Instagram Takeover 101: Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Game

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Instagram Takeover 101: Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Game

With the ongoing changes in the world of social media marketing, what remains constant is the power of influencer marketing. Working together with an influencer for an Instagram takeover is one of the easiest ways to make your brand stand out.

Besides adding a breath of fresh air to a brand’s IG account, well-executed Instagram takeovers come with many positive outcomes for both the brand doing the hosting and the guest.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your reach, gain new followers, promote a new product, or collaborate with content creators, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can Instagram Stories takeovers boost your reach, but they are also the perfect way to diversify your content marketing strategy. After all, why not mix things up?

Instagram takeovers are one of the hottest trends on the social network. Many brands have already jumped onto hashtags such as #TakeoverTuesday when executing their own Instagram takeovers.

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But what makes Instagram takeovers so special, and why are they becoming so crucial for popular brands?

More importantly, how can you host a successful Instagram takeover for your brand?

Read on to find out everything you need to know!

What Is An Instagram Takeover?


In an Instagram takeover, you let someone else run your account and publish regular Instagram posts. They might share content they have created themselves or share content that you have been collaborating to create.

The duration of the Instagram takeover typically depends on your content marketing strategy and what you want to achieve, but takeovers typically last anywhere from a single afternoon to a whole weekend. They can coincide with a particular event, product launch, or they may just run on a specific day to align with your marketing calendar.

The takeover content your content creator is sharing will depend on them, and for the duration of the event, they become the owners of your account.

How To Do Instagram Takeovers?

As we have seen, including Takeovers in your Instagram marketing strategy can bring you multiple benefits. Still, bear in mind that sharing this type of content also requires planning and consideration.

Next, you can review the main steps that will help you develop a successful content strategy with Instagram Takeovers.

Define Your Goals:

As in any strategy, defining and setting the goals you want to achieve will be the first step. If you want to add this type of content to your Instagram planning, first you need to be clear on how these videos will keep you in the right direction.

Choose The Participants of Your Instagram Takeover:

Now it’s time to select the partners for your Instagram takeovers, to do so, always keep in mind your goals and the type of marketing strategy that you have in place.

  • If your objective is to increase the visibility of your brand, you should introduce the team by letting them participate in the stories.
  • On the other hand, if your focus is on showing how your products are used, you can choose someone from outside the company.
  • Do you want to improve the reach of your account? You can make collaborations with influencers who usually reach more people.

Define Your Brand Identity and Share Posting Guidelines:

We recommend that you set the guidelines and rules on how to approach the takeovers and share them with all the participants to make sure everybody is on the same page. For instance:

  • Each one can share a maximum of 10 stories a day.
  • Partners can combine videos with audio and images.
  • It is recommended to include GIFs to capture the attention of users
  • etc.

These are only a few examples, the most important thing is to give direction and establish some parameters to be visually consistent with the stories and to preserve the verbal identity.

Time to Plan:

Once you have set your goals, decided the partners who are going to participate, and established the guidelines, it is time to plan your strategy.

As with all social media channels, having an editorial calendar is essential. You need to create an editorial calendar where you can establish the frequency of how often you are going to share a takeover. With this step, you will guarantee a well-organized and defined strategy.

Voilà! Everything is ready to dive into your Instagram stories takeover strategy.

Analyze The Performance of Your Actions:

Last, but not the least.

Keeping track of the success of this format will help you identify trends and discover whether this type of content works or not. This way you can adjust your strategy accordingly and make sure you are on the right path.

You can analyze the performance of these stories in two different ways:

  • With the insights offered by Instagram. Check out the most relevant metrics and write them down in a document.
  • By analyzing the performance of your Instagram account through any Metricool account. You will find all the information in the same dashboard that will be available at any time.

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How To Do An Instagram Story Takeover?


Promote Your Takeover:

Viewership is key in delivering results. You can promote the takeover in a variety of ways which could include: posting a descriptive photo or video on your Instagram grid, utilizing Instagram Live to share about the upcoming event, direct messaging your followers with a link to the brand’s page, and cross-promoting on social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. An additional way is to put advertising spend behind the Instagram Post so that an audience beyond your followers will know of the takeover.

Show Your Day:

As the adage goes show don’t tell — use this mindset as you take viewers along with you throughout your day. Make sure to introduce yourself properly in the first post with your Instagram handle and background. Provide elements on the takeover that are memorable, which could include: interviews, tips for the audience that prove your expertise, and encouraging the community to ask questions.

Provide A Unique Experience:

To stand out in a sea of content — there are 300 million Instagram Stories created daily— go above and beyond to have viewers checking in for more. Always try to provide them with a unique experience that no other can provide.

Use The Instagram Capabilities:

Increase reach and add creativity using the Instagram product features. To gain a larger audience throughout your story add a location tag, up to six hashtags that could include your branded hashtag and popular ones such as #nofilter #instagood, and tag people in your post to make sure they see it. Shrink the hashtags and @ handles as to not clutter your content.

End Strong:

As you’ve taken viewers throughout your day and provided entertainment and value, remember to end the story with a strong call to action. You can ask the viewers to screenshot the next post and then in that post include your website, handle, or other pertinent information. If you have 10,000 followers and access to the Swipe Up feature, you can include a link that goes to your content.

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Overall, content creation and execution can increase the bottom line of businesses and brands. If you want to expand your reach and build stronger relationships with a community that is parallel to yours, use Instagram takeovers as a way to do so. And to succeed at all you social media management challenges, use Socinator.