A Guide To Facebook Ads Budget With 04 Mistakes To Avoid

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A Guide To Facebook Ads Budget With 04 Mistakes To Avoid

Are you confused about how much to spend on Facebook ads budget?

Do you want to spend money on your revenue goal?

In this article, you will get to know how to determine your budget for Facebook ads to achieve your goal. Also, you will find here some mistakes that you can avoid when you budget your Facebook ads.

1. Set up your Facebook ads budget:

set up facebook advertising budget

First of all you must analyze your budget for your Facebook advertisement associated with trading and marketing of your business. You should determine the numbers related to your marketing and sales.

Most of your clients focus on generating leads and marketing sales. Their only goal is to make money.

The marketing budget is 5% to 12% profit for any business. Fresh companies may spend about 12% as they want to progress very fast.

For example, your company within some time has earned a good profit. If you want to maintain this and grow, Your budget must be close to 5%.

Another situation might be like If you are a brand new business and spent a lot of money on marketing your center of attention for your words and referrals. In this scenario, You need to find out more information.

This information can be found through industrial research, You can get a lot of information online. You can also take the help of people in your organization to analyze their work to get an idea of the path which you should take .

But what were those numbers that you needed to find? 

Cost per lead:

Before marketing sales, You need a lead cost per lead per or CPL is a digital marketing pricing model where the advertisers page a free established price for each generation.

It is utilized by businesses that sell subscription services for high-value products.

Cost per core Event:

The number you should focus on is cost per core event. For example, if you have a business that requires a concentration before a trading can be done, put a member which you can afford and on profit for that event.

When you start to advertise on Facebook, you will find that the less cost per lead AD campaigns may not produce the less cost per core event if you sell a product of low dollar. You need to analyze the maximum quantity you can pay out to remain in profit.

When you sell high dollar products, You have little more changes because the rate of your conversions are good.

Cost per Customer Acquisition:

Here you have to analyze the powerful cost per customer acquisition for your business. Do you have to think about how much money you need to pay out to get a fresh customer? 

This number also varies with business. The cost per customer acquisition varies with different products and services at yours.

Conversion Rate:

Focus on your conversion rate. You have to analyze the leads you need to make that trading, despite whether you have a sales team or you are selling.

Many questions arise about the magic number for the amount spent on ad  But eventually, it depends upon the goals and strategy. When you start a new business, you want to increase your business growth to 100,000 in a few months. It is an understandable goal. 

Analyzing the industry’s data, you can calculate the number of leads you will need, what will be the cost per core event, and how much you can pay out for one lead. 

2. Distribute your Facebook ad spend:


When you have decided the amount to spend on Facebook ads monthly, then you need to distribute it according to the Facebook ad type to get the best result out of it. To make this distribution easier, let us divide these ads in three parts: 

20% of your ads budget must be spent on education, engaging the audience, and building an audience.

About 60% of the Facebook ad budget must be spent to encourage your ads and offers and generate leads through it.

And the rest 20% of the ad budget must be spent to retarget audiences. Retargeting is an effectual way to get a greater return on investment.

These three parts are essential to put the impact of your ad budget of Facebook.

Four mistakes that you should avoid during a Facebook advertising campaign:


Let us see a few mistakes that businesses make during their Facebook ad campaign. Escaping from these mistakes can get you profit from the money invested in Facebook ad campaigns.

1. Giving less time:

 collecting initial data, analyzing them, and making proper adjustments needs time that is too crucial. Spend enough time on your ad campaign. You should always revisit that process of customer purchase cycle where someone is converted from a lead to a sale.

Having a short purchasing cycle is great because you can track data faster and balance your budget according to what you see. If it takes six months time for the customer to close, you need to give six months to see the revenue on the money spent on ads. 

2. Not spending enough:

Another great mistake with Facebook ads is not paying out enough. According to the audience size and product cost, you can see those costs per lead.

Not spending enough money per month will let Facebook automatically distribute that budget in such a way that you will not be able to create a single lead per day. So if you add some extra money to your budget, you will have amazing results.

3. Choosing the incorrect type of campaign:

Choosing the incorrect type of campaign and objective is the biggest mistake that businesses make. You should add those ad types in your policies that I mentioned earlier. 

Generally, if you are looking for ads, ensure that you are telling Facebook what you need so that it can help you achieve your goals instead of focusing on brand awareness or audience reach.

4. Not reading the data correctly:

Reading data from an ads manager in an improper way is also a big mistake of Facebook ads. For better understanding, you can reorder and organize columns of those ads. But how to do this?

  • In the ads manager, you will find an option called customize columns.
  • Here you can add or erase data, and only show important information that will help you to take critical decisions.
  • Now you can notice clearly the campaigns that are generating leads, schedule appointments, and which are not.

From this above discussion, have you ever imagined how these social media management platforms are handled? Is it handled by a group of people?

It is not easy to handle your social media profiles with all your daily work. But as it is necessary, you should take the help of social media management tools that can help you make your work easy.

Out of many social media management tools, the one which I will suggest is Socinator. With experience, I can say that it will fulfill all your requirements with its automatic features.


Features like auto-like, auto-follow, auto-comment, auto-posts and many more will make your life easier. Do not think much. Just go for it!!

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At the End:

From the above discussion, it is clear that this article will help you to determine the Facebook ads budget required for your Facebook ad campaign. 

You need to know your numbers, analyze the industry data, and then your conversion data. Through this information, you can determine your Facebook ad budget with audience building, offer promotion, and retargeting.

So, do you really think that this guide will help you to determine how much to spend on Facebook ads? If so, comment on your point of view. I feel glad to hear from you!