08 Tips For Christmas Holiday Marketing

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08 Tips For Christmas Holiday Marketing

Christmas is around the corner! Everyone is feeling excited about this holiday season. Especially the business people, who would be searching for some tips for Christmas holiday marketing to drive more and more sales.

Here I’m with some awesome tips for Christmas holiday marketing.

1. Add a Christmas touch to your brand:

add a christmas touch to your brand

When it comes to online marketing, your brand should always be ready for the upcoming holiday season with banners and posts in advance. You should develop a curiosity for every seasonal marketing. Ensure that the customer’s mood should not fade away rather it should be on track till the end of the season.

For Christmas, customize the color of your website with a combination of red and white. It should create a feeling of Christmas in the minds of the viewers in a single glance.

 For more interest, you can add pictures of Christmas hats, Christmas trees, bells, lights, etc. It should be so colorful and attractive that every time a visitor views your website, it should bring a Christmas feel with a smile on their face that will boost up their shopping mood.

The banner of your website should be eye-catching for the Christmas holiday spirit. It should grab the attention of the viewers. Also, you should display offers and deals of your products to aware your audience about the Christmas sales.

Another important point is, you should restyle your social media pages with a Christmas theme with a Christmas-personalized profile picture and cover picture.

These are some tips for Christmas marketing that you should adopt at the beginning of your seasonal sale. Let’s jump to the next tip.

2. Introduce gift cards if you have not done yet:

Introduce gift cards if you have not done yet

Christmas themed gift cards can prove the best Christmas marketing ideas. Let me explain…

Gifting one or two persons is manageable. But, when it comes to the Christmas season, a lot of gifts are to be chosen which makes people confused with a lot of gift ideas. People always scratch their heads while selecting gifts for their family and friends.

In this scenario, digital gift cards are convenient and easy to purchase without wasting a lot of time. So, it is the primary gift choice for many. It can also add a sum to your revenue.

So, without wasting time, people can deliver gift cards to their friends and family on their email addresses. Receivers also feel great to receive gift cards as they can now buy gifts of their own choice. This is why most of the retailers have added gift cards to their websites.

Trust me, gift cards are the best option. It will boost your sales. If you do not have a gift card section yet, add it today.

3. Leverage web push notification:

Leverage web push notification

Having a mobile app for your business is well and good. You can easily use push notification apps to reach your customers. But if you do not have it, no worries!! Web push notifications can help you out.

Through web push notifications, you can interact with your customers even when they are not present on your websites. It also keeps your customers updated about the offers and upcoming sales on your website.

You can also ask your customers to subscribe to your Christmas updates to receive a notification related to the Christmas sale.

4. Create a Christmas-themed video:

create a christmas themed video

Images are good, but the videos are the best. Short videos grab attention more than still images. So, Christmas-themed videos can make up for a good Christmas idea.

Looking at your budget, prepare a Christmas themed video to boost your brand awareness. It should be short, creative, captivating, and entertaining. Or else, people will skip it.

Upload it on your social media platforms and promote it with short ads. If this worked and went viral, you cannot imagine the spark it will create for your business. Generating such videos is not easy. It requires hard work, creativity, time, and superb thinking power.

What results? Your follower count will increase, giving you higher engagement without even a brand ambassador.

5. Start sending Christmas specific emails:

start sending christmas specific emails

Your customers will receive your notifications on their emails because they know that they will get to know many exciting offers from their favorite brands. They might be missing your emails the whole year, but this is the only time they will not miss any of the main.

Send emails to your customers at regular intervals, making them aware of your exciting offers. Don’t be too frequent and too promotional every time. Make them realize the benefits they can get from your offers this Christmas.

Sending emails when most of the customers are active is the perfect calculation of time. Make sure they are online where they will open your email with a catchy subject line that will push them to see the content inside. Just shouting sale, sale, the sale will never work!

6. Offer gift packages:

offer gift packages

Offering gift packages would be an effective marketing strategy. During Christmas sales, people like to buy things in pairs or combos. So, encourage them by offering product bundles. It not only increases your sales but also helps you sell out those items which are rarely purchased by the customers. 

For example, if you offer a face wash and a face scrub along with the face pack, with a lesser price compared to the individual product, the buyer will purchase it because he/she is investing less price for three products than he/she would have done for one product.

7. Run a Christmas themed user-generated content:

run a christmas themed user-generated content

What about asking customers to wear a Santa dress and upload a pic? Or then offering some gifts if they do so? Believe me! It will be a great way to attract customers and a great marketing idea for Christmas.

It is possible through user-generated content campaigns and it is the best way to promote your brand.

In addition to this, you can also ask your customers to upload the pic of the shopping they have done from your site and in return, you can give gift vouchers to the winners.

8. Be active on your social media pages:

be active on your social media pages

Social media is the base of today’s online marketing. Without social media, the brands can’t boost their brand and increase their sales, especially during these holiday seasons.

Just uploading posts is not the way to reach customers. You have to create a friendly relationship with your customers. And this is possible only when you interact and engage with them at regular intervals.

Especially during Christmas, try to create a Christmas atmosphere for your audience and try to get their likes and comments on your posts. Reply to the queries and interact with them because more engagement leads to higher reach.

Also, do not post the same on every platform. It will decrease the interest of the viewers. So, try to create new for every platform.

But have you ever imagined how these many platforms are managed? Is it possible to upload posts and manage all social media platforms?

Yes, it is. If you are tired of your regular work to post, comment, reply to customers etc. There is an all-in-one solution for you that is social media management tool.

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It has automatic features like auto-like, auto-comment, auto-post, auto-reply and many more. These features make it unique and make your work easy with less manual work. You just need to schedule the date and time of the post. It will automatically post it and also repost it if you want to.


Try it and experience it’s awesome features!!

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Wrapping words:

Well, these are some tips for Christmas holiday marketing. As Christmas is going to arrive soon, you should be well prepared for it. Other than this, you can also use these ideas for the new year.

You should try Socinator to manage all your post uploading and social media work. It’s automatic features can handle everything.

I hope you liked this article. If any other marketing tips you want to add to these, feel free to comment down.