How To Conduct A Social Media Audit With 09 Steps | Time To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

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How To Conduct A Social Media Audit With 09 Steps | Time To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Are you aware of the social media audit? If not, then you have clicked on the right link. In this blog, we will walk through the steps to conduct a social media audit. We will also know about social audit in detail.

Let’s roll in!

Nothing is constant on social media. As time goes on, many new concepts with quality content get updated on all social media platforms. So, if you are a marketer, you should stay updated about current affairs and trends.

It is also necessary to know how well your content is performing after being published on social media and what changes are required to win the hearts of audiences. Here comes the role of social media audit. Let us know about it in detail.

What is a social media audit?

If you are using social media for marketing your business, you need to get clear about social media audits. Yes, it is that important.

As I have said earlier, you must know what is going on in your social channels. A social media audit helps you to know so. Having an effective marketing strategy to get success in your upcoming campaign is a critical part.

You will be able to know the following facts if you make an audit of all your social media accounts:

  • What social strategy is working and what is not.
  • Identify whether any social account is taking away your followers and fans.
  • The social media accounts are not responding anymore and need to get updated or deleted.
  • New opportunities to boost your engagement rate and attract new audiences.

In short, you can say that social media audits give you the current information about your social effort and how to improve it. The information which you collected in a centralized location. When you audit your social channels, you will have all the required information at your fingertips.

How to conduct a social media audit?

Follow the below steps to audit all your social media accounts.

1. Track all your social accounts:

track all your social accounts

Before making any changes to your marketing strategy and plan for your upcoming social media campaign, you need to checkout and track all the records of all your social accounts to get detailed insights into what is going on in your social accounts.

Once you have tracked all your social accounts, identify the accounts that need to get more social presence. Start planning strategies accordingly.

2. Ensure all your social accounts are on brand:

After getting all your accounts verified and checked, ensure that the social accounts are consistent with your business brand and standards.

3. Which are your best posts? Identify:

It’s time to check out your social accounts individually and find those posts which have gained the maximum engagement. But how to identify the popular posts, and how do you manage them?

Best social media management tool| Socinator:

There are many social media management tools available in the market out there. One of the best software tools that I will suggest to you is Socinator.



Socinator is a social media management tool that can get utilized as one of the best social media audits to give insights about your current and past posts. All the busy marketers use Socinator to manage and grow all of their accounts safely and organically.

Intuitive features of Socinator:

  • It helps you in Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, youtube marketing, and many more platforms.
  • It has the option of advance publishing, with which you can schedule your post on multiple networks.
  • It has automation features for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 5+ platforms to grow your social accounts 10x faster.

There are many more features that will be more valuable to audit all your social media accounts. Do checkout once on its official website and get to know more features with exciting offers to buy it. It has the best pricing to meet your needs.

4. Evaluate the performance of all channels:

In this step, you have to monitor all the channel performance overall, rather than checking out individually. You must have created some social media goals for all of your accounts. If not, get started now. It is impossible to know the channel performance unless you know what to monitor in which channel.

Like, you cannot use the strategy for increasing the Twitter followers to increase the followers of your Instagram account.

Most of the brands track the metrics like the number of conversions and website traffic. But your marketing funnel gets filled with profits when your audience gets converted to your customers.

5. Tracking results is essential over time:

tracking results over time

To get good insights about the results and improvement, you can compare your social posts before a week or month with the current running posts. Through this, you can identify the seasonal variations that make it easier for you to know the changes you need to make for your upcoming posts.

6. What’s the return on your investment? Calculate.

This step is also essential to know what you have spent and what you have in return. When you get to run any social media campaign, you must check the return on your investment. It is an essential step of a social media audit. 

It will give you a piece of quick information into the money you have spent on a particular campaign and how much you contributed to your company.

7. Get audience insights to know your audience better:

know your audience better

Of all the steps, this step is the essential part of the social media audit process. It is to identify who your audience is and their needs. You can create content and get the maximum reach with many conversions.

8. Now, select the right channel:

Now, you have enough insights to make marketing decisions about social strategies for all your accounts. Look at each of your accounts and imagine the plans that will work for all platforms individually. The current performance of your channels will help you improve your social media strategy.

Also, you need to focus on social media platforms that give the maximum return on investment. You can decide to try on Facebook first. Then you can change the social media platforms and plans to get the desired result.

9. Repeat all again:

The above process of social media audit should get conducted regularly. It will get you updated on the current performance of all social accounts and improve the social strategy accordingly. In this way, all your social accounts will provide the best ROI.

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Wrapping words:

Well, as a marketer, you should always stay updated on the performance of your social accounts. The process to do so is, conduct a social media audit regularly to get insights and work on your social accounts improvement.

Also, you can use social media management tools for managing your social media accounts in a centralized location. These tools will also give your insights into the performance of your posts.

I hope you like this article. If you have any queries or want to add something to this article to make it more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!