is simple! Video is an easy means to convey a lot of information in a few seconds. Also, they are known to be engaging because of sounds and frames in one piece of content.

Well, now we know why video is the most favorable option for every advertiser. But the question is, how can anyone make money simply by watching video ads? And who is paying for it? 

Since the video ad revolution came into the hype of getting more views and exposure came into the picture. So to deal with this tight knot competition, advertisers started granting money to the people who analyze these ads and give their honest reviews.

These are the first people who get to watch ads and review them. Then these ads get released after their feedback. You can notice the refined release of any video ad of extremely captivating content from a few years from now. 

Video marketing is one big aspect of the advertising industry. And a good video ad can make more than its budget. So advertisers do not hesitate to lend money to get feedback from their audience.

How can you certify yourself to earn money by watching video ads?

For that, you need to have an account on the sites that claim to employ you for watching ads. Some might give you targets to cover in one day to convert your rewards into actual cash, or some might give bonus points for participating in surveys, playing games, and more.

What brings you rewards is up to the platform. Well, here are some legitimate sites that help you earn money by watching video ads.


Yes, you saw right! Blogger is one legitimate site that offers employment by watching ads. Well, you might be thinking that blogger is not an ad platform, then how can it help you earn from it?

The answer is pretty obvious. You can review video ads, documentaries, web series, and other video content by blogging them. It will help producers, marketers, advertisers, and filmmakers have an idea of audience perspective to evolve their content.

You can make an affiliate marketing career out of it. The best part is, you can gain commission on every click through your blog.

Video Editor

Video editor is a platform that offers money for watching and editing video ads. It is a great employment avenue for those who have skill and interest in editing and pursuing to make a career out of it. 

One can learn and earn so much in the matter of naturally drawn skill. All you have to do is clear some basics by watching a tutorial video provided by Video Editor. Then you can start making money from watching and editing video adverts.

Inbox Dollars

Index Dollars is one of the most trending platforms that is offering money for watching video ads. Well, you can earn from doing more than that. The company pays you money for playing games, taking parts in surveys, ad portions, and much more. 

Inbox dollars lend you direct cash through the payment gateway platform PayPal. There are no rewarding points that will convert into real money after achieving a certain goal.

Nielsen Computer Panel

Nielsen Computer Panel is a renowned company for conducting research all over the world. They offer you to watch video ads during your spare time and make money out of it. They are really good at doing this!

Their operations are present in several countries. However, the headquarters is in the USA. They offer you to review ads but be careful because your review needs to be authentic and relevant. They reject any fake reviews, and also you can get banned or disqualified for not meeting their review standards.


Swagbucks is another largest platform for offering cash rewards for watching video ads. They operate in several countries and are one of the biggest hubs of employment for watching ads. You cannot overlook this platform if you are serious about pursuing this. 

They offer virtual money, known as SB points. You can avail of direct cash options after earning 10 dollars. You only need to request to convert your points via PayPal or debit card. 

Registering to this platform is quite simple. Visit the site and sign up using your email. Soon you will get a confirmation mail regarding your Swagbucks account. Easy peasy!

Video Ads: Boon To Social Media Marketing


Video ads are one of the most crucial forms of online marketing. It is also pretty new. Some Social Media users are wary of this new form of communication, while others still think it is a fad. So, let us look at the facts on; how Social Media Video Marketing is shaking up old ideas.

Social media has transformed the way people communicate, engage, and advertise. Because of this, Social Media Marketing has become a necessity to many businesses. It has also changed the way that people consume media. People are constantly being bombarded with information from all sides, so it makes sense that video is another form of media consumers have come to love.

According to a report by Social Media Today, Facebook videos load twice as fast as YouTube videos, and 53 percent of people who watch videos on Facebook say their watch time is more than three minutes; most last less than three minutes.  

The first Social Media platforms to embrace video marketing were YouTube and Facebook. YouTube has been around for long enough to have many different generations of users, so it is no wonder why brands are turning to video content for Social Media Marketing, especially Facebook!

How To Schedule Live Video On Facebook?

If you are a business owner, influencer, or individual who loves to connect with their audience through live video. Then you are in for a big change. Facebook is the largest social media platform where you can easily reach your audiences. 

Everyone knows videos are the perfect strategy to interact with people. Over the past years, tons of Facebook videos gained millions and millions of views compared to other social media platforms like Instagram.

A recent report says that Facebook videos that are more humorous and emotional had more click-through rates than any regular video ad. Facebook social networking can leverage these psychological tricks to get higher reach in a short duration of time.

Facebook live videos are just the thing that can help to make it possible. It is a more righteous way to interact with people and get direct feedback from them. Well, we all know what it can do. So now, let us discuss how we can create a buzz before initiating a live video on Facebook.

The best way to describe live video marketing is that it is a video on demand but live. You can control what you are doing and how you are doing it, but unlike a pre-recorded video, your audience will see what you are doing as it happens. It is live interaction with your customers and has been one of the latest marketing edges for some businesses.

You can schedule it on Facebook and let your audience know that you are about to have a live session with them. So when you start a Facebook live video, you do not have to wait for more people to join. 

Getting Started with Live Video on Facebook.

Step 1: Open the Facebook application and Log-in or sign-up with Facebook. Or tap on your saved account on the application.

Step 2: Once you are in, look at the top portion of your mobile screen. Click to Write something here given over there.

Step 3: Now, a page will open upon which you can see three consecutive horizontal dots. Click on it.

Step 4: A long list of services and features will open up. Click on the Live Video mentioned there. 

Step 5: Now click to Schedule Live Video.

Step 6: After clicking on that option. Put all the details listed here to create an event announcement post.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Ads is a solution for marketing that allows you to place your video ads directly on social media. To reach your best customers on social media at scale, you have to use videos for advertisements. 

Now, you can have reach, engagement, and conversions while targeting your most valuable customers.

Video has absolutely dominated social media, and its presence is only increasing. More businesses are shifting to online platforms. For example, Amazon, Socinator, and even Instagram, new marketing strategies have emerged. Live video is one of those. 

Video has absolutely dominated social media. No longer the domain of Facebook and YouTube, it is now a staple of Instagram and even Snapchat. Facebook has taken the lead with video advertising, and it has emerged to be the most trending form of content people consume every day!

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