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Socinator – The Best MassPlanner’s Alternative

Mass Planner is no more there to help us. It came like a blow to the world of social media automation. We all know that Mass Planner was the site that catered to social media aspirants, businesses and ventures on a huge level. It allowed marketers to grow with a sigh of relief from the never-ending and monotonous postings on social accounts. No wonder, there came a lot of heartbreak with this closure. Mass Planner served as a media marketing solution for accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. It appeared like a cost-effective method for small as well as mid-sized businesses to generate authentic leads.  

How Was Mass Planner a Beneficial Option?

Undoubtedly, Mass Planner came as a lucrative getaway for marketers. Especially, users who had to manage multiple accounts got a smart virtual assistance in the form of Mass Planner. Automation can be a great thing when you have to like hundreds of posts in a day to appear visible. It’s like drawing the attention of those, who are not your followers yet. Many feel that automating comments can also be really substantial. For example commenting on a food account’s post, “DM me some of your favorite Lebanese food spots in the city!”. This can ignite an effective conversation which could be reliably carried forward.  

Issues with Mass Planner

With convenience comes recklessness. Mass Planner was massively overused by a large base of users. This included, not paying appropriate attention to setting-up auto commenting and liking. This increased the scope of spamming and unwanted targeting. This raised a question on Instagram’s authenticity. Furthermore, this suggested the need to eliminate bots and automation from the process. The concern was, if someone is paying for ads, they would not want the maximum engagement from auto-generated bots. Of course, platforms like Instagram did not like this down-trip much. Hence, we received the final goodbye message from Mass Planner.  

The After Story and Alternative

If we look for replacements, there are ample options available. More than helping, a long list confuses us more. That is why; here we suggest a far-reaching solution that meets almost every significant criterion. Socinator is nothing less than a virtual superhero which includes automation of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Quora, and Reddit. It is legitimate and trustworthy that assures you a safe bet.
Socinator saves you from the tiresome struggle of posting repeatedly every single day. Just like Mass Planner, Socinator promises a comprehensive solution with improved security and assurance.  

Can it Replace Mass Planner?

The list of the tasks never really ends. Also, the shut down of Mass Planner should not be the end of your social platform dreams. Fortunately, Socinator allows you to utilize different features with a definite program base. If you are accustomed to the easy and plain interface of Mass Planner, Socinator provides the similar convenience of easy navigation to its users. It helps you to self-regulate almost every important activity on your Instagram along with other prominent channels. You can start with a free trial and check all the uses like:
  • Automated Like/Unlike
  • Automated Following and Follow Back
  • Automated Commenting
  • Auto posting of stories and posts
  • Auto Post-Deleting which matches a criteria
  • Contacting prospects
  • Auto-replying
  • Hashtag management
  • Managing comments and liking
The focal point is that, you have an Instagram page, Facebook account, Youtube Channel, Twitter handle and all of these have to be managed every day. You would get everything managed from one place and Socinator gives you that leeway. The platform helps you to build a persona that adds to the growth journey of your brand.  

Why is Socinator the Safest Option?

Socinator’s motto is, “Easy Automation for Busy Marketers”, which means it targets serious soloist businesses which aim to grow social accounts organically. Here, safety comes as a major concern. Socinator advice its users to run multiple accounts smartly without stuffing them with aggressive postings. Proper delays between the posts improve credibility and lower the chances of monotony among the audience. Also, it suggests assigning one account per proxy and getting involved in multiple activities. It believes in starting slow and improving gradually. With this paradigm, Socinator manifests itself as a reliable source which will not put you through the risk of sudden discontinuity.  

Why Automation?

MassPlanner gave users a bird’s-eye view of all the activities on social accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It was a comprehensive package of growth with consistency. When social media platforms faced a stark decrease in organic reach, many small businesses had no choice but to automate the process. The cost-friendly and smart strategies helped them to form a foundation on the grounds of social networking. The main difference that MassPlanner brought was a good scope of customization. Multiple options within the tool made it more practical to use and replace human efforts. Some of the humanly features of Mass Planner were:
  • Following and un-following accounts matching some certain criteria.
  • Liking and commenting on posts
  • Blocking of accounts
  • Joining communities and other social media
  • Direct messaging
  • Scheduling of posts

Why is it a Never-Ending Necessity?

While social media owns the power to reach millions of people on earth, it demands specific determination of time and effort. One thing that social media marketers wish the most is some extra hours in a day. Extending day hours is not an option but minimizing the workload is possible. Automation software does exactly the same. Of course, we all aim to progress faster because the digital marketplace is like an ever-growing amphibian which expands every minute. New methods and ideas sprout every day. Socinator gives you the peace amidst the rising stress-level. Just keep scheduling newer ideas to your accounts and it promises to be your digital front.  

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