What Is Social Media Analytics | 07 Best Tools To Help You With It

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What Is Social Media Analytics | 07 Best Tools To Help You With It

Where do you go to gather insights about social media? Yes, you are right. We have some social media analytics tools. But is everyone aware of those tools? In this blog, we have a list of tools that help us make business decisions according to the information collected through these analytics tools. 

If you are using one already, you can check out this blog to pick another one with more features. But as a marketer, if you are not aware of these tools, you are in the right place. Just relax and continue reading. And yes, in the end, do not forget to share your picked one.

So, let’s roll into the blog! 


What is social media analytics?

Before jumping into the list of social media analytics tools, let me ask you a few questions. 

What is the latest trend on social media similar to your niche? How do you calculate ROI with all your social media campaigns? On which social media channels your posts or campaigns are performing well? 

Do you know the interest and wants of your audiences? How is the quality of your content different from your competitors? And the question which you should know definitely: is your marketing strategy working?

All these questions are answerable with the help of social media analytics tools. It can show you your social media performance. With it, you can know which of your marketing strategies is working and which one is not before you waste focused time, effort, and money.

Also, you can get a real-time report of your social media performance which you can share with your working staff, team members, and stakeholders.


Social media analytics plays a vital role for marketers!

Let us focus light on how it acts as a solution in critical cases that arise in social media marketing.


1. Measures ROI and improves marketing:

With the help of social media analytics tools, marketers can determine how the company is performing on social channels and the hoe effective its strategy is. This overviewing of the performance is crucial to get success in all social media campaigns.

When your strategy does not work, the data collected from social media analytics tools will help you point out the exact part where you need to work. Isn’t this amazing to catch the problems immediately and work on them to avoid a downturn.


2. Help you to make business decisions wisely:

When you get real insights about social media, making business decisions with effective strategy will be easy. If it comes to content strategy and social media, social media analytics tools can help you determine which is performing well and what is not.

Several data are getting uploaded to social media that is increasing every year. The technology is also improving with the latest features to gain insights from these uploaded data. Social listening is the latest social media analytics tool that analyzes the uploaded data and extracts insights similar to one’s business.


3. Keep an eye on your competitors:

There is no point in celebrating the success of your social media performance if you are not aware of whether you are performing better than your competitors or not.

How do you know that?

Companies should compare themselves with their competitors to know where they are lacking and how to remedy themselves. Get yourself compared with the average performance of the entire industry to improve yourself as a whole.

So, it’s time to know about some social media analytics tools to help you analyze and improve your social media results. Also, we have some free tools for marketers who run small businesses with low budgets.


07 best Social media analytics tools:


1. Sociality.io:


It is a free social media analytics tool used by digital agencies, freelancers, brands, etc. With it, you can publish your content on different accounts at a single time. You can also compare with 15 pages of your competitors at once, analyze the reports generated by this tool, and create a more engaging marketing strategy.

It gives a 14-day free trial complimentary service where its starting price is $3/month.


2. Hootsuite:

hootsuiteHootsuite is not new to the market. It focuses on small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. It is a social media management platform widely used by many users. You can get key metrics and real-time reports with Hootsuite and analyze your social media performance with its analytics tool.

It gives a 30-day free trial service where its starting price is $19.99/month.


3. Buffer:


With Buffer, you can plan, schedule, and publish in a single dashboard. You can grow your audience and build your brand with Buffer publish.

It gives no free trial where its starting price is $15/month.


4. Socinator:


It is a social media management tool that can act as one of the best social media analytics tools to gather and analyze those insights to help you in your social media campaign. It is for busy marketers to manage and grow their social accounts safely and organically. It handles Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and 7+ social media platforms.

It has the best plans and pricing for you. The pricing starts from $9.99/month and handles ten accounts simultaneously. Social media management will be easy for you.


5. Socialbakers:


This social media management tool helps you analyze your performance on social media and focus on organic content, advertisements, ROI, and future engagement. 

With this tool, you can manage multiple profiles over multiple accounts. It has an audience analytics tool that helps you narrow down your audience and identify the right audience.


6. AgoraPulse:


With this social media analytics tool, you can get a detailed report for analysis. It also handles response time reports and community management. Small as well as medium-sized companies use this tool to manage their social media.


7. Brand24:


With this social media analytics tool, you can get detailed reports on your content performance and audiences. It has automated sentiment analysis by which you can get alert notifications with neutral, positive, and negative mentions.

Lastly, I would like to share one piece of information: How to track social media analytics. Let us see.


How to track social media analytics:

how to track social media analytics

You must be thinking, why do we need to track social media analytics? When we want to understand social media and want success in our social channels, we need to track our social media performance. Also, by tracking, we can determine the status of our competitors on social media. It will ultimately help in our upcoming social media campaign.

 Let us take an example of one social media, Facebook.

  1. First, open your Facebook business page. Navigate to the insights option at the top on the white bar. You will get options like page likes, reach, followers, post engagement, and many more.
  2. Now gain insights about your followers by clicking on the page followers option. Similarly, you can click on other options to get more information about your audiences.
  3. Now, you have to decide what data can help you improve your business and accordingly proceed.
  4. Also, you can take the help of social media analytics tools like Socinator to analyze your performance on social media.

I hope you got the answer to your question about how to track social media analytics.


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That’s the wrap!

So, as we already discussed, social media analytics tools are crucial for marketers. With these tools, they can gather information about their social media performance and analyze those data to improve their business.

Well, I hope now as you have enough insights about social media analytics tools, you might be ready to jump in and get started with it. Isn’t it?

If you have any queries or want to add something to make this blog more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!