Prioritize Micro-Influencers: Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Campaigns!

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Prioritize Micro-Influencers: Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Campaigns!

Advertisements are no longer as effective as they used to be, and figuring out which marketing strategies are most effective for your target market can be a real challenge. With customers being bombarded by thousands of ads around the clock, they are increasingly stroking them off. So what do you think will seize their attention?

Branding, speaking your audience’s language, choosing appropriate platforms for your product- doesn’t this sound like the essence of a successful social media marketing campaign?

Social media influencers have been a buzzword for years, but do you know what is in trend right now? Micro-influencers!

Micro-influencers are indeed dominating headlines and social media marketing across the globe.

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In this article, we will discuss what micro-influencers are? How to find and choose micro-influencers for your business? Their benefits, and how to work with them? So without wasting any time, let us get started!

What Are Micro-Influencers?


You may have heard about influencers, the people with millions of subscribers and massive fan following almost like a celebrity. From its term micro-influencers, you might be getting some idea of what they are. Micro-influencers are individuals who have fewer followers, subscribers than regular influencers.

A micro-influencer can be also deemed as a future influencer who is in the starting stage of their career. They are specialized in their field, it might be fitness, food, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and the list goes on. Micro-influencers are more engaged and connected with their audience than influencers or celebrities. They can be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform and most of them also have their websites and blogs.

There are many confusions around how many followers they need to be called a micro-influencer. Some say they should have 1,000 to 100,000 followers, and some say having below 25,000 followers can be seen as micro-influencers. But there are no exact followers count criteria for being a micro-influencer because some people are successful micro-influencer, even with a few hundred followers. 

How To Find And Choose Micro-Influencers?

how-to-find-and choose-micro-influencers

If you are searching for a micro-influencer, social media platforms should be the place to start. They can be found in every industry, and maybe they are already in your following list interacting with your posts.

For starters, here are a few smart tips for picking out the right micro-influencers!

  • Observe Their Posts And Content:

Find an account with posts and content which match the vibe of your brand closely. Look if their lifestyle and posts match your niche demands. 

  • Look At The Engagement Of Several Posts:

Apart from the number of likes and shares, it is also important to closely study their engagement quality and frequency. Keep vary of any irrelevant or fake actions on their account. 

  • Check For Any Ongoing Sponsorship On Their Account: 

These details will help you get an idea of the ease and cost of working with them. This will also give you an insight into their working ethics.

  • Be Selective And Do Not Rush The Process:

Searching for a perfect micro-influencer for your brand is not an easy task. But it is worth the hassle if they understand and magnify the essence of your brand.

  • Credibility:

Top micro-influencers are experts in their niche, and their audiences trust that they know what they’re talking about. 

  • Passion:

The credibility of micro-influencers is reliant on their passion for the niche they are covering. Choose someone who has a genuine passion for the topics.

  • Regularity: 

Check if they are posting consistently. Accounts that post content at least once a week, and have built consistent engagement generate high reliability. 

Benefits Of Using Micro-Influencers For Your Brand:


You may have heard many times that bigger is better, but it is not always true. Influencers and celebrities have massive fan followings, but when it comes to engagement micro-influencers are way ahead of them. People tend to consider micro-influencers as one of them hence they are a powerful social proof for your company. Let us walk you through some of the major benefits of using micro-influencers for your business!

  • Specific Reach: 

Influencer’s reach is higher and compared to them, micro-influencers have smaller followings but in a very specific niche. So if you are collaborating with the influencer having a similar niche as your business, micro-influencers may work better for you. This way you will be targeting the very audience that you want for your business. And likely to have higher conversion rates as well.

  • Follower Engagement: 

Micro-influencers may have few followers counts, but they are more engaged with their audience. These followers are highly vocal about their favorite influencers and more likely to use their recommended brands and products. You can use this as an advantage for your company for higher engagements and conversions.

  • Better Cost Efficient:

Micro-influencers are considerably willing to negotiate on price. As they don’t have the same following as other major influencers, they are usually cheaper than the influencer in your required niches. Unlike major influencers, with micro-influencers, you can efficiently negotiate on the prices, length of work assurance, or even other benefits, where you provide visibility opportunities to them.

  • Flexibility:

Due to their activity levels and account size, it is very much likely that the micro-influencer will be responsive. You can get your message delivered according to your need, like if you want them to incorporate your brand in a specific way, or the number of times you want your message repeated, etc. Usually, influencers are pretty rigid and have their own demands, but micro-influencers are more patient and receptive with their work. Micro-influencers will work closely with you to get your message across but in their own voice. 

  • Potential For Long-Term Cooperation: 

A micro-influencer is presumably focused on building their followers and this is your chance to get in at the base level and help these accounts grow. It is a win-win situation for both of you because the higher their audience count gets, your market will also rise.

  • Improved Trustworthiness:

Micro-influencers have the potential to enhance your brand’s trustworthiness and can help you reach your desired target audience. In terms of micro-influencer engagement, encourage your micro-influencers to become the fresh faces of your brand. Ask them to share their honest feedback, or to create product tutorials and relevant live-stream videos.

How To Maximize Micro-Influencer Marketing?


If you want to grow business with micro-influencer marketing, there are some points to keep in mind. Influencer marketing has become an effective way to drive sales and grow your brand on social media platforms. Let us look into the tips to maximize micro-influencers marketing strategy: 

  • Outline Your Goals And Expectations:

The most important part of starting your micro-influencer marketing campaign is to set your goals, and defining the metrics that will be essential to measuring success. Outlining your goals is one step forward for success. It will help you gain benefits like increased traffic to your website, drive sales with a promo code or affiliate link or raise brand awareness. 

  • Make Sure The Work Is Carried Out According To The Influencer Agreement Contract:

Once you have identified the micro-influencer you want to collaborate with, now it is time to approach them with your rate card and the nature of promotional work you want to be delivered for your business. Once these initial dealings are settled, you can go ahead and seal the influencer agreement contract.

  •  Track And Monitor Results:

To brew the marketing campaign at its full potential, it is important to keep a regular check on its progress. Track, monitor, and measure the outcomes of your campaigns concerning the profitability of your business.

Here are the steps to track content performance:

1: Utilize branded content tools of Instagram to create transparency for businesses and influencers to work together in a streamlined way

2: Share trackable links with influencers to see how your business campaign is performing in regards to the number of clicks and engagement.

Micro-influencer marketing is just a part of your entire marketing campaign strategy. It will not be fruitful until your entire marketing strategy is blooming. To step up your whole social media marketing game you can also use social media managing tools such as Socinator.



Socinator is a cloud-based social media automation tool. It helps to automate activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and various other platforms. With the help of Socinator, you can take your social media marketing campaigns to another level.

Key Features:

  • Activity Statistics And Reports:

It provides detailed reports and statistics for all the activities performed with your social media account, which can help you analyze your marketing campaigns.

  • Auto Engage with Likes and Comments

Socinator automatically likes, comments, and engages with the audience, which improves your engagement rate and helps you grow your social media reach.

  • Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups

Auto-post/share to social media accounts, schedule your posts, select which groups you want to post or share on all groups from your various accounts.

  • Efficient Account Management: 

Socinator’s advanced algorithms offer to manage all your accounts efficiently and provide complete control over all activities while looking like a natural human being.

Socinator has many more useful features such as auto endorse connection, auto-engage with likes and comments, auto-publish content from RSS feed, auto-scheduling, etc.


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Final Thoughts:

In this era of social media marketing, micro-influencers have become the opinion shapers, who are trusted by the masses so much that they have become a strong source of social proof for any business. With the help of micro-influencers, you can connect to your audience deeply. Micro-influencer marketing has become significantly effective for expanding your business, but it is up to you to use it to your best advantage.

What do you think about this? Are you going to collaborate with a micro-influencer for your next campaign? Let me know in the comments below!


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