Facebook Changes: Top 09 Updates That Every Marketer & Content Creator Should know!

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Facebook Changes: Top 09 Updates That Every Marketer & Content Creator Should know!

What does it take to be on top of the social media marketing game? Here is the answer- To be aware of the new changes and updates!

Social media platforms are a fast-paced industry, and if you are not paying attention to the updates, it will be impossible to keep up. The most popular platforms for marketing and advertising are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook changes its policy, rules, and regulations regularly to make the platform more accessible and safe. 

You already know how competitive these platforms can get when it comes to marketing. So it is crucial to keep up with all the new updates. It will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and excel in your industry. With the announcement of new features and updates, Facebook has provided immense opportunities for marketers and content creators. 

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If you want to take advantage of those opportunities, you have to be aware of them. It will help you to create successful marketing campaigns and strategies for your business. If you are wondering what are the changes on Facebook? In this article, we have summarized all the important Facebook changes and updates. Without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

Facebook Announces New Personalized Experiences:


Earlier in July, the Vice President of Ads & Business products at Facebook Mr. Dan Levy released a statement on the new Facebook personalized experience.

Following are the key points:

  • To improve and encourage purchases, small business badges on ads.
  • Small business badges on ads to encourage purchases
  • To minimize the amount of personal data Facebook collects and still show relevant ads, with the help of new privacy-enhancing technologies.
  • Facebook is including an in-testing newsfeed experience that allows users to explore content from businesses in topics like beauty, fitness, or clothing in product and business discovery features.
  • A modernized eCommerce system to help meet the required demand for on-platform product discovery and shopping.
  • To help the brands improve, optimize, and potentially even automate their marketing, including expanding their Messenger functionality, Facebook launched new business suite tools.

Facebook To Invest $1 Billion For Creators:


Facebook has announced that it will be investing over $1 billion in monetization tools for creators by the end of 2022. Facebook intends to encourage and help creators to earn money from their content on Facebook and Instagram. This investment is solely for encouraging budding artists to create exciting content and monetize them.

Creators have to use the creative and monetization tools of the app and reach certain milestones. The bonuses will be seasonal and will change over time. Some of the bonuses are available only by invitation now on both platforms:

1. Facebook

  • In-stream bonus

In this, eligible creators that use in-stream ads in videos will be paid over the next four months.

  • Stars bonus

Video and gaming creators will receive a monthly bonus for reaching specific Stars milestones.

2. Instagram

  • IGTV Ads Bonus 

It is a bonus for signing up for IGTV ads and earning apart from the ad revenue in the video. It is a one-time bonus.

  • Badges Live Bonus

It gives a bonus to creators that hit specific milestones with badges. It is currently available in 11 countries.

  • Reel summer bonus

This bonus will be soon developed and launched to pay creators for high-performing Reels content

Facebook Newsfeed Changes Its Algorithm:

“Our goal is to make sure you see the posts that are most valuable to you at the top of your feed every time you open the Facebook app. And because most people have more content in their News Feed than they could browse in one session, we use an algorithm to determine the order of all of the posts you can see.” — Facebook

  • Inventory: 

Every day, Facebook shows you a sample of posts from all the pages and people you follow. All these are based on what you have shared, liked, your groups, or engaged with in the past. It can be anything from pictures to videos to blog articles. 

  • Signals:

Facebook changes the algorithm on feed suggestions. Now, the algorithm will use your interaction history, posts, and other factors such as a photo, video, or link to provide the relevant suggestions. The newsfeed algorithm will check the relevance of each post and show up on your News Feed.

  • Predictions:

The Facebook algorithm will predict the type of content you are most engaged with and show on your newsfeed. The algorithm will show you the best content based on your interests.

  • Score:

Then, the algorithm will take your posts and rank them in order of relevance. It will be based on your interests, what you like the most will be on the top.

New Messenger Features:


Facebook Pay:

Facebook is rolling out Facebook Pay to send and receive money across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp with the new payment system that will streamline payments to Facebook shops and also for fundraisers.

Just as users can easily fast-pay with the options like PayPal on third-party sites, this will provide a seamless checkout process that could help increase both desktop and mobile purchases.

Facebook Changes Media Quick Reply And New Themes:

Facebook is trying to make the platform seamless for conversations. Now you can reply while looking at the media on the full-screen of the messenger app. It is good to have a feature reply to a media file while viewing it full-screen on The messenger app. You can just tap on it and use an emoji to reply. And the most creative and trending themes are now available for the messenger. You can apply your favorite to your chats.

Facebook Changes Ad Policy Review Process:


Ads are a crucial element of Facebook’s business. There are tons of questions on the ads reviewing process of Facebook. So, they have made their message loud and clear and given the proper information. Facebook wants advertisers to understand the guideline on ads and Facebook ad policy.

Facebook has stressed the importance of following strict advertising policies. Your listings are as per the commerce policies, event policies, and even comply with branded content policies. Your listings must meet these standards. If so, your ads will be approved within the 24-hour range.

When you submit your ad, it is revised by machine learning methods. It can also be exposed to a human revision, if necessary. If your ad gets rejected, you can ask for a human review. You can also edit and re-submit the rejected ad.

Facebook frowns and takes measures against advertisers who constantly violate their policies. So, you should always follow the Facebook guidelines while creating ads.

Level-Up Your Social Media Marketing Game With Socinator:


Socinator is one of the best tools for social media marketing and automation solutions, it helps you automate your activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and various other platforms. It provides many useful features like Activity and Statistics Reports, Auto Publish posts, Auto comments, Auto Like, Auto-follow/unfollow, etc. Socinator helps you level up your social media marketing game.

Key Features:

  • Activity Statistics And Reports:

It provides detailed reports and statistics for all the activities performed with your social media account, which can help you analyze your marketing campaigns.

  • Auto Engage with Likes and Comments

Socinator automatically likes, comments, and engages with the audience, which improves your engagement rate and helps you grow your social media reach.

  • Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups

Auto-post/share to social media accounts, schedule your posts, select which groups you want to post or share on all groups from your various accounts.

  • Efficient Account Management: 

Socinator’s advanced algorithms offer to manage all your accounts efficiently and provide complete control over all activities while looking like a natural human being.

Socinator has many more useful features such as auto endorse connection, auto-engage with likes and comments, auto-publish content from RSS feed, auto-scheduling, etc. There are 5 price packages you can choose from according to your requirements, which starts only at $9.95/Month. With the help of Socinator, you can take your social media marketing campaigns to another level.

linkedin algorithmNew AR Options and Improvements:

Facebook is heavily focused on developing AR options and is getting closer to a wider release. It has recently launched its try-out feature with users who can try certain products like lipsticks, makeups, clothing, specs, etc. It is now expanding and Facebook is working on rolling out more business features like these. 


Brands will be able to leverage the technology, as the tools get improved. As of now, Facebook has started with the beauty industry. But they are looking forward to adding the features for both home decor, electronics, etc.

The Try On feature will eventually be available to use as an ad format. It will be beneficial at driving sales.

Advertisers on Facebook and Instagram can no longer target users under 18 based on their interests:

Facebook changes its community guidelines and according to which the minimum age to create an Instagram or Facebook account is 13-years-old. Advertisers on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram can not target teens based on their interests. 

They can still target ad campaigns to people 18 years and under based on age, gender, and location. As the step towards making the Instagram platform safer for teens and children, the account will be set to private by default for the new user under 16-years-old.

New Ad Policies Around Prescription Drugs:


Facebook changes and ramps up its regulations on advertising and promoting prescription drugs. According to the new guidelines and regulations Facebook changes as follows:

  • Brands cannot sell prescription drugs on Facebook.
  • Brands cannot promote the use of unauthorized drugs or illegal drug use.
  • Facebook changes the rules for selling drugs on the platform. Online pharmacies brands and business providers have to submit written certification from Legiscript before promoting prescription drugs on Facebook.
  • Only online pharmacies, telehealth providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can promote products in the US, Canada, or New Zealand, and they cannot target people under 18 years of age.

New Tools For Group Admins And Moderators:


It is hard for the content creators and marketers to moderate conversations with this large audience on Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to keep up with this fast-paced social media world. So, Facebook has rolled out new tools:

  • Admin Home:

It is a dashboard for all the tools and features.

  • Admin Assist:

Here, the admin can get the customizable tool for creating rules and moderating spam.

  • Conflict Alerts:

It is an AI system to notify the admins of any conflict conversations or engagements.

  • Slowing Down Conversations 

It allows you to restrict conversations and threads.

  • Member Summaries:

It keeps a record and provides insights into the activities of the members of the group.

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Wrapping Words:

Facebook is determined to make the platform safer and beneficial for all its users and is doing everything to achieve this. Facebook is constantly updating the features and improving the platform. This year new features around video monetization, creators tools, and marketing options can be very helpful for creators and marketers. One more thing that can be beneficial for marketers is using Socinator. It will save you a lot of time and effort, and help you manage all those social media accounts for your business.

Which of these Facebook changes and updates are you most excited about? What are your thoughts on these updates? Is there anything you are hoping for? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!