Social Media Monetization: 7 Ways To Monetize Your Social Media Profile

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Social Media Monetization: 7 Ways To Monetize Your Social Media Profile

Nowadays, social media has become a business place for many people. Not only celebrities/creators but even common people can also easily make money from their social media accounts. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Don’t you want to make more income using social media? Then you must know about the term social media monetization. With this now users can monetize their own creative social media skills to earn revenue in return. There are social channels where people can share their creative skills in front of audiences to get recognition and exposure for their talent.

In fact, nowadays, many people share their content in the form of text, images, and videos to capture audiences’ interest. When they get enough followers on social media, it would be the time to start planning for social media monetization.

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Social Media?

You might have seen celebrities having a million followers doing sponsored content for some brands. But on the other hand, you will also find some micro-influencers who do not have a huge fan base on social media, yet they are attracting sponsored content from a few brands. So basically, it’s a myth that you need a big fan base to monetize your social media accounts.


From recent reports, we found that instead of reaching mega-influencers, marketers would like to deal with local influencers more. And most of those brands who work with big celebrities also have to pay a lot compared to local and small influencers on social media.

Around more than 70% of marketers would like to invest more in micro-influencer marketing. While only 20-30% of business giants would like to work with celebs. It proves that you don’t need a massive fan following to monetize your social media account. Even if your content quality is good enough to catch the audiences’ attention, then you have the opportunity to make money from social media monetization.

How To Monetize Your Social Media Profile?

Now you are ready to monetize your social media, but wait! What’s missing? The main thing you should do before trying to become a paid creator on social media is how to enhance your influence on social media. Only that way, you would get a better reach with audiences. And it would eventually help you make more money.


So let’s explore more tips and tricks about how you can monetize your social media accounts to earn more revenue.

Become A Social Media Influencer-

If you are really looking to make money on social media, make sure you have a good audience engagement. And to achieve that, you will have to deliver more entertaining and engaging content to your audience. So your first aim should be to enhance your influence on social media. That way, you would cover more audiences in your network, and it would help you attract sponsored deals from brands.

Another good thing is that influencers can often get easily noticed by brands. And nowadays, on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, creators are getting paid a lot for creating promotional content for brands. Also these platforms support creators with features like partner monetization on Facebook, Instagram creator monetization, YouTube channel monetization, where you can get ads or sponsors for your content.

Sell Your Online Course-

Now that you have created some influence on social media, you have another option to make money. You can share your knowledge and skills with your audiences by selling your online courses. In fact, nowadays, many creators share their educational content on social media platforms. Also, they sell and promote their e-learning courses which make it easier for them to monetize their social media.

Get Social Media Sponsor-

The next step you should take by attracting more brands to sponsor your posts. Remember that brands would only collaborate with influencers who often engage with their audience.


Brands have their own expectations, and sometimes they even want to have complete access to creators’ posts on which they are investing. But on the other hand, as a creator, you have total control over your posts, whether you want to publish them or not. As an influencer, if you are not fine with any brand’s policies, whom you are collaborating with, you have the right to cancel the deal. So it is a win-win condition considering the creators’ perspective.

Sell Products on Facebook and Instagram-

If you don’t have enough followers to become an influencer on social media, why not just start your own business by selling on social media platforms. Thankfully there are platforms with features like Facebook marketplace and Instagram shop, where you can directly sell your stuff. But for that, you need to have a business account on Facebook and Instagram.


In such a case, you can also promote your eCommerce website or Shopify store on your Facebook page or on Instagram to drive more traffic for your business. Especially for SMEs (small and medium enterprises),  this store feature makes it easier to promote their business.

Affiliate Promotions-

Even if you don’t own a business, you can still sell products on social media with affiliate marketing. Many people on social media do referral or affiliate marketing to make a commission in their pocket. To start your affiliate business on social media, you just need to find some reliable business partners who sell products that are relevant to your content.

Generate Leads For Brands-

For any user, it won’t be easy to start earning right away from social media. However, as you get connected with more people and grow your network, you will learn about the preferable interest of the audience. And accordingly, you can generate a lead for brands to earn returns in your bag. Like affiliate marketing, many creators encourage their audience to try certain brands, and in return, they earn monetary income.

Monetize Social Media With Automation-

Monetizing social media is most likely going to be a long journey, where you will have to deal with too many things. In such a case why not rely on an automation solution to resolve complications in your journey. By automating social media activities, you can save investments of your precious time, which you can regulate on other activities like reaching more brands and creating engaging content.


Socinator is an all-in-one social media automation solution that you can implement to automate your day-to-day social media activities. It has features that let you plan your posting schedule on Calendar but also manage regular engagement activities.

Get Most Out Of Social Media Monetization-

Even if you plan out all these strategies to monetize social media accounts, there isn’t a surety of success unless you get your followers to count on the rise. The competition to gain more through social media marketing has already grown quite intense. And to attain success, you need to make more and more efforts so that more people can subscribe and follow your content on social media.

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It’s just that opportunity is there for you, but you need to be really good with your communication with both audiences and brands to gain more.