How To Get On Instagram Explore Page: Quick Hacks

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How To Get On Instagram Explore Page: Quick Hacks

The Instagram explore page is a really nice feature- where creators or brands can get better exposure for their work with minimal efforts. It’s one spot where people can check the trending feed posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos.

Nowadays, every individual creator and brand wants to gain better exposure on Instagram. You may have also seen that there are already so many brands getting active on Instagram.

However, even with the growing competition, thanks to the Instagram explore page, it has become easier for brands and creators to maximize their reach with audiences.

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So here in this blog post, we are going to reveal more details about the explore page and how to get your brand to show up on it.

But first to know,

Why Does Your Brand Need To Be On Instagram Explore Page?

Initially, the explore page has started showing the popular and trending posts on Instagram. And because of that, people discover only the trending posts with high engagement featured on this page. Unfortunately, most of the time, such posts are irrelevant to the users, and of course, it’s not beneficial for businesses.


But now, the Instagram algorithm has updated this feature, as it recommends posts based on the activities and interests of users. The new discovery page has the ability to learn from the behavior of Instagram users, like what they follow on Instagram, what kind of posts they like and comments on, from whom they would like to check stories and IGTV videos, etc. Basically, this feature allows the users to find the kind of content they are already looking for on Instagram.

By keeping this in mind, you can also greatly benefit by getting your posts featured on the discovery page on Instagram.

Benefits of Getting On Instagram Explore Page:

Reach Your Target Audience-

On the explore page, Instagram only recommends creatives based on the audiences’ impression of your brand. Therefore most of the views on the Instagram explore page are from people who are really interested in the niche of your post. You can also use relevant hashtags to enhance your post visibility. So, it would gain better reach on Instagram.

Increase Brand Awareness-

When people get to see some brands in which they are really interested. They might want to check their post and may even follow that account on Instagram. So without a doubt, we can say that a discovery page can help the brands enhance their reach and awareness.


Gain More Followers-

Ultimately, what you expect from users interested in your posts. That they should like and follow your content on Instagram. Isn’t it? Yes! Most of the time, when people find something interesting on explore page, they would be more likely to engage in that post. And they may also follow the creator of that post.

Having such benefits can hugely help you to gain more followers and engagement for your brand on Instagram. However, for that, you need to get your brand’s post recommendations on the discovery page of your target audience.

How Does Instagram Explore Page Works?

With so much competition on Instagram, getting your post featured on explore page seems very difficult. Earlier, there were so many tools using which you could manipulate algorithms to get your post on the top of Instagram discovery. But now, Instagram has banned most of such apps except some automation tools like Socinator, which you can use to grow your Instagram account on auto-pilot mode.

Instagram has updated its algorithm to understand the user’s intent of what they like to see and engage on. That is the reason why every individual finds unique content suggestions on their explore page.


Moreover, the suggestions on the page change as users start showing their internet on other kinds of content. And to encourage diversity, there you can see different kinds of content- Feed post, IGTV, Reels, Stories, and Sponsored content as well. So, you can say that even in a nutshell, it recommends a variety of content on Instagram depending on the interest of individual audiences.

So now the question arises,

How Do You Get On The Explore Page?

After learning about the explore page, how it works, and what are its benefits, here we are showing you how to get your Instagram posts on the explore page. Without further ado, let’s start!

Figure Out The Likes & Interest Of Your Target Audience-

As we already know that the Instagram algorithm suggests posts on the discovery page depending on their interests and what they follow. So, to enhance your reach with your target audience, make sure to deliver creatives that are useful and engaging for them. It would eventually help you to get their attention and bring more engagement to your posts. And it would be more likely to show up on the explore page of similar audiences on Instagram.


To figure out the interest of your audience, switch to a business account. There you have Instagram insights using which you can figure out the intent and engagement pattern of your target audience. So accordingly, you can design strategies to boost engagement on your posts.

Make Use of Relevant Hashtags-

One of the best ways to get your post on an to explore page is by using relevant hashtags on your posts. It will help you to make your content more discoverable for the people who are following you on Instagram. You may already know that even with a single hashtag, an average post on Instagram can get 12.6% better reach. So considering that, if you use relevant hashtags effectively, it would definitely help your posts to acquire space on the discovery page. However, also make sure to avoid using unnecessary hashtags that may not match up to your content. It may also cause a distraction to your potential audience, and they might even lose interest in your posts.


To find popular and trending hashtags, now you have the social dominator- Socinator. It helps you look for the most relevant hashtags trending on social space using which you can further enhance your audience reach on Instagram.

Write Attractive Captions-

You can’t deny the power of captions, especially on Instagram. Many popular brands use eye-captivating captions to acquire the attention of their target audiences. A great caption has the ability to hold control over the attention span of a post. And it also encourages people to like, share and comment on such posts. So, you can also try using some attractive captions on your posts that would definitely help you secure top space on the explore page.

Right Time To Post-

Besides all the things, you need to also make sure to schedule your posts at the right time when your target audiences are active on Instagram. That way, you can get better views, likes, shares on your posts. Fortunately, Instagram provides you with insights when most of your followers are active on Instagram.


You just need to switch to a business account. There you have the Instagram engagement apps that will show you the time when most of your followers and target audiences are active on Instagram.

Use IGTV & Reels-

As you can see, video engagement on social platforms is increasing more and more. And Instagram is not behind in that as well, as you can see that algorithm is also vigorously promoting IGTV and reel videos on its platform. If you have the ability to create highly engaging video content, then you should create more reels and IGTV videos. As it may surely enhance the chances of getting your post on top of the explore page.

Run Instagram Explore Ads-

In the end, even if you have no other options, you can always try the paid strategy to get your post featured on the explore page.


If you have already created a feed ad on Instagram, there in the edit section you have the option to select “Explore” as a placement for your ad. Just tap on that and proceed.

End Words:

So, using the above-shown strategies, you can also get your posts on Instagram explore page. Although these methods are quite feasible, however, with the growing popularity and competition on Instagram, you might need to be selective with your preferences. Sometimes you may not get expected results with your organic strategy. In such a case, you need to utilize paid ad strategy to boost your engagement on Instagram.

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So, have you got some inspiration from the ideas in this post? If yes, then please try them and share your experience. In case you have queries, mention them in the comments section.