How To Repost On Instagram: A Complete Guide To Instagram Reposting With 05 Ways

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How To Repost On Instagram: A Complete Guide To Instagram Reposting With 05 Ways

Are you searching for the ways on how to repost on Instagram? If yes, you have landed in the right place. 

Here in this article, you will get to know several ways to repost on Instagram with some additional information.

Since Instagram is very popular among people, businesses, and marketers, almost all are aware of the terms and conditions of using the app.

 Instagram does not include the resharing of other users’ posts in your profile directly within the app itself. Most of them fear to do this because it may violate the terms of service of Instagram.

But recently, Instagram has updated their TOS and said that the content which you are sharing should be yours. But in case if you are sharing the content of someone else, then you should have legal permission from the real creator of that content to share it on your profile.

Having permission from the original creator of the content will keep your account safe from being violated by the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Why do you require permission to repost on Instagram?

why permission is required to repost on instagram

Holding copyright is owned by the original creator of the content. Also, he has the right to get the benefits that will be earned by that content.

 In this scenario, if you do not have permission to repost, the post creator can take legal actions against you for the corresponding revenue.

It is the reason people never go to this extent. If anyone does this, it will be considered a violation of the TOS of Instagram. 

Most of the time, you may get a request to remove the copy content. So be smart enough to take proper legal steps to repost on Instagram to save yourself as well as your Instagram account.

How to get permission to repost on Instagram?

how to get permission to repost on instagram

We have already discussed why you need permission for Instagram repost. But now we are going to discuss how we can have permission to do so?

For Instagram repost, there are two types of permissions:

Implied permission- 

Here, the original content creator posts content with a prediction that the post will get reposted. In other words, the original content creator gives his permission to share or use the post in your account. But it is not the formal permission to use the content. So it is better to adopt the second option.

Explicit permission- 

Here, the original content creator permits you to use the content directly. It can be in several ways like:

  • Seek permission on the comment section on the original post-

You can ask permission to repost their content in your account in the comment section. It is the fastest and easiest way to ask permission. Once the user permits you, you can repost their content.

  • Use the direct message to ask permission- It is for the users who want to ask permission privately, rather than in the comment section on their post that is visible to other users. The user may get confused with the posts you are asking for.

 So you can send the image directly to make sure that there is no confusion. You can use the direct message option(looks like a paper plane at the bottom of the image) to send the image with a short message asking permission to use the content in your account.

  • Whenever you do business with an influencer to create content for the promotion of your brand, you will expect to use the content in your account. So you should include copyright waivers in your contract done with them to avoid any illegal issues.

Now let us see several ways through which you can repost on Instagram because it does not include a repost feature:

1. How to repost on Instagram with a screenshot?


how to repost on instagram with a screenshot

Watermarks on the image do not look nice and reduce the quality of the image when posted in your profile. So to avoid the watermark, take a screenshot of the post. 

Crop the image and remove the extra part of the image and bring it to a perfect size before sharing the post.

In this method, the image size varies with phone resolution. Like if you have an older model, the image will appear blurry on the newer model.

2. How to repost with the Socinator?

how to repost with SOCINATOR

With this social media platform management software, you can repost with simple steps. Not only Instagram, but it also manages Facebook sharing, Twitter repost, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, etc. 

For Instagram, Socinator provides you features like auto-like, auto-comment, auto-follow, follow back, auto-repost, auto-message, live chat, and many more. Similarly, it provides features for the rest of the platforms and manages them well.

Through the auto-repost feature, you can schedule the date and time of posting, and accordingly, it will automatically repost your content with your involvement. It is easy to use and does not require much effort.

3. How to repost from Instagram feed to story?

how to repost fro instagram feed to story

It is an easy process to share the feed with your story. Just select the post you want to share and tap on the airplane button where you select add posts to the Instagram stories. You can edit the post of your choice and post it. You can also copy the few words from the caption and post it.

But remember one thing that if you are reposting from a private account and you have a public one, you would not be able to post it in your story. You can only share the post in DMs. Still, if you proceed to share the posts, a pop-up warning will appear during resharing.

When someone sees the story and clicks on the image, it will redirect them to the original post.

4. How to repost from Instagram story to story?

how to repost from instagram story to story

When you like someone’s story, you can repost their story in yours. If someone has tagged you, the post will come in your direct message where you can repost it directly with some changes in its background.

Otherwise, it is recommended to take permission for reposting if you are thinking of posting through other ways like screenshots, etc.

5. How to repost from Instagram story to feed?

how to repost from instagram story to feed

There can be stories that you like and want it in your feed. In that case, just go to a particular story on your account and select the share as a post option. Post it with any filters and changes you want to do.

Instagram best practices to repost:

  1. Whenever you want to use the content of another user, you should have permission. You should not violate the policies of Instagram by reposting other’s content without their permission. It can lead to legal actions against you like post deletion or account deletion with a lot of warnings. Several ways to get permission to repost on Instagram are explained above in detail. Have a look.
  2. Do not edit the post so much that the original work will vanish. Edit some changes like removing extra materials with a background etc.
  3. Always choose high-quality content for the repost.
  4. Add relevant context to the caption. Just adding some more words with the same caption will give some more clarity to your followers.

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Wrapping words:

As we have discussed above, there are several ways for how to repost on Instagram. Try and decide, which among them works best for you with less time and effort. Also, learn some best practices to repost with more clarity on Instagram.

If you feel any doubt regarding this article or if you want to add something more relevant, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.