Why Do Most Twitter Auto Follower Strategies Fail? 7 Top Reasons

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Why Do Most Twitter Auto Follower Strategies Fail? 7 Top Reasons

There’s a fatal flaw in implementing Twitter auto follower advice most people fail to acknowledge. It has been repeated so much that, after a while the line just gets blurred. 

To explain this, we have looked closely at every case study and found two most common scenarios. 

The first is when professional people try to apply Twitter algorithm hacks but fail miserably. And, the other one is when beginners start their twitter marketing journey and are tempted to lose motivation to continue.  

Well! The first case feels like a poor investment of time and effort. But if you learn to observe your own strategies early on, you might manage to hit quite less setbacks than other people.

So, have you ever felt like falling flat for those so-called ‘101 tips to get started with auto follower on Twitterguides? Well! My friend, this blog is made just for you then!

Stick with us, and you will find out where everything goes wrong. 

And here goes our first ground cause!

Not Leveraging Twitter Auto Follower App The Right Way

Automation is not a necessity. It’s the RULE! 

Anyone will advise you to automate if you are looking for an early boost with smart efforts.

But the question is, what is the right way to proceed with it? 

A whole lot of people are using ample amount of tools, following a bunch of procedures and still not reaching anywhere. 

There must be a reason. It is not like every other advice you hear is a scam. There must be something that either you are overlooking, or they are just not telling you. 

So, let me come clean with you regarding what it is.

It is not about the advice more than the software you are using. Many software dont allow you to automate at a natural pace with the configurations that help you the most. 

But Socinator does! 

Socinator is a cloud-based social media automation and scheduling tool that integrates with nine social platforms & exhaustive engagement reports.

This tool not only allows you to perform Twitter auto followers’ actions but also enables you to set time delays. 

Also, when your following gets higher than your followers, you can just automate bulk unfollowing on the software. 

The goal is all about having automation at the most natural pace that it feels real. 

Connecting With The Random Folks On Twitter

Following other accounts on Twitter is known to be one of the effective strategies to grow, but it is also the most thrifty one. 

Random people do not reflect your interests. Following them doesn’t guarantee you an appropriate follow-back from their side. Even if it works, it can only help you showcase popularity. But there is a flip side.

Ideally, those numbers of flowers should also reflect in your post engagement stats. And this can happen when you have a community of people with similar interests as your profile. 

That’s how you even have a chance to hack the algorithm for organic Twitter auto followers. 

But, the question is – How do you do it?

Well! Knowing who is your target audience is the key. And you get this information from the follower list of similar Twitter handles like yours.

Replicating those followers manually is a time-taking job. But when you are here for professional purposes, you tend to hire a tool that can scrape your target audience.

And we have that one covered for you! 

Socinator is one such tool that can help you with the nitty-gritty of Twitter scraping. The tool supports scraping user profile data along with tweets. With its extended abilities of being Twitter auto follower generator, Socinator offers comprehensive facilities. 

What are they? Let us find that out in the coming section.

Trying To Earn Twitter Auto Followers Without Posting Relevant Content

It is a no-brainer issue. But yes, people do this! While there is no point in explaining why you should not do this, there is something behind the layer that we need to acknowledge. 

Once again, after performing a lot of case studies, we have found the two most common scenarios. 

The first is when the user is only following people in bulk without posting anything. And, the other one is when a user is posting strange content without any purpose or background. 

Both scenarios don’t help you sustain on the platform for the long run.

However, if we try to address case one, we can understand that they are struggling with the postings. And that is why their focus is more on making people aware of their presence rather than putting out content. 

Haven’t we all been there? Well! I have a solution to propose. How about scheduling content on Twitter using Socinator? It will keep your community fed with new posts. So that you can simply go ahead and earn organic Twitter auto followers.

Problem solved. Harmony achieved! 

By the way, Socinator is one of the most robust tools that lets you schedule Tweets & Retweets. Along with that, it automates the deletion of unwanted tweets, retweets, comments, and much more. So, do check it out!

Ignoring The Power Of Building A Community 

Posting relevant content is one thing and actually engaging with your audience is another. What helps you build a community is more about how much you respond to your community than posting intriguing content. 

If you take the case study of any successful social media influencer or brand. They all have one thing in common. They engage with their audience with comment replies, message replies, retweets, collaborations, following their audience on social media, and much more! 

You value those who reflect your efforts. Isn’t this a natural human nature? 

But yes, there are challenges to meet these standards for getting Twitter auto followers. That is why you need software to schedule your response to your community. 

Not any, but Socinator, because it lets you schedule your response at a natural pace with right configurations that makes a difference. 

Along with this, Socinator helps you send an automated welcome message to the new followers. 

Also, when you are all packed up with countless quote tweets, it gets harder to pick the tweet that stands out. That is where Socinator Spintax Support comes in & saves the day.

Amazing features, right? 

Now, let us move on to our next point of the blog. 

Not Calculating Average Twitter Auto Follower Rates 

As we have discussed in our second point, Twitter follow-back rates are terrible when it comes from random profiles. On the contrary, this rate goes up when you have strategically targeted your audience. 

According to owlead.com, you can calculate your Twitter follow-back ratio through the below formula. 

You can see that the result will come in percentage. And the higher the percentage, the better. But the question is, how can you ensure higher Twitter auto follower rates?

Well! My friend, let us get our answers from the next point we are heading towards.

Overlooking Optimization Of Your Twitter Profile

So, ensuring a higher follow-back rate depends upon several factors that revolve around optimizing your profile. 

And optimization could look like this –

  • Add targeted SEO keywords on your bio, along with the short info regarding your profile.
  • Uploading a relevant profile picture that summarizes brand identity.
  • Adding a header image or cover image that speaks for your brand.
  • Attaching a relevant website for your interested audience to explore you in depth.
  • Linking your office location so that you sound authentic to your audience.
  • Pinning the tweets you want to showcase on your profile the most.
  • Make your tweets available for everyone, even for non-followers.
  • Unfollowing the most unresponsive accounts in your profile.
  • Deleting old or useless tweets from your account.
  • Enable the direct messaging button on your profile page for quick action.

Optimization to avail Twitter auto followers involves so many things! Phew…!

Covering all aspects of optimization can be done manually, but if you are here for professional purposes. Then my advice is to get a tool that can take care of all the little details that you might miss.

Sociantor can be that tool for you. Yes, it has a feature of account management that takes care of everything. From automating profile pictures to deleting and unfollowing, it has got it all covered.

Now, let us move ahead to the next point.

Leaving The Daily/ Weekly Content Calendar Planning From The Loop

Twitter is a platform where trends change in a matter of hours. In that case, calendar planning might not feel like a very thoughtful option. But, you need it more than you could believe.

Since it is a platform where you either create trends or follow them, you have to have a plan ready for daily or hourly postings. 

Also, you should keep track of the latest information that affects your domain. Because when new information comes like wind and spreads like wildfire, the first tree that catches fire matters most. So, you must be the earliest one to post about it.

But, how would you manage to have first-hand information about everything? The answer is – RSS feeds! 

And you can find this feature on Socinator.

Sociantor supports RSS feeds for every social platform it has integration with, including Twitter. Here, it covers all the areas of your industry and allows you to plan your tweet accordingly.

So, have you found the features you were pursuing? Then what are you waiting for? 

Start gaining Twitter auto followers with the assistance of the most powerful social media automation software – Socinator!

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