10 Facebook Hacks You Must Know in 2022

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10 Facebook Hacks You Must Know in 2022

Over the years, with how widely popular Facebook has become, it has a user-base of over 3.5 billion active users. The social media behemoth has taken the world by storm by connecting them and millions of other like-minded individuals to share ideas, thoughts, and for the serious ones, services and jobs too!

Several small businesses and brands have risen on Facebook, and the platform is a part of the success stories of a great deal of these companies. Marketers use it to connect with other marketers, audience circles, and potential clients as a means to bear the cost of living.

In 2015, Facebook changed its algorithm drastically, and users were not happy about it. These algorithms are rules and guidelines that dictate who on the platform sees and interacts with what content. This algorithm is the prime deciding factor that influences the reach of our Facebook profile and brand page.

Facebook hacksFacebook hacks

This change has led to fewer people using Facebook for marketing today. As soon as these changes came to the surface, brands and creators began noticing lesser engagement on their content. Soon they realized that their content was only on the feeds of 10% of their followers. It was shocking for most creators as they used Facebook as a free networking app.

Earlier, people used Facebook, and because they had such high followers, any content would work for them to farm likes and other types of engagement. Today, creators have to be creative with their social media strategy and content and realize that Facebook has become a pay-to-win platform.

Facebook hacks

But just investing the money won’t work. Your content has to stand apart from the crowd – it’s the only way to gain traction. If you invest your money in data with no fruition or entertainment/infotainment value to it, nobody is going to watch and interact with your ad.

And it’s not as if Facebook’s algorithm has changed to being pay-to-win. There are several things you can do to beat the algorithm and gain the traction that you deserve! And that is what we are here for today!

These are easy Facebook hacks you can use to use and enhance the experience of the platform for you. If you are a digital marketer or a content creator, you are at the right place because we discuss some valuable Facebook tricks and hacks that you must know in 2022. Let’s get started!

  • Facebook is Pay-To-Win

Yep, believe it or not, Facebook is a pay-to-win platform. That means that to grow yourself on Facebook, you have to pay the platform to get a preferential experience. After all, Facebook is a private company, and the primary goal of a private company is to earn profit. It used to be very good with showing your content to all your followers, but after the algorithm update, Facebook displays your content to only 10% of your followers. If you want to read up on how to make money from Facebook, read here!

But if you promote or boost your content, it gains at least ten-fold more traction than organic posts do. The best part about this is that even if you invest small amounts of money every day to boost your posts, your page could gain traction and impressions from that money. Combine that with quality targeting, captivating content, and good practices to promote, and your insights would skyrocket!

Facebook hacks

Utilizing Facebook ads is also a way to boost your Facebook post to get engagement. These ads are nifty Facebook hacks that work as advertisements, redirecting users to your website to drive conversions and increase sales. 

Facebook ads have a high ROI, and you can do a lot with less than $5 a day! On top of the exposure that your profile is getting, you also get precise targeting options. Utilizing the information in Facebook’s database, the algorithm may provide you exposure to a new audience that would be interested in your products and have never heard of you before!

  • Positive Competition

Interaction on social media, not just Facebook, everywhere is widely influenced by mutual engagement between users. That means that to grow up as a creator on a social media platform, you must view your fellow creators as companions rather than competition. Collaborate with brands and creators with the same brand tone and rhythm as you, so your followers can take a look at the other person, and the same goes for their followers!

Facebook hacks

It enables crossovers between the followers of either creator, which boosts their reach and showcases their content in front of newer audiences who might like the same thing but haven’t heard of them.

Collaborating with your competition also makes for better relations with them. It can be of help in the future when you run out of ideas, or they do, so you can mutually help each other and grow each other while seeing growth in your numbers!

  • Use CTA Buttons Everywhere!

Facebook is primarily used to boost sales and drive conversions in the modern digital world. The best part about the platform is that it provides many ways to redirect your consumers to your home ground, your web page where they can know all about your products and services, and background information about your company. 

Facebook hacks

CTA buttons are helpful on Facebook! The platform provides various CTA buttons with varied positions on an ad, and they have multiple functionalities depending on how you want to use them. The most commonly used CTA buttons are:

  • Contact Now!
  • Sign Up!
  • Watch Video
  • Use App
  • Play Game

CTA buttons take the initiative and provide one-touch access to your audience so it’s easier for them to take any action that would benefit you. They are a marketer’s best friend if they understand the psychology of their audience and use them appropriately.

  • Use Different Targeting Options

Okay, I am aware that this is not one of the Facebook ad hacks per se, but Facebook ads are competently smart in targeting people that favor your niche. For the icing on the cake, Facebook provides you with three targeting options:

  • Core audiences
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
Facebook hacks

All three of these targeting options have a sole purpose: To target users on the platform who are most likely to interact with your page or make a purchase from your website. However, they differ in the ways they work. Here is a summary of how each one works:

  1. Core Audiences: If you like to take matters into your hands and want the freedom to tweak everything, this option is for you! You can define your criteria for an audience by targeting users based on location, consumer behavior, various demographics like age, gender, location, occupation, more, and their interests! If you know your audience will engage with your content, you should go for this option!
  1. Custom Audiences: This option will let you establish relationships with people who already know about you and have interacted with you in the past. This behavior is present in a wide range of people: from your loyal customers to the cart abandoners – this option will target everyone who has previously been in touch with you.
  1. Lookalike Audiences: Facebook came up with this recently, and what a brilliant execution of targeting this option provides! It targets new users who have no clue about your brand, but their behavior resembles your current users. It allows your brand to grow within the audience that knows your niche but does not necessarily know you. These users are more likely to interact with your brand. It has a direct impact on your conversions and sales.
  • Go Live Often!

We know how valuable it is for us in the algorithm’s eyes to engage with our followers. It is one of the Facebook hacks that people seldom use. When you live-stream an event happening over to people who cannot physically be present, they have a sense of presence and feel included witnessing said event on their TV or phone screens. It is one way to get organic traction from your content without paying the platform. 

Recent Facebook usage statistics show that Facebook Live has the best reach out of all the tactics on the platform. They also suggest that users tend to interact more by commenting and donating in live streams than stand-alone videos, and live videos retain audiences for 3x longer too! Now that’s some serious engagement!

Facebook hacks

Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm favors live videos by placing them on top of your audience’s news feeds and highlighting them – so they attract attention. And the best part about all of this? It is free to use!

You may use Facebook live to showcase the following:

  • A Birthday Celebration 
  • A Corporate Event 
  • To Announce Offers 
  • To give a sneak peek of upcoming products
  • Get Reviewed!

We all understand how and why reviews are valuable in social media marketing. Customer reviews give a sense of understanding and trust to other customers who have not interacted with you. Not everybody in your audience pool will gauge your work on how established your website appears to be – they need something more than that! 

They need the approval of other customers who have previously had an experience with your brand before. Once they are satisfied with what they have to say, they will come forth and bring their business to you.

Facebook hacks

Statistics say that 85% of customers are more likely to engage with a brand reviewed by their customers before. Before doing business with you, most customers would read approximately 7-8 reviews and then gauge if they want to move forward with it or not.

Reviews on search engines and social media platforms like Google and Facebook are vital to brands and small businesses. It is free publicity where they can highlight what their specialty is!

  • Maintain Your Entertainment to Information Ratio

It is probably one of the most underrated Facebook hacks on this list – it is a must to ensure that your content provides an equal proportion of entertainment and information to your audience. If the video is too flashy and brand intrusive, ensure that your audience learns something from it. Anything from social issues to brand awareness falls under education in this context, but make sure that all your posts are not about the brand itself.

Facebook hacks

Ensure that your readers learn something from your post. It boosts the retaining power of your posts and keeps your profile in the minds of your audience longer than usual. It aids the engagement and reaches on your profile which adds up to be helpful in the long run!

As you provide more informative content to your followers, they find a blatant reason to follow you. When that happens, you can be sure that your follower count will only keep rising as you post content that educates your audience on various things.

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  • Use A Variety of Fonts for your Posts

Social media today is all about your posts standing out from the rest of the crowd, right? We know that already. And what better way than to stand out than to have your posts look different from others?

That’s right! Using different fonts on your posts than the default is a way of making your posts pop out of your competitor’s posts with the default font. 

Now you might be thinking, “How do I do that?”

I got you. 

  • Go to your favorite search engine and type in “font changer,” and press Enter. Hundreds of font changers are available online, and the best ones are right in front of you the moment you press enter! Click on the first one!
Facebook hacks
  • Enter the text you want in a different font.
Facebook hacks
  • Select the font that you want from the list on the font changer website.
Facebook hacks
  • Just copy the text on the box on the right side and paste it on your Facebook post.

And there you have it! It is one of the niftiest Facebook status hacks on this list that guarantees your posts look different from the posts on the platform.

  • Advertise Yourself Everywhere

It is one of the easy Facebook hacks on this list. Marketers, brands, and content creators, no matter who you are, you should link all your social media channels to one another. That means that if, for instance, you are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, it can be difficult to farm followers on all the platforms at once.

Facebook hacks

It can also be awkward to mention all your social media handles and have them look you up on all the platforms. To get around this, social media veterans link their social media channels together. By simply mentioning their various handles on their profile on, say, LinkedIn, these users take advantage of users that roam around a lot on the internet.

Once followed on LinkedIn (in this context), most users tend to follow them on all social media platforms if they are fond of your content. It is an excellent way of growing all your social media channels together at a consistent rate.

  • Automation is the Future of Social Media

We have already established the fact that Facebook is a pay-to-win conquest for social media marketers, right? The algorithm wants you to pay it a couple of dollars, so more people see it when it goes live to gain popularity and see an increase in your numbers.

Facebook hacks

But what if I told you: within the same amount of money, we have one of the best Facebook hacks you can get on the market right now!

Socinator is the #1 Facebook automation tool that aims to provide all-in-one Facebook Marketing solutions for today’s digital marketers!

With Socinator, you may automate just about anything, so you can make time out for yourself whenever you want!

And not just Facebook, Socinator provides automation services for several platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. 

All the dreaded tasks – the following back, resharing posts, replying to customers with generic responses, let Socinator handle everything for you!

Facebook hacks

Socinator provides you with the following automation services. Note that these services differ from platform to platform. To view details and pricing for other platforms, click here.

  • Auto Accept/Cancel Friend Requests
  • Autolike/AutoComment
  • Automatic Reshare to Groups
  • Auto publishing Content from RSS Feeds
  • Automatically respond to new visitors
  • Auto scheduling of posts and other tasks (Follows, Reshares, Likes, etc.)
  • Automatically wish Birthdays and other events

Other features that Socinator provides are:

  • Statistics/Reports on Activities
  • Broadcasting messages to your audience
  • Efficient Account Management
  • Exclusive filter support for smart searching
  • Find Groups specific to your niche.
  • Ability to Mass Download Images

And so much more!

Head over to Socinator and secure your future as a social media marketer today!

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