How Can You Make Your Instagram Page Look Attractive?

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How Can You Make Your Instagram Page Look Attractive?

Years ago, social media was not that popular as the way it is now today. Well, social media has become a prominent medium for connecting people on a more personal and profound level. 

No doubt, social media platforms are getting used by brands to reach potential customers. However, these networking sites are also quite approachable for individual brand building. If you have something extraordinary to offer, then social media hubs can help you in a big way. 

The name of Instagram comes in the mind of most people as the social media platform, which can help them to build their brand image in a really unusual way. Right! 

Instagram has been one of the most successful social media platforms in the last decade because it has got acceptance from people all across the globe. For your information, up till now, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. 

Instagram is the first choice of marketers for promoting brands and products to the masses. As it makes brands look even more interactive in front of audiences. 

However, getting an excellent mark on Instagram is not easy. It demands hard work, dedication, and a grand vision. But if you’re ready to give your best shot to create an attractive Instagram page, then it’s not tough. 

So, are you on Instagram and want to make your Instagram page aesthetics a benchmark for other Instagrammers? 

If yes, then I’m ready to help you out. Here, in this blog post, you’re going to see some of the best hacks on how to make your Instagram page attractive and compelling. So, you can able to captivate more people towards your Instagram landscape. 


1. Craft An Instagram Bio That Fascinates: 

As we all know how Instagram bio impacts the first impression of your Instagram presence on visitors. That’s why you should create it with a lot of fun elements. People should not feel cranky after reading your bio. Instead, they should become motivated to check out your entire feed after taking a glimpse at your Instagram bio. 

Here’s an astounding example of an Instagram bio that I have captured from the Insta account of an active fashion blogger Kate Ogata. She has drafted her bio with a great writing style. 


Tonya Smith is also an Instagram influencer whose Instagram bio is a perfect fit for tempting people’s attention. She is a fashion blogger who also owns a blog website called The Mop Top. 


Most of you might come across difficulties while drafting an Instagram bio. Maybe, because of a lack of creativity, confusion regarding the writing pattern, or due to any reason. 

So, at that time, you should peek into your Instagram peer accounts to grasp ideas to write an outstanding Instagram bio. Some of you might think it is not tough to draft a captivating bio. Of course, it’s not. But, here’s the point is not only about writing a bio, but it is also about writing it down into only 150 characters. That’s a big challenge.

Doing summarization of glimpses of your complete personality in 150 characters is an art that you can master with the right practices. The use of the online character counter is one of them. Emojis can also add a hilar element in your bio. 

There’s a lot more you can do for writing a unique bio. You have to figure out which words can represent you the best. That’s it!


2. Look After Your Instagram Feed:

Instagram has become an asset for businesses to market brands on a larger scale.

Companies are using this networking platform as their brand territory, where they showcase their products in the best possible light. 

That’s why each and every facet of your Instagram page is very valuable. And when we’re talking about the most prominent aspects of your Instagram account, then how can we forget about the Instagram feed. 

No doubt, Instagram feed is a life of your Instagram page. I can’t emphasize the importance of its enough for making your Instagram presence stand out against others. 

You will agree with me on this that the Instagram feed of some accounts blows our minds away and just hit it off to us. Right! 

How they make this possible? What are they doing unique with their feeds? 

Are you questioning all this with yourself? 

Well, the Instagram account of Michelle Halpern is an excellent example of showcasing us the best Instagram feed. Her account feed is astounding. She is a traveler and doesn’t hesitate to share compelling bits of traveling with her followers. 




Color scheme, grid design, and overall theme of your Instagram account play a tremendous role in making your feed look sizzled. That’s why you have to consider them all in an equal proportion. 

Let’s see how to settle all these attributes of your Instagram for the best!


Find Out The Most Appropriate Theme-

The theme of your Instagram feed is the vibe that you want people to feel whenever they land-up on your Instagram region. So, you have to find out the best possible theme that showcases your brand or your individuality in the most appropriate manner. Your Instagram theme should resonate with your brand.




Like the way, Frooti does with their Instagram feed. Whenever we see something sunflowerizh mixed-up with an orange background, we hardly take a second to recognize that yes, it’s a Frooti Instagram theme. 


Stick To One Color Scheme-

The color scheme is another most crucial trait regarding how to make your Instagram page attractive. According to all the successful Instagrammers, sticking to a similar color scheme is substantial. Because, hopping with the colors and filters you use in your Instagram feed can disrupt the flow of your theme that’s not good at all. 




Well, by glimpsing at the Instagram feed of micro-influencer Blake Mason, you can take back home an abundance of ideas for creating the best Instagram feed. She has chosen a calming white background with light effects of filters as her Instagram theme. That’s portrayed her zest for healthy living. Also, you can learn from her how to get featured on Instagram in an effective way. 


Grid Design Should Be Wow-

A beautiful grid design contributes mainly to make your Instagram page attractive. Thus, you should pick the best grid layout for your feed. A grid pattern decides how your Instagram posts look overall in the feed. 

You can create different grid layouts for your Instagram feed by using tools like Preview App, UNUM, and more.


3. Get Inspired From Other Instagrammers:

No doubt, Instagram demands you to be creative and visionary for making your brands shine out. However, always coming up with new ideas is tough. We all want inspiration at our work, especially, then when we’re hassling with our own artistic expanse. 

That’s why, at that time, driving inspiration from other Instagrammers is the best you can do. As you know, to get Instagram followers, you have to make some powerful connections. So, keeping track of other Instagrammers’ work is essential. And to ace this quality, you have to engage with them effectively. 

To make this happen, first of all, you have to explore your peers. So, you can find out the Instagram accounts, which share the best alignment with your niche. 

For example, if you’re an aspiring fashion blogger who has just started using Instagram, you can get inspired by keeping an eye on emerging accounts like dailykongfidence. Christine kong is a face behind this Instagram account, where she shares all the latest clothing trends with her dedicated 117k followers. 




Well, executing all this by yourself is a little time-taking and frankly quite tedious. But, as it says, there is always one route to smart work. It’s up to you whether you want to choose it or not.

The use of advanced Instagram automation tools like Socinator can really help you out as far as the perfect implementation of daily Instagram activities is concerned. 


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4. Images Should Be Of High-Quality:

No matter what color scheme, filter, and grid layout you choose, if your photographs are not of high-quality, all will fall on deaf ears.

That’s why your Insta pictures should be of extremely high-definition. It is a world-renowned thing that Instagram is a visually driven platform, where people give first preference to the quality of images they are posting.

Don’t rely entirely on the editing part because it can also not save an entirely poor-quality image. Here, I just want to clear that now you no more need a DSLR or expensive professional cameras to capture the high-definition photos. 

Nowadays, you have a walking-talking camera with you all the time inside your mobile. So, there is no need for advanced cameras. All you need to do is to avoid shaking while capturing images, look after the proper lighting in the background, and some more factors. 




Instagram account of Steven Onoja perfectly encapsulates quality enrich images. His fashion statements are a visual delight for his Insta family members.


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So, these were the best four tactics about how to make your Instagram page attractive. In this evolving social media era, techniques to optimize the Instagram pages are changing every now and then. That’s why, to remain at the top of your Instagram game, you have to look after every new update regarding Instagram.

However, all the above-described hacks can cause a noticeable change in your Instagram presence.

I hope you love this blog. Please don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.


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