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Best Pinterest automation tools

In this article, we will talk about how you can automate some of Pinterest’s features and why you should do this. We will also bring in discussion a number of Pinterest automation tools.

Businesses have started to make their presence more and more visible on social media platforms. Depending on their niche, their interests, and their targeted audience, they can use various online channels to promote themselves and to grow their businesses and number of followers. Pinterest is one of these online media platforms. Marketers can easily make a powerful marketing tool from it. Pinterest can be your creativity centre. It will help you to do what you love and to discover magnificent things.

You will find all the sparkling ideas in your Pinterest’s newsfeed. All the pins can be concentrated there, so you can have easy access to all the things you like in one place.

We will start with the basic Pinterest’s features:  pins, boards and your profile page.

What is a Pin?

If you like something on the web, you can pin it on your Pinterest profile. The Pin will take people to the content’s webpage. If you discover useful Pins, you can simply save them on your boards.

What is a board?

All your saved pins will gather together under your boards. For a better organization, you can provide names to them at any moment. Sharing is caring, so you can do this if you want to find mutual help from people for more ideas. On the other hand, you can also set your boards as private. Only you will be able to see them and to provide access to the people you want.

What is a Pinterest profile?

Put all the content that you think it’s relevant to your profile. Your favourite pins, your saved boards, anything that other people would like to see. Remember that your secret boards will remain secret. You can find more information about Pinterest by accessing the following link.

What is Pinterest automation and which are the Pinterest automation tools?

We have talked about the main application’s features. Setting up your profile and using significant pins and boards for your targeted audience can grow your business. But being on top does not resume to these actions. There are many more, like comments, messages, likes etc.  These are the most important one if you want to stay connected and to have a visible online presence.

Let’s say that you have just started a business and you want to use all the online communication channels in order to make people find out about it. You don’t have experience and you also don’t have the necessary time to be online 24/7. Plus, performing manually repeated actions can be overwhelming.

The above reasons can make you think of using Pinterest automation tools. They are efficient, easy to use and can be a real help when it comes to your business. Let’s talk about some of them and what they can do.

pinterest automation toolsTailwind or your scheduling tool

Tailwind is a popular Pinterest automation tool. You will be able to use the application’s reporting system and analytics and you will be informed about the proper time when you should schedule your pins. By using the suggested times, you will make sure that your targeted audience will be able to see more relevant content and your Pinterest account will grow.

Tailwind is user-friendly. If you need any kind of help when installing it, you can watch the tutorial video.

The only two aspects you need to be aware of are the schedule and the scheduled pins. While the first one will provide time slots, the second one consists of a drag and drop system.

Before deciding to purchase this tool, kindly note that you will be able to schedule your first 100 pins for free. You can then have it starting from $9.9 per month if you pay annually.

PinGroupie – best group boards

This is a free tool which will help you grow your blog on Pinterest through group boards. The following number is usually greater among group boards. This can also be an opportunity for a new audience to visualize your pins.

You can find these group pins from over thirty categories representing your niche. Whenever you will think if a group is worth joining, PinGroupie will provide you with the number of pins, followers, and collaborators for you to be able to decide.

Socinator – the all in one Pinterest marketing platform

This application is one of the most complex Pinterest automation tools. It brings all the automation features in one place.

Socinator will guide you through the automation process. It will provide activity reports and statistics that will offer a clear view of the actions performed through your Pinterest accounts. You will be able to improve your marketing strategy, to see what goes well and what needs to be changed.

Here are some of Socinator’s features: auto-publish posts, auto-comment, auto-follow/follow back, and auto-create boards, add video pins, broadcast messages, find and extract targeted users.

To keep it short, Socinator will be your Pinterest online marketing assistant and will perform the time-consuming activities for you.

You can have the best of Pinterest automation tools starting at $9.95 per month. The professional pack includes 10 social accounts.

Using any of these Pinterest automation tools can have a significant impact on your business. If you want to be successful, you have to be real. You need to provide positive customer experience and to be there when people need you. The social media environment is a place to be only if you keep your standards as high as possible. People have the power and maybe the secret consists of alternating the manual activities with the automated one. You need to show your followers that you are there for them and they are the most important. Don’t forget to be cautious when it comes to your online behavior.



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