What to Post on Instagram-10 possible Instagram post ideas to boost your business!!

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What to Post on Instagram-10 possible Instagram post ideas to boost your business!!

Are you getting tired of thinking ideas what to Post on Instagram? Instagram post ideas to advertise your brand and engage your customers. But it’s not sufficient to only post any picture or video. You need to be unique from your competitors and offer your customers exclusive and artistic ideas they can’t find anyplace.  

If you’re searching for the best social media medium to increase e-commerce business, think of preferring Instagram. In the past few decades, the popularity of Instagram has turned into consumer behavior. Nowadays, gradually users use this medium for product detection. It can be tough, mainly when you see more than 95 million images and videos are shared every day with the application. So, here a question comes to your mind that what do you need to post on Instagram daily that’ll engage your users?  

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Instagram productivity and engagement report  

As mentioned in the analysis, 83% of Instagrammers find original goods and services on the medium, 87% of users give attention after viewing product info, for example, seeing a brand or visiting their webpage, 54% of users buy after recognizing a new product or offer on Instagram.  

Just add users are prepared to identify and purchase your product through the application. But, over 25 million companies and 2 million promoters wish for the suggestion of active users, so you need to hard work for maximum engagement and increase consumer experience on the Instagram platform.  

To influence your users to be your buyers, it’s significant to enhance your profile for public vending and so, make the buying procedure easier than before. Additionally, get ten Instagram post ideas your business can practice to raise sales on the Instagram platform. Let’s get into it.  

Instagram stories  


Instagram Stories are an essential segment of each Instagram advertising approach. But it’s too simple to form Instagram story ideas.  

They preserve your users informed with your product and also update your Instagram site’s engagement.  

1. Introduce an innovative product or offer introductions on Instagram Stories  

Enjoy yourself an innovative product or offer introduced with your users over Instagram Stories!  

Put a countdown marker so users can fix a notification for it, and be there at the exact time for the launch. Publish regular notifications with the publication date to produce publicity and preserve your users happy about it.  

Few users may not see the broadcast carefully or go through your webpage frequently, so it’s beneficial to recall them through Instagram so they won’t skip it out.  

2. Product assets on Instagram Stories benefit your business  

Instagram -Stories-benefit-your-business!  

Instagram Stories is the best way to display your brand’s products to fresh users. It’s a significant process used by Instagram influencers while publishing their sponsored brand’s products. Users who are not satisfied with your brand’s profile may not have gone through or viewed your brand previously.  

So, posting your brand’s products on Instagram stories permits you to make a successful Instagram Stories Climax which is effortlessly available and can change into a systematic sequence.  

Posting featured products not only advertises your goods but also can be the reason for significantly improving your business! If your brand’s Instagram profile has completed 10,000 followers, you will be capable of adding a link to your Instagram story. So that your followers can easily click and view it, which influences them directly to purchase the product!  

3. Post limited offers for a limited time  

Limited time offers have a vast effect on the consumer’s ordering procedure. When you post offers, it increases customer attention and influences a user to buy in order not to slip any chance.   

As stated in the Marketing Sherpa study, 56% of social media customers follow a company to receive daily vouchers or upgrades, and 44% of users wish to find offers from brands they visit.  

4. Speak about your online business or authorization  

Maximum customers will accept that offers make them cheerier. The higher range of initial offers is the much more attention you can produce. And when your brand chooses to display product advertisements or add items on authorization, it’s significant to post a necessary update for your users.  

Let’s take an example, a company gives data about its leading business in the video and composes a description that describes all the profits. It supported to influence Instagrammers who were viewing the core Instagram story:  

Both online business and authorization work on the value of emergency, so loyal consumers hurry to create the buying choice. For brands, it means a possibility to raise business with easiness.   

5. Share influential consumer feedbacks  

With a multiplicity of goods on the market, it can be discouraging for buyers to create the buying decision. Users believe in buyers’ experiences, and optimistic feedbacks influence 91% of consumers more expected to purchase from a business.   

If you get optimistic buyers’ feedback, it’s a great opportunity to reprocess them for Instagram marketing and share posts on the news feed. Not only it can raise brand reliability and faith, but it can also affluence the changing thoughts of loyal consumers.  

6. Start using of Instagram Live video feature  


Instagram has a live video option in its feed that permits customers to show their live-action throughout the day. It is preferred by brands to discuss their campaigns and promotions.  

In 2021, a study proves that 65% of customers are more interested in purchasing a concert ticket after seeing a promotional live video and 70% Favor viewing a brand’s video against reading a blog post. These data can’t be overlooked, and display those live videos should involve in your Instagram feed.     

7. Operative Instagram Story idea  

Show your users a preview of your brand’s working ethics! Share videos of the inner side of your office environment; even take for instance selfies with your associated staff. Viewing your users how it’s easy to work with your brand creates your brand look more approachable, user-friendly, and sincere.  

Taking your users on a visit to the view of your office also supports to make strong bonding and increase more engagement with your users.  

8. Advertise your referral event  

There’s no improved method to gain fresh consumers quickly than trusting your potential users. When consumers are pleased with your goods, they are more expected to share with their friends and relatives about optimistic consumer experiences. It’s a reliable method of sending data about your business, identified as a word-of-mouth marketing approach. The mainstreams of marketing managers have faith in it. It is the best running form of advertising.  

If you need to influence your consumers to share the content about your product, arrange referral events that can recompensate your potential consumers and influence customers to believe in your product. Furthermore, Instagram is an effective platform to advertise your referral event.   

9. Prepare a questions & Answers pattern in your Instagram Stories to communicate with your followers  

Preferring the question pattern on Instagram, your business can increase response about its goods and services or perhaps you can start a Question-and-Answer conference with your followers.  

It permits your user to ask you questions that they wish to distinguish from your business, goods or service, or simply whatever in overall. It’s the best possible method to attach with your followers and even progress your brand’s genuineness and reliability. Buyers appreciate brands that believe in review and provide the answers to questions they’re wishing for!  

10. Give away brand perks  

Instagram indications are well-known among customers. If you open Instagram for business purposes, you should keep in mind that giveaways increase users, boost engagement, and gain the attention of your potential users. But while completing all the essential things, Instagram giveaways also progress your business.  

To influence new followers, you can take the help of Instagram Influencers who will sponsor your brand and advertise your giveaway on their accounts. Furthermore, these influencers boost engagement and increase spread for a possibility to get fresh buyers within their community.  

Socinator’s best features to boost engagement 


Activity Statistics and Reports  

View all the reports and statistics from time to time for the activities performed with your accounts which can help you for a better analysis of your marketing strategies. 

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Schedule Instagram posts directly to Instagram with our Auto Publish feature, no push notifications are required.  

Auto Comment  

Allows you to leave comments on one or multiple posts. 

Auto Follow  

Search for Instagram handles relevant in your niche and automatically follow them to grow your engagement on Instagram.

Auto Repost  

Lookout for high-quality and engaging posts in your niche and re-publish them using this feature. With this strategy, you will expand your circle of influence by featuring the most lucrative and engaging photos in your own feed.  

Broadcast Messages  

If you have important news that you want to tell your followers, you can send a direct message out to all by broadcasting it. 

Schedule Profile Pic Change  

Just like scheduling posts, Change your Instagram profile picture at a pre-defined time.  

Delete Posts  

Delete old pictures, videos that didn’t get legitimate engagement and keep only your high-rated posts. The Instagram marketing automation that did the right way – like deleting bad-performing posts – will do wonders for your account.  

Efficient Account Management  

Trying to juggle multiple Instagram accounts is difficult. With this software, manage your Instagram accounts efficiently in teamwork. 

Find and Extract Engaged Users  

You can search for followers, followings, likers, or commenters of your engaged users by using various search methods (like searching based on the keywords, or hashtags, and so on)  

Find and Extract Targeted Users  

Now find for followers, followings, likers, or commenters of your targeted users by using various search methods (like searching based on the keywords, or hashtags, and so on)  


After viewing these ten incredible ideas for your Instagram Stories approach, I’m 100% sure you would have noted which ideas your business has followed and which are not. With these Instagram Story ideas, your business will positively notice a change in engagement rates.  

An exciting and attractive caption is significant to preserve your users’ motivation if your users are feeling bored; you might start dropping followers’ numbers: So, maintain your business more effectively and follow these ideas we’ve mentioned above.  

Just like every day Instagram posts, Instagram Stories have ideal post timings, so; it’s a great idea to share your Instagram Stories when most of your followers are online.  

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