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Instagram Marketing Secrets | Elevate Your Instagram Game

In today’s technological times, most of us spend half of our day on our phones and social media. Therefore one of the best and simple ways to meet your customers is the place where they see you first.

Facebook and Instagram, in the marketing world, are like Coke & Pepsi. They’re both strong. Both have distinctive strengths. But, which would be the best option to elevate your Instagram game for the platform?

Although Facebook is popular, Instagram is one of the fastest developing social media platforms. It is the place where marketing stands as the coolest strategy for any company’s, brand’s, agency’s that plan to sell its products or services. As Instagram is primarily app-based, users can use the website to ease up their flow.

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I personally am an Instagram lover and I always feel surprised how people plan out their Instagram marketing strategies with wrong concepts & targets!

If you are a business owner wondering about marketing effectively on Instagram, you are in the right spot! I have come up with some of the best kept Instagram marketing secrets for different niches.  

Are you also a brand promoter but facing issues in getting engagement? Discover the right approaches to marketing on Instagram and maximize your company sales within your desired budget. 

Now, I am going to share some of the best go Instagram marketing secrets for your business that are relevant to your niche. 

To begin with, 

Instagram Marketing Secrets For Restaurant 

Instagram Marketing Secrets For RestaurantNearly, 35% of Insta-users love checking about food images & 25% of users share food-related images on their wall. Approximately 270 million posts appear with the #food hashtag every month, and food lovers visit Insta around 20-22 times a day. 

Are you a restaurant owner or planning to start your own cafe? It is so-called the best advantage that one can take from Instagram.

Instagram provides advantages that you won’t receive from other pages on social media. Food posts are some of the most active and help to enhance brand recognition.

Is Instagram Beneficial For Your Restaurant? 

An image is worth a thousand words! Instagram provides the best opportunity with this in comparison to other social media sites. Taking a snapshot and sharing it instead of explaining your everyday specials. 

Pics of delicious food always tempt people to order from your restaurant and make regular visitors crave good food. 

Some Instagram marketing secrets include – 

Add relevant Hashtags – 

If you are new, then Instagram is all about hashtags. Although all the Instagram hashtags are not the best, some work better for you while others won’t. 

Post Enticing Videos –

Although an image could be worth a thousand words, a video can reach a million marks.

Share a video of a hot steaming plate of pink pasta, or a glass full of strawberry ice-cream shake with the top trending hashtag, and sit to watch for the engagement to go high. 

Show up your priorities – 

Showing your goals to clients would help them appreciate your brand and might also want to sponsor your company.

But, with all these things, most of you might think, when is the right time to post on Instagram? 

There is no rocket science here! The best time to post is when people are hungry 🙂 

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Next, on the list is 

Instagram Marketing Secrets For Real-Estate

Instagram marketing secrets

A match made in marketing heaven is real-estate and Instagram. It is because real estate is all about building trust and relationships with your customers. Therefore, in this social media era, Instagram is that social media platform that helps real estate owners move a step ahead! 

Is Instagram Beneficial For Your Real-estate business? 

Instagram is one of the powerful ways to enhance overall interaction. Thanks to the ease of use & incredible visibility of the site.

Sellers, buyers or other real-estate owners can view from their social feeds the types of listings you serve, discover what areas you specialize in, and keep on top of your upcoming events.

Some Instagram marketing secrets include – 

Promote Listings – 

On Instagram, one can really be quite creative about promoting all the listings. One can share an eye-catching photo or a series of photos of your listing. 

Share virtual tours –

It’s a cool way to do virtual tours. You can include a mix of short video clips, images, commentary, and captions. 

Promote brand – 

How have you distinguished yourself in your field from other real estate agents? You can use Instagram to raise your brand recognition, even if you’ve branded yourself. 

Instagram Marketing Secrets For Fashion

Instagram Marketing secrets

It’s a fast-paced, dynamic environment that has plenty of market advantages when it comes to brands using Instagram for apparel. A fashion-forward Instagram strategy helps in boosting traffic, making purchases, and attracting a loyal group of followers.

Is Instagram Beneficial For Your Fashion Brand? 

Instagram, which sets trends and increases sales, is a strong fashion force. It helps in driving large forces in the fashion industry, paving all new trends & creativity. Moreover, trend-setting nature helps in the overall boost. 

Starting from jogger pants to leather belts to fashion googs to sneakers, all the latest trends go with a viral effect on Instagram.  

So, let’s check out some of the Instagram marketing secrets, which would help the fashion brand owners to boost up their sales – 

Build community with the Instagram hashtag – 

Hashtags have become innovative nowadays, however, various brands fail in using them and taking full advantage. Select on the post related to the clothing industry and down the caption, you may find a bunch of hashtags, with some alienating from “#clothing” to “#fashion”.

All these Instagram hashtags are very general that helps the post to almost instantly get flooded out in the traffic online. It helps you to get some likes and exposure.

Associate With Influencers – 

Earlier, The brand ambassadors were Hollywood celebrities, but through reputable personalities, today’s market craves more genuine endorsements. It is when influencers walk in. 

Much of influencer collaboration depends on what the priorities are and which audience you are trying to target. All in all, you need to make sure whomever you’re using is in line with the vision of your brand.

Use Interesting Visuals – 

With a lot of content, available over the internet, the attention spans of users on social media have grown shorter and shorter. Hence, it is very important to use impressive pictures to bring the audience to your brand right away. Plus, particularly on Instagram, they also have to be potentially sharing-able.

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Wrapping it up

You’ve made it to the end if you’re reading this far. Hopefully, from the Instagram marketing secrets, I shared with you, you have learned something. Is there one that I’ve missed? Some of your own Instagram secrets that you would like to share?

In the comments below, let me know, and Happy Instagramming!

Instagram marketing secrets

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