Viral Marketing: A Guide for Social Media Posts to Go Viral

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Viral Marketing: A Guide for Social Media Posts to Go Viral

You all might have studied about the virus in your school biology subject. The virus is non-living outside the human body. However, when it enters a body, it becomes alive, multiplies every millisecond, and infects every part of the body. Now coming to the computer world and especially the social media world the same concept applies to viral marketing.

Cool, isn’t it?

As the name suggests, “viral” content refers to social media content, whether it is an image, article, tweet, video, or a meme shared, liked, and commented by a large number of social media audiences many times within a short period. Viral Marketing is the technique to create viral content or create content that can go viral. Viral marketers are those who make viral content and do viral marketing.

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While creating viral content, marketers analyze audience segments and gather information about their pain point where the content can probably hurt most. So that after posting the content, people can’t resist liking, sharing, and commenting on those content which helps the content go viral as almost all social media platforms have somehow the same algorithm for making any content viral, and that is more interaction with the content.

How Viral Marketing helps?


About half of the world’s population uses the internet. Social media, especially Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, quickly reach millions of people without any geographical boundaries. Therefore, Social Media is a good place for viral marketing. Anything can be made viral with just a blink of an eye or in a fraction of time if everything goes right and content is curated well according to audience requirements.

Let us see how viral marketing helps:

  • Cost Reduction – In viral marketing, the next step is distributing the content after the viral marketer creates the content. As the name suggests, viral content brings many audience interactions like shares, likes, comments. So the audience of social media does distribution work because they can connect themselves with the content and share it with more and more people.
  • Greater reach –  There is a rule that more traffic means more money. So if your content goes viral and reaches an audience across the world, there is a chance that you get many customers worldwide.
  • More Engagement – When the customers share your content, it builds trust and brings more engagement as the customers decide to share your content with their contacts and followers.

Understanding how content goes viral

So what makes any content go viral? Answering this question is like predicting who will win a lottery or predicting the result of a sports match. There will always be a 50-50 percent chance that your content may not go viral and did not perform much well as expected.

But deciding which type of content can be viral is not that difficult, like choosing a lottery.

Some factors can determine whether your content may go viral after posting it on social media platforms.

3 Types of Posts That Go Viral


  1. Puzzles and Riddles: Can you solve it? When you ask people to solve certain things and question them, they will try to answer it at any cost and share it with their friends and even relatives. There are so many dedicated pages of puzzles and riddles on Facebook and Instagram alone with thousands and millions of followers.
  2. Infographics: infographics are generally shared a lot and gain more audience interaction than any other content. Some marketers say that infographics are shared at least 4x times more than any other content.
  3. Motivational Content: People love quotes and motivational speeches. Any motivational content with which people can relate themselves has a higher chance of getting viral. Many new Instagram Pages gained thousands of followers in just a month with just motivational reels content.

Content evokes emotions(s) – Emotional Content has a great chance of going viral as humans are social beings, and humans’ biggest weakness is their uncontrolled emotions. Most of the time, people interact with emotional Content and even share it with their followers and friends. Sometimes, the content’s emotions hit so hard that people even download it and share it to WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. So we usually see many emotional Instagram reels on our friend’s WhatsApp statuses.

Now let me explain my experience with viral Content, especially with Instagram reels. Instagram has a very complex algorithm, but according to all the social media experts, only those Content goes viral, which gains a lot of audience engagement like saves, shares, likes, and comments. So if your Content hits certain emotions, then there is a chance that people will like your Content and even leave a comment and put it on their stories in the case of Instagram and retweet on Twitter.

A few days back, I encountered an Instagram reel with almost 1.2 Million likes and nearly 30 million views. The reel was straightforward, just a small animation video of a mother in the hospital bed giving blood to her son who is in a serious condition, and there was a specific emotional text copy in the reel’s description about the unconditional love of a mother, and the music of that reel can make anyone emotional. I couldn’t resist liking that video.


So as a viral content marketer, you have to prepare your Content in such a way that it gains a lot of people’s interaction. There is a simple formula for any content that can go viral.

Viral Content = Likes + Saves + Shares + Comments + Retweet (in case of twitter).

Content is Useful – Most of the time, valuable content also has a high chance of getting viral. You might have seen videos on Instagram and YouTube with essential kitchen gadgets that have millions of views. Also, many how-to videos as people not just want entertainment but also some knowledgeable or quick hack content like how to fix a bulb or make a pie. You can also leverage the power of Instagram Reels to make viral content. The Instagram reel is a new feature on Instagram and reels have more chance to go viral if it is either entertaining or provide some value to the viewer. Reels are handy for businesses to get new clients as reels can go viral quickly, and you can get a lot of reach in a small fraction of time.

Businesses should always post reels videos on their Instagram if they want clients or customers online from the most powerful social media platform — Instagram. For example, if you own a clothing shop and ship clothes online and have an active Instagram account, you can make many sales online, even more than offline sales. You can create reels with dresses and different transitions and add a piece of trending music and those viewing your reels, and if they like the clothes, there is a big chance that they will become your customers. Here I have written down some viral Instagram reels ideas which you can try to grow your Instagram account.

  1. Do lip-sync on dialogue from a popular TV series.
  2. Share do’s and don’t with a popular song.
  3. A quick tutorial in your niche. Example: Quick story hack!
  4. 3-4 myths with an excellent transition and song.
  5. Show some moves and point at the text: example – content ideas.
  6. Remix a reel of your favorite creator
  7. Turn the best-performing post into your Instagram reel.
  8. Create a reel showing a day in the life of a person in your niche.
  9. Find a trending reel and replicate it in your niche.
  10. Make a fun meme-type reel in your niche which makes people laugh.
  11. Share a reminder topic in your niche as a reel with a trending song. Example – coming soon reel.
  12. Try an excellent filter and share it as a reel. There are a lot of trending filters. Go with the trend.
  13. Share What ifs/ When moments of your niche as Instagram reels.
  14. Share before/after reels with a suitable song.
  15. Sharing a reel on this or that and asking people what they prefer? Ask them to drop a comment, and such reels work.

Content resonates with its target audience – Now, that is challenging. To create viral content, you must understand the pain points of your targeted audience, like their interests, likes, dislikes, interests, beliefs, reactions, etc. Have you ever thought why all Comedy YouTubers’ videos like Bhuvan Bam of “BB Ki Vines” go viral? Why there are millions of views on every video of

“Ashish Chanchlani Vines”? The answer is pretty straightforward. People resonate with the content, and they can connect with it and share it with their friends or close ones. Now everyone wants to become a YouTuber or Food Blogger. Why? Because food blogging is in trend, and who doesn’t love food? Those delicious food videos and their attractive thumbnails that we can’t resist ourselves watching. When you know what is trending and what people might love, creating viral content is not that complex, and if you add your creativity, then seriously, just Sky’s the limit.

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