10 Kickstart Tips To Take Your Twitter Followers To The Next Level

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10 Kickstart Tips To Take Your Twitter Followers To The Next Level

Fun Fact- Twitter is so much more fun than you can ever imagine, and it is not limited to just tweets and retweets.

But the real fun lies with the fact that in addition to being entertaining, it can prove to be an exceptionally worthy part of your social media engagement strategy. It acts as a medium that fills the gap between the audience and your brand using Twitter tools, allowing you to establish a stronger connection with your audience.

Also, some stats have proven that Twitter serves as a backbone of marketing. With more than 1.3 billion accounts and 500 million tweets posted daily, it is not wrong to say that Twitter is the leader of this era. 

So, are you also into Twitter and want to boost your followers? Well, of course! that is, after all, why you came here in the first place. 

However, reaching out and gaining new followers may sound fascinating, yet there are plenty of elements and strategies that need to be put together in order to boost Twitter followers. In addition to an inviting profile, you need to engage with influencers, use images and videos, promote yourself or your brand that adheres to their minds and turn them into your organic followers.

But is it really that easy? Only if our imagination can do half of your work. Every day, users send millions of tweets. When there is so much going on on the platform, it is hard to increase your followers. Also, there are some ways that some marketers do to boost their followers. Well! I am talking about bots and fake accounts. The reason I brought this up is that you need to stop doing it if you do so. It is not worth it. Let me repeat myself- Stop It Right Now.

Nonetheless, the path ahead is a bit tricky, with the fierce competition! But we will figure it out. It is still feasible to build an entertaining Twitter account with genuine and dedicated followers. 

Want to know how?

Here are 101 tried and tested strategies to grow your Twitter following and learn what Twitter tools you should try and what you should skip. Prepare to savor the best slice of cake! But before that, let us go to basics and understand why to do this? 

Why Boost Followers On Twitter?


Twitter has at least 199 million monetizable daily active users worldwide as it is one of the most popular social media platforms today. 

To have a heavy hand over your industry is crucial for you to have a higher count of followers. It also means the higher followers you have means that more and more people are interested in your brand and content. So, if you are trying to expand your brand exposure, Twitter can prove to be the best possible way for you.

For instance, you can use Twitter to announce the launch of your new product to start conversations related to your industry, and share your content. 

But apart from this, there is more you have to do to back up your brand on Twitter. Below we have listed ten ways to grow your brand exposure on Twitter. 

Now let us jump to the part of this blog where we will learn how to skyrocket your followers like a pro.

1. Tweet Time And Again

It might seem ordinary but, it is definitely not a child play, so this deserves to stay on top. 

Instagram, Facebook and, Pinterest are nearly simple social media platforms to get away with by posting once or twice a day. But with Twitter, most of the tweets do not stay for a long time on the timeline. It is why you should speed up your frequency of posting your tweets to let your followers have a chance to see your content.

Generally, there is no fixed number to tweet in a day that you should follow. We can say that frequent tweeting is the solution and, you can find out the same by testing it yourself. 

Well, tweeting 50 times a day is a waste of time but at least tweeting ten times a day minimum will work. 

For making your tweeting simple, you can use scheduling Twitter tools like Socinator to help you post by scheduling them in advance. Socinator will help you schedule posts when your users are responsive and online, of course. This tools can prove to be a real-time-saver for you. Scheduling will help you get better control over your Twitter account and your strategy as well. As it is really essential to be in the right situation at the right time to grab the best opportunity, Socinator is just the right Twitter tool that will help you figure out how. Staying organized is one of the things you might want to do to stay up ahead in your game.

It will help you keep a good balance of your content as well as your posting consistency. The more number of followers you achieve is directly proportional to the frequency of your posting.

2. Be Creative With Header Photo 


Do you want your users to see your brand and your content? 

So, how can people recognize your brand?  Well! You can show your efforts and creativity in your Twitter shop too. You have to make your profile look more attractive by choosing a nice header image. To make it more interesting, keep your image that will match the color scheme of your website as this will represent your brand and your products. 

A silver lining about this is that you get to show your followers a bit about who you are too. 

There have been many changes made to the size of the header image. So make sure you check with that and create one according to that. 

3. Harness Your Hashtags


Much like Instagram, Twitter is a great place to use hashtags as a part of getting recognition. Using relevant hashtags can increase the chances of exposure of having your content and your brand too. It will definitely make your content more searchable.

But always remember not to overdo your hashtags. We understand that it is essential to be recognized but making it look spammy is something you should do. 

Try to test it yourself and find a good balance by holding on to relevancy is the ultimate goal. 

Note: Do not use unnecessary and irrelevant tags trending on Twitter to make your tweet visible to the users. Would you like them to get spammed? To know which hashtags are top-performing, go through Twitter analytics and find out. It will give you a clear idea about how you want to layout your hashtag strategy.

4. Watch Out For Your Competitors


Keeping your other eye on your competitor and tracking their activity is as essential as other things as a part of your strategy. 

How have they built their profile? How do your competitors react to their competitors and their customers? What kind of content do they post? And the list goes on and on. 

This one step might trick you a bit but try to retweet their tweets once in a while to make your brand visible on their radar.

5. Get A Helping Hand

Honestly, we all need help in one way or another. Well, do not worry- we have got you covered with this as well. 

We found a Twitter tool that will prove to be a perfect fit for your brand. You might be familiar with one of the best Twitter tools for this- Socinator, as we have mentioned above. This tool will help you in ways that you did not even think. They offer their services to all the popular social media platforms and, you should definitely look at the long list of features they have for Twitter marketing.

You may be thinking that why use Twitter tools to build a following?

Well, for starters, it helps your Twitter account by automating posts, comment, follow, follow back, like/favorite, reply messages, retweet, and re-post. 

6. Join Hands With Influencers


This one is something that you should definitely do. 

Taking help from some well-known influencers will give your brand so much exposure that you did not even expect. Find yourself some Twitter influencers that you can relate to your industry or brand. Research on which influencers are a good fit for you. 

It is simple, your number of followers can increase because an influencer promotes your brand to their followers as they easily get influenced by them. As a result of this, your number of followers will increase. 

But now the question is, how can you find the perfect fit influencers for your brand?

Here is what you can do. 

Go through the list of your customers and try to find your best customers on Twitter. Next, surf through who mentions your brand and start building a relationship with them. This way, you can find your perfect fit.

7. Interact With Your Audience

As we are talking about getting our brand popular on Twitter- we should not forget that it is about growing your connection with your audience. We all have heard that knowing your audience is always good for the business but, it is equally important to interact with them. Getting to know their thoughts better is a way to understand where you are lacking to provide them and, exploring your strengths.

You can engage with them by replying to your customers with their tweets, or else you can organize a separate talking session to get to know each other better. 

8. Adding Call To Action Button


We all have a website for our brand. But do you have a call-to-action button for all your social media platforms on your website?

Adding one is a super easy task to do to grow your followers and, now they can spot you on their social handles.

Here is how you can get one for your website:

  • Log in to your account on Twitter.
  • Visit https://publish.twitter.com/
  • Customize the button according to your choice
  • Copy the HTML from here
  • And paste the HTML on your website.

9. Focus On Visual Content

Another way to grab the attention of your users is to post eye-catching visual content. It will increase your audience engagement along with your reach.

Don’t simply take our word for it. We have stats to back up our theory.

  • Users find the tweet with videos more engaging on Twitter. It will get you a nearly 10x increase in your engagement rate. 
  • Analysis shows that 150% more retweets are for tweets with images. 
  • Lastly, tweets with GIFs get 55% more audience engagement, as compared to those without it. 

And not just us, but every marketer believes that video, image, or GIF can bring more engagement to your brand. But, do not engage your followers in something unrelated to your content. 

10. Know The Best Time To Post On Twitter

Now that we are all set with what we have to do- let us understand when is the right time.

So, when is the right time?

According to a social media research project, there are some good times to share your tweets. 

  • One is between 11 am to 1 pm for B2B on Monday or Thursday.
  • The second is 12 pm to 1 am for B2B on Monday to Wednesday.

At first, this can be a little tricky to remember and, for that, you will always have Socinator handy for you to schedule your tweets. 

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Watch, Learn, Grow And, Repeat

It is impossible to pull followers on Twitter with an all-nighter. To get the desired result, you need to work on a combination of different elements. 

There might be times where you will get stuck with the analytical work pilling around you, but do not lose hope because of this tiny hurdle, as we have found you the best Twitter analytics tools. Yes! We are talking about Socinator that will help you drop all the weight from your shoulders. These Twitter tools will not disappoint you.

If you see yourself struggling to build more followers, use these above tips. Each of them requires a different kind of effort and resource, but their uniqueness will surely make a difference in getting exposure for your brand. And with this, we will bring this blog to an end and hope things turn out for you well.