How To Network With The Audience Using Instagram Filters?

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How To Network With The Audience Using Instagram Filters?

Have you ever used an Instagram filter? 

Have you noticed how easily they help the pictures get more clarity and look more appealing?

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Well, everyone who is on Instagram must have used the filters by now. For those who are new to the Instagram filters, you have to check out the blog to know the reasons why it is so much in trend these days. 

What Is an Instagram Filter?

The very first Instagram filter got launched in 2011 on Instagram. The filter helped the users to get a more refined picture with higher resolution. It also had an option to add a tilt-shift effect and even to add a border on their images. 

Now, these filter options might sound a little elementary for the one’s those who are already using them. But back then, it got a lot of hype because it was a unique feature that got introduced on any social media platform.

Starting the trend from 2011 with a fundamental filter with limited features now Instagram provides its users with 25 astonishing filters from which they get to choose.

Steps To Use Instagram Filters

Step-1: Select the plus sign that is available at the bottom of the screen to add a new post to the profile.

Step-2: Then select a photo from the library and then click on the next option available at the top right corner.

Step-3: Then, at the bottom of the pictures, a list of filters will appear. Then choose a filter to apply on the photo.

Step-4: To apply the selected filter, click on the filter. Clicking twice on the filters will help in adjusting the intensity of the filter.

Step-5: Then click on post.

The Instagram filters that appear at the bottom of the picture can get edited. The editing of the list of filters gets done according to the preference of the user. The user can make a list of the filters that they use frequently, and they do not have to search for the filters every time.

Some filters can also get excluded from the list. To do that the users have to tap on the filter and drag it down to the “X” section to remove it from the filters list.

Well, now we have checked that just by selecting from a list of filters the users can make their posts stand out. But some users might be wondering why we need to use Instagram filters.

Here are some reasons why using Instagram filters can help the users change the appearance and quality of their original image.

Why Use Instagram Filters?

We all love adding photos to our Instagram profiles, but how daunting it becomes to spend hours editing the pictures on any software. Apart from that, the photo editing software is quite expensive these days. 

Hence, this feature of Instagram lets the users add beautiful filters to their pictures so that they do not have to get bored editing pictures on other software.

2. Appealing Look Using Filters

These days there is a trend of adding pictures in the profile as a grid. So the users can make use of the filters while editing the images for their grid. 

They do not have to spend time editing each portion of the picture individually. The users can maintain a follow of the theme so that their images as a collection will look great on their profile.

3. Create Brand Image Filters

The brands can create increased engagement with their company’s filters. If the users get to apply the filter of a particular brand before checking out their profile, then they will get more interested in knowing more about the brand.

Now that we have come across the reasons to use Instagram filters, we need to know some of the necessary rules to make use of this feature efficiently.

Rules For Using Instagram Filters

1. Consistent

The brands have to maintain consistency in every image they post. The reason behind this is when a user lands upon a brand’s profile they are more likely to see the posts as a collection. 

Hence maintaining a perfect theme or using a particular filter for all the posts will make the brand’s profile look more appealing and inviting.

2. Over-filter

Over-filtering the pictures is a big no-no!!

As the users get to choose from a list of filters, they might end up over filtering their photographs. Instagram facilitates the users to edit their images even more after they get done, adding filters to their pictures. 

It sounds great to get more and more options, but it can make the images look awful as well. The image will not gain more clarity, but the original resolution of the picture will get lost.

3. Choices

The theme that the brands pick out for their filters has to justify the purpose of the products and services that they provide. If the filters that they provide with their brand name do not support the cause of their company, then the audiences will get confused with the filters and services of the brand.

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Check Out The Most Popular Instagram Filters

Well, after running a thousand analyses, we have come up with a list of filters that are getting used the most.

1. Clarendon

It is not a surprise if this filter tops the list because it has some impressive features to offer. It helps the photograph to get more clarity by enhancing and highlighting the colours in the image.

2. Gingham

The filter provides a beautiful vintage feel to the photographs on which it gets used.

3. Juno

If the audience makes use of this filter, it will help them get a subtle warm tone in their images.

Introducing Instagram AR Filters

Instagram AR filters is a feature in which the filters that get over the images that the camera captures. These filters are available for the Instagram stories, and they can get used by the brands for better advertising.

No doubt the filters on Instagram are fun, but the users will get more intrigued by the augmented reality effects that these filters provide. The brands can create these AR filters by following some simple steps.

But if Instagram is already providing filters, then why we need to make use of AR filters. Well, here is a list of reasons behind it.

1. Nature Of The Brand

The AR filters help the users take the real feel of the filter. It is interesting because some of the filters get designed to be playful so that the users enjoy using the filter. Later the user can check out the profile of the brand to know more about them.

2. Connect

We have already discussed the look and feel of the AR filters are way more interactive than the other available filters. So the Ar filters help in building a connection between the brand and its followers.

3. Be One Step Ahead

All the brands have started incorporating Instagram filters while maintaining a theme of their posts. But AR filters are still new to the platform. Hence most of the brands do not make use of AR filters.

So the brands that are smartly playing with AR filters definitely gain more reach and audience engagement on their profile.

4. Brand Awareness

The brands can increase awareness within the audience by creating AR filters that promote their brand. Hence the users who apply these filters will be able to know more about the brand that has added the filter.

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To Wrap It Up

Instagram filters are fun to use and if you haven’t tried the filters for yourself, make sure to use them by following these simple steps.

The filters will help you get a more refined picture quality which will interest your followers to check more of your content. 

I hope the article helped you know more about the trending Instagram filters. Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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