How To Use Live Video Marketing To Grow Your Business

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How To Use Live Video Marketing To Grow Your Business

With the boom of social media, people are watching video content more than ever before. Over the past few years, content marketing has changed a lot, and video has risen above all. It is a very effective tactic to grow your business, but when your competitors are trying the same live video marketing trends, it becomes tough to gain attention.

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

That’s where live video marketing comes into play, it is the best way to use new platforms to attract potential customers. The live video platform is coming to its pace, and you can use it to grow your business. As a social media marketeer or a business that uses social media for marketing, learning the key basics of live video can prove to be a weapon in your arsenal of marketing tools. 

What Is Live Video Marketing?


Well, live video screening seems pretty simple. It is creating a video that one way or another promotes your company, boosts sales, raises awareness of your products or services, or engages your customers. But in practice, it’s more complicated than that. Just like other marketing tactics, Video marketing requires thorough research on the audience you want to target.

Social media experts have already been laying their bets on live video platforms for a few years now, and now it is viewed as the hottest content marketing strategy in the coming times. Social media is primarily about building, nurturing, and engaging the audience so that they stay and buy, and live video does exactly that for your brand. 

Best Platforms For Live Video Marketing 

Best platforms for live video marketing

With live video content marketing, customer engagement and trust with the brands have grown phenomenally. Hence, to keep up this trend almost all major platforms have created a live platform for users. Though there are many social media platforms popular today, you need to pick the ones that have a large user base, but more importantly, choose the ones that have your target audience. Focus your time and efforts on some of the chosen platforms and make sure you are sharing quality content. Here are some top platforms for businesses that you can choose from!

Facebook Live

Facebook is the largest social media platform. Facebook had more than 2.7 billion active users in 2020, which can provide a huge audience base. Facebook Live Videos provide an intimate level of engagement with your audience. Users can interact with your company in real-time. This creates trust and loyalty.

Instagram Live

Instagram is a platform that is on the boom as a marketing platform, due to its high engagement. It has a total of 1 billion active users. You can use it to increase your audience and directly engage with them. Instagram also allows you to create content that appears on the top of a user’s newsfeed.

YouTube Live

Although YouTube is somewhat lacking in ways to interact with users like Facebook live or Instagram, it’s a wonderful platform for brand storytelling and visual demonstrations. It also has a whopping 2.1 billion active users worldwide. At current times where visual content is popular, creating live videos on this platform can get you higher numbers of visitors. 

Twitter Live 

Twitter is the place where information spreads like wildfire, and it has 192 million active users. Twitter live gives marketers options to reach audiences they might not reach otherwise. It is a platform that is usually considered credible thus brands can create a strong impression from this platform. 

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Tips For Live Video Business Marketing


People connect with video content more than any other content, so it is important to create interesting videos for marketing campaigns, and that is not easy if you have no experience presenting something on video, so here are some tips that can help you improve your marketing. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key in the video marketing world, so being consistent with your live video engagement will be crucial to your success. Always go live before the live session to notify your audience, it will increase engagement and help you to build up an audience. If you post consistently, it makes it easier for your audience to trust you.

Create An Interesting Thumbnail

Creating an attractive thumbnail decides whether the user is gonna click on it or simply scroll through it. It is very crucial to create an interesting thumbnail that attracts users and increases your engagement.

Have A Gripping Storyline

Not having a video is better than having a video without a story, without the story a video is just a combination of clips, photos, etc that won’t help you build an audience. The best video content tells a story that encourages viewers to connect with you.

Make The Best Out Of The First Few Seconds

The first few seconds determine whether a viewer is going to watch your live video completely or not, giving them a glimpse of what to expect in the video.

Provide Value

People tend to spend more time on content that provides value to their lives in some way.

Benefits Of Live Video Marketing

Benefits-of-live-videoData shows that 55% of people on social media platforms watch videos online every day, and social media videos create up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined. These numbers should make it clear that using a live video platform is a great opportunity for businesses.

Greater Audience Potential

There can be a limited audience in physical events but there is no such limitation in live video events. Sometimes people are interested in attending an event but can’t attend due to lack of time, personal commitments, or high expenses. Live videos encourage a greater audience to attend the event.

Ease And Convenience

Live videos are easy and convenient for you and your audience as well. It does not require much, you can do it even with just a smartphone anywhere you want. Live video makes it convenient and less expensive for the viewers to attend those events.

Analytic Reports

It is important to track views, engagements, viewer’s actions to know the success rate of your live video session. Social media platforms provide some useful tools that give detailed insights and help in strategizing the next events.

5 Best Apps For Managing Social Media Handles

Researching, planning, and implementing new tactics can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of effort and time. so to make it easier and effective, there are some social media management tools that can help you in this process.


Socinator is one of the best tools for social media marketing and automation solutions, it helps you automate your activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and various other platforms. It provides many useful features like Activity and Statistics Reports, Auto Publish posts, Auto comments, Auto Like, Auto-follow/unfollow, etc. Socinator helps you level up your social media marketing game.try-now

  • It helps you with Marketing on Facebook, Instagram,Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other platforms.
  • It provides automation features for Facebook, Instagram,Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, and many other platforms.
  • There are 5 price packages you can choose from according to your requirements, which starts only at $9.95/Month.


later-appLater is also a resourceful social media management tool, originally developed for Instagram, you can use it for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. It helps you visually plan, analyse, and publish at a scheduled time.

  • Later helps you in scheduling social media contents and provides the best time to post.
  • It helps you understand what works better for your business, by providing suggestions and optimizing strategy.
  • There are various pricing plans to choose from, business plans start from $12.50/month.


hootsuiteHootsuite is a social media management tool that helps to curate content, schedule posts, manage team members, and measure ROI. It provides detailed insights, optimizes ads.

  • It helps you keep your social media presence 24/7 by automatically scheduling many posts at once on various social networks.
  • It provides you crucial insights about social media campaigns through comprehensive reporting.
  • It also gives a 30-day free trial and the price starts from INR 1950/month.


bufferBuffer is also an amazing tool for managing social media accounts that helps you create unique content for every social media profile you own. 

  • Buffer helps you in organizing and scheduling social media activities.
  • It provides browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox that makes content sharing on web pages convenient.
  • It also provides a free version, and pricing starts from $15/Month.


canvaIt is a great tool used by marketers for designing simple social banners or marketing materials quickly. It is an interactive and user-friendly tool to use and offers a ton of design content for free. For social media marketing, the image needed can be created easily using this tool in less time.

  • Canva helps in creating and designing content. You can create Flyers, Logos, Infographics, Social media graphics, and much more.
  • It has a wide range of creative and artistic templates to choose from.
  •  Canva provides a free version of it, and a paid version starts from INR 8900/Month.
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Every social media platform encourages and promotes video content, and we can use it to grow our businesses. With live video marketing, you seize the moment and connect with your audience at the time you want. Your audience can watch right when it’s happening and this makes the Live video even more engaging. Using amazing automation tools like Socinator you can easily manage and automate your engagements, making the marketing process easier for you.