An Absolute Guide To Twitter Automation: Tools, Strategies, Ethics!

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An Absolute Guide To Twitter Automation: Tools, Strategies, Ethics!

Any sort of automation in real time trading has forever been a subject of debate. Twitter is not an anomaly!

There might be some difference in being spammy and being veritable? What’s the split second when your white hat SEO begins to turn grey?

These are the issues faced by tremendous people. However, it doesn’t matter to me!

In this blog, I will disregard every one of the ethics and spotlight exclusively on the proficiency of existing computerized strategies.

If this plan works out, you can think over it! What’s say?

I’ve done meticulous research on this concept and thus I can declare that this is an “ultimate guide to Twitter Automation as yet”!


What can be automated on Twitter?

I discern that most of the people out here are seeking for the shortcuts. You actually need a couple of tools that will do the task on your behalf when you hit the sack.

Following people

Following people
Following people

Unfortunately, you’re late! One year earlier, Twitter had technically slaughtered this feature.

As per the guidelines of Twitter, you are not allowed to create or utilize any such tool that permits following-unfollowing activity in bulk. Or else, they’ll straightaway suspend your account or application.

Newbies of Social Media Marketing might wonder why would people ever wish to follow accounts in bulk. What’s the catch?

Well, people are always on the verge of reverting the favor. As a result, the people you follow may possibly follow you back.

What do you think, will those followers read all of your tweets? Perhaps not! As they are following a number of user accounts, the chances are less that they pay attention to your tweets among others.

According to Dunbar’s number, a man can endure strong social relationships with merely 150 followers. So, the following users in bulk is a terrible idea! No, doubt, your followers would be increased with this tactic, but you would not get much traffic on your website.

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Posting tweets

Posting tweets
Posting tweets

An absolute majority of people don’t really keep an eye on your posts. Wanna check? Just ask people to reply to your message at the moment they see your tweet. I strongly believe that you will not get many replies.

How can I be so confident about this?

Three years back, Rand Fishkin (co-founder of Moz), who have nearly 20k Twitter followers, got only 150-200 clicks for the links tweeted by him.

If that is the case with such a renowned person, what more can we expect!

With all due respect, I deem that you aren’t Rand Fishkin.

I guess the engagement levels on your account may be very low.

With this, I want to state that people should not pester on the things they tweet to their followers. rather, they should watch out on what is being tweeted to the famous influencers like Rand Fishkin.

An elite way to acquire substantial traffic on Twitter is to invite users to tweet your content.

Make sure to add a personal touch on all of your tweets as it will make your post stand out among others.


Procure more tweets from the readers

Procure more tweets from the readers
Procure more tweets from the readers

It’s the matter of the fact that you can get more traffic from the readers than your followers. Just imagine, how far can your social engagements go if any of the readers retweet your article! The reach of the article would get ameliorated by a number of times as the followers of the reader would also get to see your post.

Above all else, the quality of your article needs to be fantastic so that people count on it! No one wants to hear criticism because of someone else’s post!

Ensure that the headline of your article is really catchy so that more and more people consider to learn about it.

Include the coolest social plugins and make the tweeting procedure easier for your audience.



Under Twitter ethics, the mention and @reply functions are supposed to improve the relationship among users and automating this feature would be a misuse of this highlight.

Twitter deters the computerized retweeting of other people predicated on some specific keywords and may suspend those accounts that take part in this type of conduct.

A moment ago, I tweeted an excellent article of TechCrunch and within a couple of minutes got an exceptionally pleasant reply from its writer:

He was welcoming me to his email list by means of a Twitter card. What a wonderful strategy! Isn’t it?

In any case, this wasn’t a mechanized tweet and lamentably my quest for the sort of hardware that can do it on autopilot wound up with nothing.

However, I’m persuaded that this extraordinary strategy is definitely justified even despite some manual work! Simply copy-paste invariable replies to everybody those who tweet your articles once you see that. Why not?

The same thing applies to automate DMs and Retweets.

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Analyzing new connections

You must analyze who are the individuals you wish to connect before you start to accomplish things.

Some people may think that what is the need for this research when they already perceive the top individuals working on their niche.

Well, if you just focus on making connections with renowned people on Twitter, you can get failed miserably. They usually get tons of mentions and emails frequently and it is next to impossible for them to connect with each and every individual.

That is the reason why you should get in touch with those groups of people who are presently on the same as you(or a bit superior to you).

Let me propose a maneuver,

As soon as you publish your next article, discover about a hundred or two who have remarkable influence over the concept and communicate with them.

Do you know the traits of a smart content writer? They are the ones who spend 20% time on writing the content and 20% time on publicizing it.

So, how can you spot suitable people swiftly and effortlessly? I have listed out some of the most effectual automation tools for Twitter that you can have a look at below!


Twitter Automation Tools

There are several automation tools available online, have a glimpse at some of the best Twitter automation tools and decide on any of them.




I earnestly think that we should tweet each article we read on the web. This is the thing we can do on our part and revert the favor of the writer. You can even do a little more by mentioning the name of the writer on your comment. This will increase your chances of getting recognized by the author and will definitely improve the relationship!

I make use of this application because of the following reasons-

  • It will dispatch the tweets I queued with certain reprieves as opposed to tweeting them out of the blue.
  • It will fathom the time when most of my followers are active on Twitter. I can then schedule all of my posts at that time frame only so as to acquire better engagements.
  • I can know the complete statistics(clicks, replies, and retweets) for every post.




Several features are offered by this tool that makes it really efficacious. This tool is one of my favorites because-

  • You can plan all of your posts and publish them when all or a huge proportion of your audience are receptive.
  • The statics and reports are made available to you, view them frequently and make improvisations on your marketing strategy.
  • All the interesting tweets of your niche can be shortlisted. You can drop a reply and establish your influence.
  • Automatically follows people who could be interested in your content. If your content is good, people would follow you back for sure!
  • Helps sustain your twitter account and create solid business connections with potential customers, via looking and retweeting incredible tweets on your niche.


Final words

So this was my “Absolute Guide To Twitter Automation“. What’s your opinion about it?

Did you get some innovative thoughts of how to reconfigure your Twitter Marketing scheme and have the most ideal outcomes with the least exertion and time contributed?

I truly trust, you’ve taken in a ton from this guide as I’m approaching you for a little support consequently:

Will you please tweet this blog? I’d be highly obliged!

Which tool did you appreciate the most? Drop a comment below and share with us!


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