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Instagram Stories Viewer | Unsee Yourself In 3 Quick Ways

Have you ever wondered if you would have given a feature that eliminates your accidental story view from someone’s Instagram stories viewer list? Any undo button or hide option, anything that could save you from marking any story seen by you.

Well, Instagram does not have such a feature, but we have few hacks for you to avoid getting caught!

Instagram stories last up to 24 hours from the moment they get to upload. Avoiding read receipt is a tricky part with Instagram stories.

Once you have seen the stories, there is no going back. Only the Instagram stories viewer tool or following a few hacks can save you from marking your view. Ever since Instagram has launched stories, people have come up with many hacks that guarantee to remove your read receipt from anyone’s stories.

Well, the easiest way to opt for viewing someone’s Instagram story anonymously, is installing Instagram stories viewer software to your system or leverage websites to do that for you. Talking about this software, we have few tools that you may find appealing.

Third-Party Instagram Stories Viewer Tools

People these days are pretty infatuated with social media. Many wish to see people without them noticing. It is a hell of a trend in social media, whether you say this stalking or checking up anonymously. Instagram stories viewer tools give its users an outlet to explore anonymity in terms of watching Instagram stories.

According to the report of, Instagram records more than 500 million stories daily on their database. And nearly 60 % of Instagram users find this feature informative and easy. 50% of them are keen to take action after viewing the story insta.

With this rate of engagement on Instagram stories, many users can probably view Instagram stories anonymously. It leads to the conclusion that some Instagram story views do not get recorded. But no worries! Viewing an Instagram story anonymously requires effort. So there are only a few unrecorded views.

Well! At this point I should ask you a question: Do you want to get your hands on an Instagram stories viewer tool that can do more? Then get yourself the convenience of the most comprehensive Instagram marketing software Socinator. With this tool, you can operate on more than one Instagram profile without even logging in to them and automate the process as you wish. Socinator can automate each activity of Instagram you can possibly imagine. 

Can you believe me? Watch it yourself and decide! When it comes to Socinator, the Instagram stories viewer feature is like a drop in the ocean; Because this software offers you a full-blown Instagram marketing solution that you would hire an agency for! 

From generating engagement reports to setting automation for likes, comments, postings, and much more. Apart from being the Instagram viewer, Socinator is a full-blown package you cannot ignore if you want some serious job done. 

Apart from supporting Instagram, Socinator integrates with eight other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumbler, Youtube, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Quora. It means you can take yourself on a ride for complete social media management and automation, only with one software; Socinator.

How To Hide Yourself From Instagram Stories Viewer (Manually)?

Unseeing yourself from an Instagram story is the most exciting part we can ever experience while using Instagram. You can use a few hacks and methods that I have used to spoof the story Instagram viewer. But here is a catch, you need an Instagram profile to do that. 

So, here are a few techniques listed that you can opt for if you wish to view an Instagram story anonymously or have already seen one accidentally. 

  • Block the profile.
  • Turn off your internet.
  • Deactivate your account. 

These are few techniques that people most often use since Instagram launched stories feature to the platform. Let us understand these hacks better.

Block the profile

Yes! Blocking the profile will remove your story view. And, also do not let them track you with their existing profile. Blocking is the best way to prevent them from knowing about you. But, you can only do this to a public profile. Because if you block a private profile, you have to send the following request again to get access to keeping up with them. 

So, use this hack only on public profiles. After blocking them, you have to wait until the story expires. Otherwise, the Instagram stories viewer backdrop will restore your read receipt, and your cover will blow.

To block someone on Instagram, you only have to log in to your account and search their profile from the search bar. 

Once you finish searching for your desired profile, click on the three consecutive dots given at the above right corner of your mobile screen. An upward list will occur where you can find the block button. 

Hit the button and feel the magic. Puff! Your Instagram story view is gone from their profile. Now you can wait until the story expires before you unblock them. So, you only have to wait a maximum of twenty-four hours to remove your Instagram story view.

Turn off your internet

Yeah, Blocking someone is quite a remedy to cure your accidental story view issue, but have you tried turning your internet off before you proceed to sneak on their story? Well, try it! You can do this on any profile, whether it is private or public. It does not matter. 

You only have to refresh your feeds. It will load the story of the respective profile, and then you can turn the internet off. Now, you have seen the story in an offline manner. But, as soon as you come online, your view will get recorded for sure. It does not matter that you view them in offline mode. You have made an impression on their story after viewing it.

So, you have to wait until the official remaining lifespan of the story before you turn on your internet while using that profile. Well, in this data-driven world, turning the internet off for twenty-four hours is much to ask. 

Alright, there is one thing you can do. Log out from that profile before you turn on the internet connectivity of the device. In this way, their Instagram stories viewer will not record any latest activity done concerning their profile.

The maximum time you can keep it logged out is twenty-four hours.

Deactivate your account

Deactivating your account disables Instagram viewers to read any of the activities you have made on the platform. And thus, Instagram stories viewer of that profile owner will remove your read receipt from the owner’s story view dashboard because it only shows the record of active profiles to promote further engagement.

The minimum time your account can be disabled is up to 24 to 48 hours. And the official lifespan of an Instagram story is up to 24 hours. It means you can reactivate your account as soon as 24 hours are complete.

How To Reveal Instagram Viewer Lists On Stories?

I believe that everyone here is familiar with Instagram navigations for stories. If not, then log in to your Instagram profile and tell me the first thing you see in the upper left-most corner of the window. That is right! We call it an Instagram story and the preceding horizontal list of violet circles are stories from other profiles you follow. 

When you tap to circle and navigate various features in the stories dashboard, you can create a video or photograph and post it then and there, or you can write and post it. Instagram stories have all the options you can possibly ask for! 

The beauty of an Instagram story is it lasts a maximum of 15 seconds. Anything you post will be there for that much duration before it shows you the next Instagram story. You can also view the list of those Instagram story viewer profiles that made a stop at your story. You only need to swipe up when your Instagram story is open on the window, and here is the list of your viewers.

Business profiles have the biggest advantage on story views. Because they have more dashboard features than a regular profile. A business profile Instagram story gets its own set of story insights, where you can see how many people are engaged with the story and in what ways.

To understand the concept of Instagram stories viewers better, let us have an experiment with the feature. 

  1. You can observe that the first thirty to fifty views on your story will always be in chronological order. It means it will show those profiles on top who viewed your story in a particular duration of time.
  1. After 50 views, your Instagram stories viewer list will get shuffled up in a complex order. Now, it will show you those profiles on top of who you engage with most and who have higher activity levels with your profile. It means that the uppermost section of the story views list will have those profiles with who you are active, and then the rest of the viewers will list on the basis of their engagement level with your profile.

Story Insta Wrapped Up!

It is always fascinating to dodge technology using its loopholes. Spoofing Instagram stories viewers is one such frequent action that people desire to do. But the lack of technological knowledge restricts them from taking appropriate action. 

The hacks given in this article are not advice but an extension of how much you can pursue from one function. 

Now you know about most of the functional ways that you can opt before you try to sneak on anyone’s Instagram stories. Additionally, there is a bonus hack that gets most people an ultimate advantage of anonymous story views. And that is, making a fake account. 

People do not talk about it much, but it is reality. Nowadays, no one has only one social profile on a particular platform. There can be many official Instagram profiles and many fake ones too! It depends on the utility of the profile. 

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