Get Verified Badge Instagram  In 2022

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Get Verified Badge Instagram  In 2022

If you are a social media manager, social media influencer, or small business owner, you have probably been asked to verify your Instagram account on multiple occasions. The verified badge Instagram lets your followers know that they can trust you. 

The verified badge is also referred to as the “blue badge Instagram ”, “verified Instagram badge”, and “Instagram blue tag”. Having a verified badge on Instagram means that a profile is legitimate and authentic.

As soon as the verified Instagram badge arrived on the plane, it became a status symbol for the people who are not only on Instagram but outside of it too. Soon many other platforms like Twitter implemented this verification idea on the go. 

Verified badge Instagram means that Instagram had verified the account as an authentic public figure, brand, service provider, or celebrity. 

It feels discouraging when you are new to the platform and want to forge your social identity, but not having a verified badge on Instagram is letting people feel skeptical about you. Well, we understand your concerns. That is why we have created his blog to clear your doubts regarding verified badges on Instagram.

So, let us begin! With a Podcast.

What Is Verified Badge Instagram?

In early 2017, Instagram announced that they are soon going to launch a feature where you can have a verified badge on your profile. Allowing you; to visually confirm the authenticity of your profile to the audience.

Implementation of a verified badge will open up a whole new world of opportunities for brands and influencers. It allows them to navigate the social media realm like never before. Helping them make an even bigger impact on the people following them.

To understand the meaning of verified badge Instagram, we first have to dwell on its function. So, the Instagram verification tag, or you can say – a blue tick, is here to authenticate the profile of an Instagram user. So that their followers can be sure that the particular Instagram profile is official and not fake.

So the Instagram verified badge is proof that a particular Instagram profile is verified by the platform and is legitimately the original version from other alternatives.

Why Is Verified Badge Instagram Important?

To understand the ‘Why’ in this heading, we need to dwell on the ‘How’ part of the story. Well! Before we begin to learn the importance of verified badge, let us know if they are made for everyone or just for some section of the Instagram users.

Here we go!

Is verified badge Instagram important for everyone?

Not at all, unless you are a creator, influencer, marketer, service provider, celebrity, or retail seller. Verified badge is a necessary step for those who are here for marketing purposes, and not for those who are here to run personal errands. 

Many celebrities have an Instagram verification badge on their personal profile. But guess what! They are public figures. So they must have a verified badge to differentiate themselves from fan accounts.

How can the verified badge Instagram help?

Every brand strives to be seen as legitimate by its audience. What is a better way to convince your audience of your authenticity than getting a certificate? In digital trends, getting a verified badge is what we call authenticity certification.

With the implementation of this new feature, influencers can please their fans even more by gaining even more credibility with their audiences. Now, since they have established their authenticity, it is possible for them to truly create that one-on-one connection.

This feature is helping to upgrade the course of actions of brands to sell products and promote themselves on Instagram. 

Importance of verified badge Instagram 

As humans, we tend to doubt things, especially if they are here to offer a service. We get skeptical of the fact that it could be a possible scam. Well, an Instagram verification badge relieves a person from all such worries. 

Let us understand the importance of verified badge in the following pointers.

  • First of all! Verification badges help the audience to confirm the authenticity and credibility of the particular account.
  • One can distinguish the difference between a fake account and an original account by verification badge Instagram.
  • You can increase your marketing by having a verified account.
  • It is crucial to verify your professional accounts because only one account will get a verification badge of a user on Instagram. So, ensure that the right account is getting ahead with this process.
  • Instagram verification badge unlocks many unique Instagram features for you.
  • It gives your account a unique identity and a social status.

How can Socintor help you in acquiring the verified badge Instagram?

The most crucial thing for an Instagram user is their appearance of credibility to any user. Having an ample amount of followers and engaging with them can also ensure one’s credibility in the platform. However, it seems difficult to stay online all the time. So, having a simple social media automation tool, Socinator by your side makes everything is easy as pie!

Socinator helps its users to schedule and automate the activities on any integrated social media platform. It supports the integration in nine different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, & Tumblr. 

With Socinator, one can simply configure the settings of their profile activity and build credibility. Also, Socinator allows any user to stay consistent without any hassle. That’s how it helps the user gain a verified badge on Instagram.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Instagram Verified Badge

Getting a verified badge on Instagram is surely one exciting thing, but it is utterly crucial to meet its eligibility standard. Let us know the Instagram criteria to apply for a verification badge.


Your account must be real and registered to an existing entity, person, organization, title, service, or brand.


To get an Instagram verification badge for a public figure, business, brand, entity, or title. Make sure you are actually that particular someone or something, and not a substitute, poser, or fan. Even if you are wanting to get verified for an existing person, brand, title, entity, or business, Instagram will not allow you to get verification on behalf of someone else.


Your Instagram account must be a public profile, and all the forms are filled such as bio, name, category, etc. Your account should have at least one post to get a verified badge on Instagram.


Your account must be well-known, should have enough internet and offline evidence that you are searched on both grounds.

How To Get Instagram Verified Badge?

Applying for a verified badge on Instagram is quite easy if you have fulfilled all the eligibility criteria. Let us go through the steps to get verification.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Go to your profile dashboard by tapping on your display picture, given in the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

Step 3: Tap on the three consecutive horizontal lines given in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Now, a menu will get opened up. Click on the ‘Settings’ given over there.

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the Accounts., 

Step 6: The ‘Request Verification’ option is there on the bottom side of the window. Tap on it.

That is it!

These are the steps. You have to fill in all the little details it demands from you and press the submit button. It will not get you a verified badge Instagram immediately, so you have to wait for a while.

Also, your verification request may get rejected because of inadequate or unsatisfactory details, but do not worry. You can try again!

Be Aware!

There are things you have to know if you are desperate for the verified badge on Instagram.

So, let us discuss the ways you can experience a possible scam.

  • You need to know that Instagram will not ask you to provide any personal information. Other than filling one single verification form that is available in your settings.
  • Once the Instagram accounts of singers and actors, who have 15,000 to 70,000, were attacked by Turkish hackers. Their Instagram profiles are still not recovered, even after so many years. So, you must use two-factor authentication to avoid such issues.

However, Instagram is the safest platform you can possibly have. 

But prevention is better than cure, right? So, it is your job to be extra cautious and fully informed.

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