How to Execute A Stellar Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

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How to Execute A Stellar Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

Running a nonprofit social media campaign can be a catch-22. It is almost like an apple and oranges. Meaning- Managing your regular social media on an ongoing basis is much different from managing a non-profit social media account. 

Nonprofit campaigns tend to be for a specific purpose. Whether your organization wants to support acid-attack victims, rescue animals, empower women, support the LGBTQ community, educate children, save the planet, or transform villages, social media is your secret weapon.

It would not be wrong to assume that social media is the future of non-profit outreach. The fact that no other platforms present their users with immense global reach for promoting awareness of important issues is mind blowing.

There are exceptions to the rule, and not every social media campaign ideas succeeds or generates the amount of traffic that it presumably should. You should have a creative start to spread the message like wildfire and create lots of engagement for your service to inspire potential donors. 

Therefore, Learn how to set your nonprofit social media campaign up for success. Get your message out and make your effort count with these nitty-gritty details of rocking out a nonprofit social media campaign. 

Let’s get started.

Why Create Social Media Campaign?

With the surpassing usage of Social media platforms, it is almost like building castles in the air if any organization, for-profit or nonprofit, could stay afloat without creating a compelling social media presence.

As a matter of fact, with over two billion active users on Facebook, one billion on Instagram, and 365 million on Twitter worldwide, investments in social media are projected to grow to about $48 billion. Furthermore, social media users are inspired to engage with causes by 55% and take further action such as volunteering, donating, or spreading the purpose via their social media handles. 

An effective social media campaign for Nonprofits helps to share your message to a global and local audience. Following are the few benefits of using social media for nonprofits.

Expand your reach

People are more likely to share your post or repost it on their own profile if it is something they can relate to, or they can connect with: If you can post consistently about your campaigns and share the purpose of starting the campaign & cause, you can expand your reach among more people than you ever thought was possible.

Build communities

Recruit prospective volunteers, speakers, advocates, and mentors to help you expand your network. As a community-building tool, social media can be a valuable resource for NGOs as well. It is essential to set up channels and communities where individuals can interact, share materials, and remain updated about the topics that are important to them.

Share your impact

The typical person spends over two hours a day on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. To successfully convey the impact your organization is having on its mission with the donations it receives, it is significant to meet your audience where they spend their time. Many contributors value the ability to see the effect of their donation that may encourage them to donate again.

How To Create A Social Media Campaign For Nonprofit Organization

As a nonprofit, your digital presence will determine how successful you are in your area and how much attention you will receive as a result of that.

To be successful in the world of nonprofit social media, you must understand how you may most effectively promote yourself, the activities that will best reflect your efforts, and the goals of your nonprofit.

These social media campaign suggestions for Nonprofits are a great way to create a positive and lasting effect that inspires people to take action.

Promote Your Website & Email Address-

What can be the most traditional approach to attract old and current generation users at once? Well! Email is the key here. Social media might have evolved into various platforms, but emails can never be not prevalent. Hence this trick is a must-go campaign trick- that maintains both official and traditional approaches for nonprofit organizational campaigns.

If you think it is just the email that can work hand in hand both officially and traditionally, then my friend, you are missing the most out of a big time.  

Websites are still in high demand for followers. No email and marketing trick can beat the authenticity that a website can provide for the users. As a user, the website is the first place you often go to get minute details and information about the campaign or other fundraiser activity. So why forget to update the website links. Include your websites in each and every account, email, calendar, etc.

Social Media Content Calendar-

The social media content calendar pretty much handles the overview of all the upcoming, already planned, or posted social media posts. We as human beings cannot keep track of each post or upcoming campaigns notifications. There are few key events that we can not afford to lose. For Instance, a nonprofit organization that roots for environmental welfare will likely want to plan content for World Environment Day, World Forestry Day, World Heritage Day, Earth Day, and many more.

Plan your social media calendar in advance to keep your funders and stakeholders up-to-date. Talk about the material with your teammates if you want. Incorporate stories about your organizations’ successes, gratitude for your supporters, stories about your colleagues, and fund-raising campaigns into your content as much as possible.

You can even analyze how and where to post based on the content type you are trying to share. For example, for excellent image editings, you can use Instagram’s post and story features. For video messages, you can definitely use Facebook and Instagram reels and IGTV if the video is too long. You can try out Twitter when you need to provide hints or share any short one-line information.

Schedule posts-

Now is the perfect time for you to schedule your posts. Since you have got a plan, ready with the engaging content, and a calendar, you are more than fit to put it all together in the social media scheduling tool of your choice. 

Socinator– the social dominator can be your authentic tool that can dominate your social media marketing campaign amongst the others. It gives you the ability to automate your social media activities on various social media platforms. It provides automation features for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linked In, Quora, Pinterest, and many other platforms with just a few clicks.

Suppose you want to schedule a post on Instagram, this is what you need to do.

1- Login to your Socinator dashboard with your respective login credentials.

2- Tap on Social on the top-most right corner of the screen and then click Sociopublisher on the left side of the screen.

3- A Publisher page will appear in front of you. Click on the create campaign and then on the Create post and enter your post description.

4- Click on the Add Media to add the content you want to add and click on the Settings button to configure individual post settings.

5- A post setting dialogue box will appear, Click on the Instagram option

5- Further, schedule posts as per your requirement.

That’s all there is to auto-scheduling posts.



Leverage the power of the CTA! Whether for donations, volunteers, or changing the world, you need an impactful CTA to make your efforts count. CTAs may literally make your followers act on what they have learned and what they can do to aid you. In a way, it is a step above simply informing the users. 

To encourage your supporters to take action, you can ask them to do so. A call-to-action engages the audience and lets them take action by signing up, donating, and much more. Following are a few tips to create an impactful CTA.

Keeping things simple- The straightforward call-to-actions let your readers know what you are asking for from them.

Elicit emotions- If you use your email CTAs to provoke specific emotions in your readers, you may get a passionate response from them.

Encourage people to take action- People need to know exactly where their money is going when they make a gift. Use wording particular to your organization to reiterate the mission and beneficiary of donor contributions while keeping it clear.

Share Your Success Stories-

Presenting your loyalty acts as a slice of butter to your social media campaign. Make sure you let your audience know how hard you are working to make this campaign a success for raising money and exposure. It always adds a positive point to a campaign.

You must first link people to the problem your organization is attempting to address in order to motivate them to take action. Why is it so crucial that individuals act now and become supporters of your organization?

That is what EB Research Partnership’s “Cause the Wave” campaign video seeks to achieve with its video. Due to its commitment to finding a solution for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a severe and life-threatening skin condition, the EBRP developed this film to bring viewers up close and personal with three individuals who live with the disorder.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, an EBRP board member, also tells his personal experience of how and why he accepted the cause as his own.

 Run a hashtag campaign-

Your organization can shine a spotlight on crucial issues by using the appropriate hashtags and nonprofit social media strategies. Choose a hashtag that emphasizes your message and is simple to recall. In this approach, you can better measure interaction and user-generated content, even if people forget to tag your organization in their postings explicitly

To raise awareness of crimes against journalists, UNESCO created the hashtag #TruthNeverDies. Everything about it is self-explanatory, which makes it easy for people to rally around. The hashtag, which coincided with the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, garnered more than 2 million impressions and was shared more than 29.6K times throughout Twitter.

share success stories of your social media campaign

It’s no secret that hashtags may help you expand your social media presence, especially on Instagram and Twitter. As a consequence, they may assist drive engagement, let you connect with your audience, listen and monitor feelings about your campaign, and most significantly – help you measure the success of your efforts.

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Wrapping It Up

Every brand and organization on the planet has a distinct narrative to tell. Understanding what is a social media campaign & your unique value proposition and how to convey it to the right audience is essential for success in communications.

Learning from the leading nonprofit social media campaign is a fantastic approach to extend your marketing toolkit.

So, has this blog done its job and persuaded you to make a few modest adjustments to your nonprofit’s social media campaign?

Great! You’re now on your way to increasing public awareness, volunteer opportunities, and contributions to your organization.

I can’t wait to start connecting with your stuff when it appears in my feeds!