What are The Right Instagram Story Dimensions And Size?

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Instagram Story Dimensions And Size

What are The Right Instagram Story Dimensions And Size?

Have you ever observed that your attractive pictures can be unpredictably cropped by Instagram when you share them with your stories? Preferring the correct dimensions for your story is significant for improving your content readability. When you share a Story on Instagram which is not in the proper size, Instagram will automatically compress & resize it for you. which becomes an unnoticed post. In this blog post, I will let you know the depth of the ideal Instagram story dimensions that can support you & do not need to be too involved in an unfavorable environment.

Although, this is something you should be aware of if you are a brand advertising your product. If you already know the dimensions of an Instagram story, then the image and video you make more easily. You need to ensure that your content is engaging, noticeable, and easily understandable. Publishing context in the right Instagram story size is the only method to make it successful.

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Why Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram has several things in the Instagram news feed, IGTV, and stories. The concept of stories is that the followers observe what you upload when you upload it. It permits them to watch & you stay at the current time. Additionally, it continues for 24 hours displaying it to the followers.

Social media influencers generally utilize this application to inform their followers through advertisements or permit them to get info about when they have published a new image or video. It gives a direct report to the followers, frequently getting the attention of more users who show interest to follow them to keep in touch with what the influencers are up to & it can be a great idea for online advertising for those who understand how to utilize it.

The swipe-up asset can support vend goods. Along with questioning, story polls queries can gain traffic in your posts which the Instagram algorithm permits you to participate. But, making the top Instagram story can take some research.

What do you understand about Instagram story dimensions and size?

understand about Instagram story dimensions and size

There are two ways to think about when you upload an Instagram Story size and dimensions. The story size is the Full MB or GB of the video or image. The aspect ratio is the video or image altitude and weight. Such as, the aspect ratio of quadrilateral images is 1:1, and perpendicular photos have a 4:5 Ratio. It signifies the sum of pixels, which can be known as resolution.

Brief Instagram story size:

Currently, let us discuss the size of Instagram. The extreme range size of images is 30 MB & a video can extend up to 4 GB. There is a reason why you need to be aware of the correct size of an Instagram story, mainly if you plan to put a modified or created video. If the video does not match the correct size, Instagram will zoom and crop.

If that occurs, your Instagram story might not appear as you planned. Rather than showing it to the audience, it will convert them off as a substitute because of your respective poor quality. But it may be difficult for you to understand how to restructure the video manually. In that situation, it helps to ask for the support of professionals who already distinguish how to create Instagram images and videos with the correct size.

Brief of the Instagram story dimensions:

Also, Instagram story size is an important thing to research on the dimensions, The correct Instagram story size dimensions are1080px by 1920px. It shows the image or video needs to be 1080 pixels broad and 1920 pixels long, also identified as the 9:16 aspect ratio. It is the proper dimension if you need excellent videos and HD images for your Instagram stories.

Why do Instagram story size and dimensions matter a lot?

It matters because audiences love to see the magnificence and the best quality. Posting a picture that does not have the right size and dimension fit for Instagram stories can be the reason for cropping or zooming-in to match the dimensions. Consequently, Your Picture quality considerably decreased.

In some cases, the photos have headspace at the lower & top sections. Either way, the Photos or the Videos you posted will look off. 

Even if you are not a skilled, professional designer, you can say that a video or picture like that will not crop it for creating your intention successfully. Keeping in mind, you have to make sure that the Instagram story dimensions & size of your content are justified.

Few people might have identified that Instagram story dimensions are 1080px and 1920px, which means your pictures and videos need to be pixels wide and 1920 pixels in length like the ratio of 9:16. So, why do you need it?

Just in case, If you wish to create more specialized pictures or videos on a platform by using Photoshop or Illustrator, You need to put the correct Instagram Story dimensions to evade hotchpotch.

What do you exactly consider a hotchpotch? For pictures or videos posted and they are proper for the Instagram Story dimensions, it will be more like that image will be cut down & specific graphics will be misplaced. Unexpectedly, your image will be automatically zoomed by Instagram and turn into low quality as the story will be mandatory to follow the story dimensions of Instagram. So, it is the right time when you ensure that your pictures and videos are edged accurately according to the story dimensions to sustain their high quality.

On the other hand, you can even create a much smaller post, which may create empty spaces all over the image. In this scenario, Instagram will automatically give a background theme to cover the blank area of the content. You can apply a background color of your choice by clicking on the pencil apparatus, then choosing any shade of the color, and clicking and putting any place for the display. Later on, it will give a story background to your choice of color.

How to Make Sure Your Content Follows Instagram Story Size and Dimensions

You can use these tips and tricks to confirm your videos or images for Instagram stories are size and dimensions.

  • Try to click images and videos with your mobile in portrait mode.

If you click an image or video with your mobile for Instagram stories, go for portrait mode. This mode gives the correct dimensions for the Instagram story. Nearly all mobile cameras have the inbuilt portrait mode. If you tap on the settings, you will find it easily.

  • Try to give emphasize video editors to restructure the images or videos.

You wish to make some areas visible in the image. Make some necessary edits according to your preferences, can create certain quick modifications to the phone or video utilizing your picture or video editors. There are few free video editors available in the market, but you can wisely use a few free features until you take the paid version.

  • Try to restructure the images or videos.

Another option to modify your images and videos and make them suitable for Instagram stories is by eradicating unnecessary things. You can restructure your context by using several tools like Socinator, modifying and removing objects you do not wish to show in your Instagram story.

The Right Instagram Story size

The Right Instagram Story size and aspect ratio are 1080 x 1920 and 9:16. These are perpendicular-oriented sizes. If you take a horizontal picture or video on your mobile and post it as an Instagram Story, It will not give you a good appearance.

Here is additional information to understand more about Instagram Stories:

  • Preferred picture files are JPG & PNG, below 30 MB in size.
  • Preferably video files are MP4 and MOV, below 4 GB in size.
  • A Story is visible on your account for 24 hours unless you make it an account highlight.
  • If your profile is in public, Anybody can view otherwise will only be visible to your followers.


Instagram Stories are a top feature of the Instagram application. Posting stories consistently will help you to increase your followers and traffic to your posts. The dimensions of the Instagram story for both pictures and videos are limited to 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Images need to be less than 30 MB & Videos need to be less than 4 GB.

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